Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 3

Hey fashion/TCOTYL fans!

So let’s begin Episode 3. There are quite a few more looks in this episode and definitely more Eui-joo which is good news for people who love Eui-joo’s casual style. [*On a sidenote, I’ve watched up to Episode 9 so far and some of the looks that Hae-na is sporting are quite ridiculous. *shakes head*]

 photo cover_zpsa9ef8d61.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00005_zps45824199.jpg

Hae-na lounges in her room wearing a black top with multicoloured embellishments. She accessorizes with square stud earrings, rings that match the colours of her top, a purple and silver bangle and black peep toe heels.

 photo TCOTYL3-00006_zps6aa835d5.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00004_zps75bd030a.jpg


I really like Su-ah’s look at the fashion show! It’s really cute but not overdoing the cuteness so she looks pretty. :)

 photo TCOTYL3-00035_zpsdc03ecd2.jpg

She’s wearing a cherry red strapless minidress accessorized with tiny ear studs, a red flower clip in her hair, a gold cuff on her upper arm and two rings plus a super shiny rounded clutch.

 photo TCOTYL3-00018_zpse10a1a5d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00043_zps35229840.jpg

I like totally impractical clutches like the one Su-ah is carrying. They’re totally nice to look at but you can’t really put much in them. ;)

 photo TCOTYL3-00020_zps88d94ed0.jpg

And finally her shoes! I realize it’s really hard to get a shot of shoes by the way. I’m lucky that the camera filmed Su-ah’s shoes as well because I love them! Take a look. Don’t you love them too? :)

 photo TCOTYL3-00032_zpsad875678.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00021_zps1a2f015a.jpg

Hae-na turns up at Su-ah’s fashion show wearing the same colour but in a deeper maroon shade. Her dress is a sleeveless low cut v-neck dress with a black lining along the v-neck and the skirt of the dress is embellished with shimmery pretty details. :) She tops the whole thing off with a red fur shrug over her shoulder and simple black peep toe heels.

 photo TCOTYL3-00022_zpsd6816ada.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00023_zpscc830339.jpg

Accessories include: huge black dangly earrings, the standard two rings in black and a rectangular black clutch.

 photo TCOTYL3-00031_zps7119966c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00034_zps8cfa4f05.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00045_zps2363e5b4.jpg

I like Eui-joo’s look here. Casual yet cute and very easy to imitate in day to day life. Although I would suggest removing one piece when trying the look. Because Eui-joo’s look is actually three layers PLUS a scarf. While she can pull it off on the show, I think it might be a piece too much for daily life. Just what I think. :)

 photo TCOTYL3-00039_zpsd222fc75.jpg

Eui-joo is wearing a white top with fluttery sleeves as the base piece, layered with a long green backless top over it and a brown vest over that. And she tops it all off with a checkered scarf wrapped snugly and neatly around the neck. As the top half of the look should be where the attention is focused on, the look is paired with basic black jeans and black heels.

 photo TCOTYL3-00027_zpsa110b560.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00049_zps713bf16b.jpg

Simple accessories such as small cross ear studs, black bands on one arm and a bunch of pretty silver bracelets on the other arm complements the casual vibe.

 photo TCOTYL3-00044_zpsa5a2a7a8.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00038_zpsec316f6e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00053_zpsdd5c3bb3.jpg


This look is a relatively simple and comparably plain outfit when compared with Hae-na’s normally outrageous fashion choices. But since she’s at home, no need for too much drama maybe? It’s actually quite refreshing to see Hae-na wearing simpler outfits for me.

 photo TCOTYL3-00058_zpsf060e2d3.jpg

Anyway, she wears a light grey v-neck dress with a cold shoulder detail. Accessories include silver dangly earrings and long layered necklaces plus a silver cuff on one arm.

 photo TCOTYL3-00059_zps07f0fa12.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00061_zps0ad1272a.jpg

 photo TCOTYL3-00064_zpsab5f5cd4.jpg

Hae-na wakes up in the middle of the night and we see her fancy sleepwear. While this is pretty and I know this is a fashion drama, I think it’s too exaggerated to see Hae-na wearing a flowing floor length grey dress and earrings to bed!

 photo TCOTYL3-00069_zpsa2315e80.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00066_zpsba911276.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00067_zpsa2b95f32.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00076_zps6578bb0a.jpg

For this casual look, Hae-na is wearing a matching pale pink tee and shorts set, paired with a multicolour striped blazer draped over her shoulders.

 photo TCOTYL3-00085_zps2b973d63.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00082_zps5b9d0d2b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00071_zps0655cb9d.jpg

This look is accessorized with a flower clip in her hair, small studs, one big and one small ring and a pearl bracelet. She also carries a big red Chanel bag with her.

