Fashion from new Kdrama Take Care of the Young Lady


Back from hiatus. Again. :D Yesterday an idea came to mind and I just felt inspired. So I’ve decided to take on this personal project.

Recently, a new Korean drama called Take Care of the Young Lady (aka Take Care of Agasshi or Take Care of My Lady or My Fair Lady) started airing and I for one have been watching it as do many others I believe. I mean, it’s Yoon Eun Hye and I’m a huge fan! I liked her in Goong although I didn’t liked the show as much, loved her in Coffee Prince and loved her more in The Vineyard Man!

She plays a rich spoilt brat in the show and the fashion is just amazing! I personally love fashion and I’m just really happy when I watch kdramas and the clothes and all are oh so pretty. So my project will be to blog about the fashion in each episode! There are wonderful sites out there which recaps and summarises episodes (such as but I couldn’t find any which covered the fashion aspect. I like to pore over the fashion but sometimes you’re too busy watching the drama to focus on the details of the outfits.

So I’ll get started! Check this space for upcoming posts! :D


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