Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 2

I’ve watched till Episode 5 of this drama so far and the individual styles of each female character is starting to become very apparent. For example, one thing I’ve noticed is how the stylist of the show adds personal touches to each character that is constant in every episode. Hae-na always sports a clip in her bun and two large rings on one hand. Su-ah wears sparkly clips or headbands and Eui-joo, for the most part keeps her accessories to a minimum, tying up her hair in a fuss free ponytail or french braids.

 photo vlcsnap-00058_zps91d68345.jpg

Hae-na obviously has the most amazing and stand out outfits, however her style is very runway for me. They’re dramatic, fabulous, some a little unrealistic and definitely not something that normal people would or could wear. It’s nice to look at and admire though. But it suits her character. It screams money, it screams rich spoilt heiress and it’s more on the tough side. Lots of black, white and gold for dramatic purposes. Outfits that are just attention required.

Su-ah’s style is my personal favourite. Hers is expensive too but more toned down. I find her style very classy. Trendy and glamourous and girly and very classy at the same time. Unfortunately it’s harder to get shots of her outfits because her screen time is relatively shorter.

Eui-joo’s style is casual. Probably the easiest style to copy and imitate. She dons lots of shorts (which aren’t too short that it looks trashy and cheap and too beachwear) and cute clothing which are stylish as well but not as glamourous as Su-ah. Unlike Hae-na and Su-ah who piles on the accessories, Eui-joo keeps hers to a bare minimum.

[Note: For the first few episodes, I’ll probably feature less of Eui-joo fashion-wise because I find that for now, her looks are relatively simple and not anything special yet. But I will feature more of her as more episodes are released! :)]

Speaking of Eui-joo, Episode 2’s fashion post begins with her.

Same goes! -Elle


It was a little difficult to get a shot of Eui-joo’s outfit here so this is my best try. I wished I got a better shot because Eui-joo’s outfit here is pretty cute. For her job interview, she wears a black skirt, a green top with little red polka dots in the middle and a short off-white jacket with shiny buttons. (I want the jacket!) Although a little informal for an interview, since it’s a drama, who cares right? :)

 photo vlcsnap-00008_zps24addd4c.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00012_zpsf0222458.jpg

Her accessories is kept to the bare minimum with a chic flat black bag hanging from a gold chain with some white feathery detail on the bottom. (I want her bag as well.) Other than that, she wears a watch and plain ear studs, no crazy bling for Eui-joo!

 photo vlcsnap-00013_zps00d432d3.jpg


At home, Hae-na wears a grey printed cropped top which reveals her midriff and pairs that with this gorgeous poufy purple skirt. (Sigh, I want that skirt!)

 photo vlcsnap-00015_zps234a2d24.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00016_zps3d9534be.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00017_zps5099291f.jpg

To tone down the slightly more revealing outfit, accessories include a classy layered pearl necklace and dangling pearl earrings and pointy pumps.

 photo vlcsnap-00014_zps936e5b05.jpg


For dinner, everyone dresses up and Hae-Na wears a long backless gown in a milk tea (I love it – the drink, I mean!) shade.

 photo vlcsnap-00018_zps81819c80.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00020_zps69e05bef.jpg

As for accessories, Hae-Na wears silver and gold jewellery, such as dangly earrings, two rings and a gold cuff. (Like the cuff!) She also sports the trademark flower headpiece, which is in the same milk tea shade and purple.

 photo vlcsnap-00024_zps228e99a1.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00027_zpsf417e453.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00028_zpsf2c7f374.jpg

Now, on to Su-ah. For me, I liked Su-ah’s look more than Hae-Na’s. But again, I’m probably biased. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hae-Na’s fearless dramatic dressing but Su-ah’s classy dressing has more appeal to me. :)

 photo vlcsnap-00026_zpse151c028.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00025_zps821568d5.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00022_zps1c1c170d.jpg
(Su-ah’s on the far left!)

Su-ah’s dress is pretty amazing but not very clear in the picture. It’s a strapless black and white minidress with some black flower/rosette detail/ruffly detail all over the dress. She pairs her dress with simple silver accessories such as one bangle and swingy earrings plus a black ring. She also wears strappy silver heels which I couldn’t get a picture of. (And yes, I like those earrings.)

To sidetrack a little, I love watching shows with so much amazing fashion. But when watching, I tend to go, ooh I want this, I love that, I have to have that..etc.. There’s just so much to like!


 photo vlcsnap-00030_zpsb6189be0.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00029_zpsfc33f938.jpg

This is just one short scene but I really like Hae-Na’s blouse here. She wears a black skirt paired with this top. The sleeves are actually white till the elbow, black from elbow to the wrist, with a short purple area which matches the purple detail on the collar and ends with a white folded sleeve.

Her only accessory are her white pearl studs in her ears.


This outfit I really love. I want the entire thing, all of it from head to toe!

 photo vlcsnap-00034_zpsc1863109.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00035_zps9ff04161.jpg

Hae-Na is wearing a black tank underneath her off-white jacket which has black lapels and buttons. This is paired with a zebra striped skirt and I believe black leggings/tights and over the knee boots with a buckle detail and bronze heels (LOVE). I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. I NEED THOSE BOOTS!