 photo TCOTYL3-00087_zps5ca29434.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00083_zpsd8fe4753.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00070_zpsad203a7b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00075_zps4eaba496.jpg

Finally, she wears a pair of white cage style heels. [I have a similar pair! Except they’re like coppery colour. Love them. :)]

 photo TCOTYL3-00086_zps7ab21101.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00090_zpsd064d632.jpg

At home, Hae-na wears a printed maxidress with lots of studded details with grey ballet flats.

 photo TCOTYL3-00092_zpsc6af341a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00096_zps6b1ce89f.jpg

Accessories include silver-black  earrings, two large black rings and a black sparkly hair accessory.

 photo TCOTYL3-00095_zpsfd0529dd.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00097_zps9f2075e2.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00100_zpse38b5073.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00104_zps9261d18e.jpg

Su-ah’s style reminds me very much of a Korean version of Blair Waldorf. Especially this look which I like. She’s wearing a light blue knee length dress that is belted in the middle with a white belt with silver details and a pair of silver cross strapped heels.

 photo TCOTYL3-00106_zpsa49457c4.jpg

Accessories include a silver ring, two silver bangles, a white handbag and two headbands.

 photo TCOTYL3-00108_zpse55d5d47.jpg

Eui-joo is wearing denim shorts plus a long sleeved white top.

 photo TCOTYL3-00137_zps47ace4bc.jpg

I really like her white top because there’s this little detail in the sleeves which makes it a little different from a typical white top. The sleeves are actually half poufy (till the elbows) and then flat down to the wrist. I’ve been meaning to find a top like this one but have not succeeded.

 photo TCOTYL3-00133_zps59e8e627.jpg

Accessories include dangly white earrings, white heels and a tan satchel bag.

 photo TCOTYL3-00140_zps231da452.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00110_zps2d2a080f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00138_zpsd0443a80.jpg


To see Tae-yoon, Hae-na sheds the usual black and dark shades and wears white instead. Her dress is a tiered white dress and I love it!

 photo TCOTYL3-00121_zps33db029a.jpg

She also carries a black and white bag which can be used two ways. In the picture below, she carries it long on one shoulder and in the picture above, the chain of the bag is adjusted and it becomes a double chained shorter bag which she carries on her arm. :)

 photo TCOTYL3-00111_zpsa65dbc05.jpg

Accessories are all white to match. String of pearls in her hair, white studs and white bangle on one arm.

 photo TCOTYL3-00113_zps81de02af.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00126_zps8094bbee.jpg

And finally, her shoes! It wouldn’t be a Hae-na look without something dramatic and standout – hello super sparkly silver wedge heels.

 photo TCOTYL3-00128_zps9f9fe354.jpg


 photo TCOTYL3-00157_zps5f43d873.jpg

Hae-na is wearing a black lace dress which is quite a pretty dress but unfortunately it’s not shown to its best potential in this scene because the surroundings are dark. The top part of the dress is mostly lace with a black bustier and black collars and the bottom is a ruffled skirt. She pairs the dress with black ballet flats.

 photo TCOTYL3-00150_zps2492046c.jpg

After she and Dong-chan head out to the gardens, she strangely adds a pair of black socks to her look. I think it might be to emphasize that since she’s drunk, she can’t exactly be looking her best?

 photo TCOTYL3-00158_zps86c6fcc5.jpg

Accessories include two gold rings and silver earrings.

 photo TCOTYL3-00145_zps340fa1fd.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00147_zps711e4824.jpg


Hae-na is wearing a white off the shoulder minidress with a pleated detail on the front and back with a short trail of small buttons down the back.

 photo TCOTYL3-00161_zpsaebd11b2.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00165_zpsd702a588.jpg

She accesorizes with a long necklace which has a huge bow at the end, a white bangle and a clear flower ring.

 photo TCOTYL3-00166_zpsb0d7f5ac.jpg

Finally, she wears a pair of clear pumps with a black heel and a black cap toe detail.

 photo TCOTYL3-00168_zps043a9174.jpg

 photo TCOTYL3-00170_zpse188591c.jpg

Hae-na wears a black top with a sweetheart neckline and ripped white/black acid wash jeans. She pulls the look together with a black blazer draped over her shoulders and black pumps.

 photo TCOTYL3-00171_zpse565eaa0.jpg

Accessories include a black bag with sparkly details on the handle, her assortment of three rings on both hands, a long and huge necklace and black earrings.

 photo TCOTYL3-00172_zps524a1d6a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL3-00175_zps8b512082.jpg


In this episode, I like Su-ah’s blue dress look and both Hae-na’s white dress looks. However, if I have to pick just one, I would say my favourite look will go to Hae-na’s white tiered dress look on her meeting with Tae-yoon. I love her dress and her shoes are something different from the typical high heels. :D

Thanks for reading!


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