Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 1

So here goes! :D

We’ll start with Hae-Na.

 photo vlcsnap-00027_zpsb34508c5.jpg

Edit: Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion Episodes 1-7 will be edited with bigger and better quality shots and I’ll add my own text as well in pink. I tried to stick to the original shots as much as possible but there might be a few new shots chosen by me. And I couldn’t pass up the above shot since it’s like Hae-na going for a Shadowhunter (from the Mortal Instruments series) vibe – yes, I wanna watch the movie! – and it looks pretty hilarious, so it became the cover picture. :D  — Elle


Outfit: From what I can see, her outfit consists of a white minidress, layered with a black tank top underneath (which I like because not only does it keep the outfit from being too sexy, it gives the entire look an added colour), and a white blazer, with a little threaded detail going on at the shoulders and sleeves.

 photo vlcsnap-00004_zps4cb9b5b5.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00010_zpsb9dd2cfb.jpg

Accessories: Her accessories, such as her earrings, rings and hair cuff are mostly black and silver in colour, which is a nice match with all the white. She carries a long squarish black bag and wears a pair of squarish white sunnies. She also has on a white watch as well as a silver beaded accessory which was draped over her shoulders.

 photo vlcsnap-00003_zps6581d10b.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00001_zps3868555d.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00002_zps0f205adc.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00005_zpsc9fd41c6.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00006_zps4d2542b5.jpg

Shoes: Her shoes are really fabulous. I would love a pair but I doubt I’ll have the guts. At first glance, I assumed they were knee high boots. But nope. It’s actually a cross of laced up knee high boots and high heels.

 photo vlcsnap-00013_zpsba4b2054.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00014_zpsfe0886c5.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00015_zps1018f1a7.jpg


Outfit: A simple casual look that many of us can imitate. This look consists of the basic colours black and white. In this look, Hae-Na wears a white tee/tank with the front tucked into her black and white acid wash jeans. She added a black jacket with structured shoulders.

 photo vlcsnap-00018_zpsc790fe46.jpg

Accessories: Her accessories include aviator sunglasses, a long chain necklace and a flat black bag with gold chain details.

 photo vlcsnap-00019_zps7353a070.jpg

And just a few more… She wears a silver sequinned dress and pairs it with a silver bangle.

 photo vlcsnap-00017_zpseb152ed5.jpg

Another one is a gray tee pulled over a gold glittery fuzzy dress and paired with a large silver diamante choker.

 photo vlcsnap-00020_zps6c45a6c0.jpg

She also had on a patterned blouse with a layered necklace.

 photo vlcsnap-00022_zps4c78d581.jpg

The funniest is a black jumpsuit with ruffles along the neckline and a ribbon belt paired with fingerless gloves and pink work boots.

 photo vlcsnap-00023_zpsea21ec3e.jpg

The last one is a greenish-gray patterned hoodie pulled over a dress with a fringed skirt paired with black aviators and a ring and necklace.

 photo vlcsnap-00026_zps24c12e27.jpg


Outfit: A shiny green dress with gold details all over and a gold band tied around her waist. I love this dress. It’s dramatic but unique with that green colour. :)

 photo vlcsnap-00028_zpsf10cd453.jpg

Accessories: A small black clutch hung over her shoulder and a huge gold necklace and gold rings and dangly earrings.

 photo vlcsnap-00030_zpsa02375fe.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00033_zps74cf9188.jpg

*Shoes: I couldn’t get a shot of the shoes because it was only on screen for a split second. :( But they were really pretty from what I saw. You just have to watch to see it. :) Kinda hard to see but they’re really high and strappy…

 photo vlcsnap-00031_zps32db0658.jpg


Outfit: A dress with many pink flowers on the bottom and a flower each on the spagetti straps which ties up into a ribbon. This look is so sweet and girly. Totally pretty.

 photo vlcsnap-00036_zpsf83037b9.jpg

Accessories: I love the fact that they paired matching accessories to this outfit! As you can see, there’s a light peachy pink flower clip on her hair and a flower ring plus dangly earrings.

 photo vlcsnap-00035_zps4c31dd11.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00037_zps5fec9a94.jpg


Outfit: Hae-Na is wearing a lilac fringed dress plus a sequinned black blazer.

 photo vlcsnap-00040_zpsa720f326.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00042_zpsb6f1ec3d.jpg

Accessories: Her look is made more girly with a black flower clip in her hair and star studs and a delicate gold flower bracelet and a small pearl necklace.

 photo vlcsnap-00041_zps8dd8dec8.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00043_zpsb3d5ffab.jpg


Outfit: Hae-Na wears an all white look here. I believe she’s wearing a shirt and shorts covered up with an oversized white tweed jacket. Interesting mix of clothing. I like it and it does seem like something comfortable for a long flight.

 photo vlcsnap-00045_zps573eb545.jpg

Accessories: Her accessories are black which adds a pop of contrast. They include a long pearl necklace with some black pearls and a bag which looks like the one she carried in outfit no.1 but I’m not totally sure.

 photo vlcsnap-00046_zpsa2ae31f5.jpg

Shoes: Her look is completed with simple slightly pointed white pumps, though there looks to be a coloured pattern going on in the inside of the shoes.

 photo vlcsnap-00047_zps85222f59.jpg


Just a slight mention of Su-ah in this post. I really like the clutch she carries in the first picture and her light green halter dress is flirty and girly. It has a flower detail above the bust and ruffles on the hem.

 photo vlcsnap-00011_zps70b7e45a.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00044_zpse47b536c.jpg

Another outfit worth mentioning is the white crochet maxidress that Su-ah wears which she pairs with a simple silver necklace and a French manicure.

 photo vlcsnap-00024_zpsdca737a0.jpg


Since I started this drama on Episode 8, going back to Episode 1 made me realize how much better the fashion, hair and makeup even, was better at the beginning of the show. Maybe it became not so good due to the tight schedules of live shooting?

One hairstyle I really liked was the loose low ponytail on Su-ah with a few curly tendrils left around her face. In the second shot, a front section of hair was pulled back to keep things interesting.

 photo vlcsnap-00025_zps67871d2d.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00048_zps4e1d39c4.jpg

Another one I liked was on Eui-joo. A simple high bun enhanced with a bump at the front that was cut across with a rose headband. She also wore pretty dangly star earrings.

 photo vlcsnap-00038_zps24f73fde.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00039_zpsf891998f.jpg

And doesn’t Eui-joo look so much nicer here with the pretty makeup compared to say, Episode 8? I guess we’ll have to see which episode she was made to look not as pretty…

 photo vlcsnap-00012_zpsd16496c5.jpg

My favourite look for this episode would be the flower dress Hae-Na wears at home while talking to her grandfather. I like the girly dress and all the accessories. It’s perfect. What’s your favourite?

That’s it for Episode 1! :D Comments appreciated. :)


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