Only studs as accessories for this look since she’s going riding. And here’s two more shots from different angles of the outfit.

 photo vlcsnap-00036_zps546e2009.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00031_zpse9244323.jpg

Additional accessory: light brown riding gloves with black studs around the wrist, just because it’s Hae-na.

 photo vlcsnap-00033_zps27fd52cf.jpg


This outfit I didn’t particularly liked (I DISAGREE! Love it. My favourite of the episode. Second would be the look before. :D). I felt that the t-shirt didn’t match with the long skirt because it was too casual for the skirt. Anyway, Hae-Na wears a black t-shirt with a gold print tucked in but slightly tucked out of her ankle length red skirt with a slit up the middle.

 photo vlcsnap-00040_zpscbcc56b6.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00038_zps1761e1f8.jpg

Her look is accessorised with long and huge gold earrings to match the print on her shirt.

 photo vlcsnap-00039_zps37f05013.jpg


Su-ah is wearing a red skirt with white patterns on it and a charming sleeveless white top. I say charming because her top is actually made up of lots of (I believe chiffon) layers and has tiny silver stones studded all over it. You can see it in more detail below. The back is see-through and she wears a white camisole underneath.

 photo vlcsnap-00046_zps7ac944d5.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00043_zps83e570cf.jpg

She accessorizes her outfit with a hairband with a circle detail, pearl studs, a white watch and a red ring and a dark blue Chanel bag. And of course, a perfect french manicure. She also wears champagne/light gold coloured peep-toe pumps.

 photo vlcsnap-00042_zpsbfc1a21b.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00048_zps072f6979.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00060_zpsd4af700f.jpg


When out shopping, Hae-Na wears a black – actually dark blue; it just depends on lighting – with a huge poufy shoulder detail and a slightly exposed back detail, belted in the waist with a matching black belt. It has a peplum-style middle, a patterned section below that, before it ends in a ruched bottom.

 photo vlcsnap-00052_zps2b05a833.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00054_zpsc79aa9eb.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00061_zpsa4d43e48.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00062_zpsd9e632db.jpg

A closer look at the blue – but the top also has a black neckline and a few black diagonal lines running across it.

 photo vlcsnap-00063_zps972ef819.jpg

By the way, in this scene, I find it totally adorable that Dong-chan is wearing something that matches in colour with Hae-Na. I mean, since he normally wears white and black or blue and black. But this black and black combo is very cute!

 photo vlcsnap-00051_zpsfc702960.jpg

Finally, Hae-Na accessorizes her all black look with a pink clutch, 2 large rings (one round gold one and one diamond shaped red and silver one), one small dangling pearl earring and a black bow with one of those vintage images of a face in her hair. :D

 photo vlcsnap-00064_zpsd2b4e688.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00059_zps35e1e1ab.jpg

It’s so hard to pick a favourite look out of all these. I really liked Su-ah’s look at the dinner, Hae-Na’s riding outfit and the one she wears lunching with her Grandfather.

After considering, I’ll call it a tie between Su-ah’s dinner look and Hae-Na’s riding look. I loved Hae-Na’s outfit the moment I saw it but I really loved Su-ah’s simple yet pretty dinner look as well. :D

I wanted to add in a few more looks as well!


In this LOL scene, Hae-na wears a black dress with a halter-top style with embellishments at the neck and waist.

 photo vlcsnap-00001_zps2e2b9015.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00004_zps8e16b625.jpg
Don’t you love the twirly skirt?

Accessories are huge silver dangly earrings and black heels with cut-outs at the front.

 photo vlcsnap-00002_zps0ee147eb.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00005_zps479be090.jpg


Eui-joo wears a cute look at home with a gray patterned camisole and a black and white striped top over it. Great outfit idea.

 photo vlcsnap-00007_zpsbc216c9c.jpg

Only accessory is a silver ring.

 photo vlcsnap-00006_zpsb2e1e119.jpg


Su-ah wears a ruched red, blue and white top that seems to look really pretty but of course, does not get enough screen time.

 photo vlcsnap-00010_zpseaeb7399.jpg

Su-ah accessorizes with a silver ring, pearl earrings and a silver watch with a criss-cross designed band.

 photo vlcsnap-00011_zpsceaa8344.jpg


Eui-joo wears a cute look – though a little informal for work – with a black top with a zipper running up the front, I think, and slightly puffed-up sleeves. She also wears a denim shorts.

 photo vlcsnap-00044_zps6490ba24.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00049_zps2ccd0c42.jpg

She accessorizes with small silver hoop earrings, laced up boots and a cute high pony with a little volume due to her curled hair and several twists at the front.

 photo vlcsnap-00050_zps50e2f5c2.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00057_zpsbc3cbbd5.jpg

And to end things off prettily:

 photo vlcsnap-00037_zps4ca7dfd9.jpg


2 thoughts on “Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 2

  1. Kang Hye Na’s style in the whole series was AMAZING i loved every thing she wore, and i specially loved the purple dress she wore in the 13 or 14 episode may be before overall it was amazing


    • Haha! I love most of it. :D I agree with you though, the fashion for this drama is pretty amazing and although I can’t exactly remember the purple dress you mentioned I’ll definitely post it up when I get to the episode. (:

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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