Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 6

I’m back with Episode 6! :) I’ve been really busy recently so updating is going to be slow. :( I’ve not even watch the finale of TCOTYL! I will find some time this weekend to catch it though. Dong-chan and Hae-na together are so CUTE. Before I start gushing about the amazingness that is DC and HN I shall begin. Hope you enjoy. :)

cover photo tccover6_zps5c73d29b.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00008_zps1abb0891.jpg

We begin with Su-ah and Eui-joo’s arrival at the farm, wearing completely different looks, as per their individual style.

Su-ah goes for a sexy and chic look for her arrival. For this look, she wears a navy blue strapless jumpsuit with a wide black belt to cinch her waist. Her jumpsuit features a cutout detail on the back. I really like this look and I wished I could pull it off!

 photo TCOTYL6-00016_zpsf37a4ca7.jpg

Accessories include white sunglasses, a gold bangle, a matching blue ring, flower earrings and a huge statement necklace. I love the flower earrings! They’re adorable. :) To complete her look, she added a dark purple crocodile embossed clutch.

 photo TCOTYL6-00011_zpsa428a6a3.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00015_zpsf82458b2.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00019_zpsd9e0a5df.jpg

And now for Eui-joo’s casual style, which she pulls off so well. We can always learn from her since most of us average people can’t usually head out wearing what Hae-na wears.

 photo TCOTYL6-00003_zps3d0a09cc.jpg

Eui-joo’s casual look consists of a pair of patched jeans worn with a white tee and plaid top that features studded detailing on the shoulder. She also adds two brown studded belts in the waist to give her look some shape.

 photo TCOTYL6-00048_zpsae254969.jpg

Her look is completed with a dark brown bag and brown boots. Accessories include a simple necklace and small ear studs plus a mixture of studded bracelets.

 photo TCOTYL6-00022_zps2a8f39a7.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00005_zpsfd9e1d5c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00017_zpsea34a9a9.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00024_zps2453a930.jpg

Su-ah has a quick wardrobe change into something more casual for “working” at the farm. Not that she actually works though, which would explain the girly casual but still impractical for the farm outfit haha. I personally like Su-ah’s casual look for the day more than Hae-na’s (Look 4 below). But that’s me since I prefer girly looks more than edgy ones. :) Which do you prefer?

 photo TCOTYL6-00038_zps8d93ebb9.jpg

Su-ah is wearing a white racerback tank top with silver sequins covering the front and half of her back. She paired her shiny top with white shorts and accessorised with a silver bangle and clear earrings and a flower ring. I actually have a flower ring that looks exactly like Su-ah’s that I got from Forever 21!

 photo TCOTYL6-00026_zpsc7fd1b70.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00043_zpsb8ea7821.jpg

Hae-na also has a wardrobe change to this edgy casual look, which I’m not a fan of. I don’t like how this look was put together, it looks too loose overall and the outfit looks like it was thrown together without much thought. Do you agree or do you like this look?

 photo TCOTYL6-00052_zpsaa5a44b9.jpg

Here Hae-na is wearing an oversized grey printed tee (which I feel is too oversized and it looks like it’s hanging off her) paired with a black studded vest and black leggings. She finishes off the look with silver flats that look very similar to TOMS shoes.

 photo TCOTYL6-00042_zpsde75ea7f.jpg

Accessories include black round studs, a black/purple ring on one hand and a gold one on the other, a large black cross necklace and various bracelets to go with the edgy vibe.

 photo TCOTYL6-00033_zps3c70d53a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00029_zpsf0a64e23.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00028_zpsc8dbe69b.jpg


After a day at the farm, Hae-na has another wardrobe change for her drive back home with Tae-yoon. Hey, a girl’s got to look good right? ;)

 photo TCOTYL6-00064_zps52495b02.jpg

For this short scene, Hae-na pairs her simple blue tee with a denim jacket. She also adds black/white accessories with a square bangle and striped purse.

 photo TCOTYL6-00061_zps78550955.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00065_zps8fa970f5.jpg

To finish off her look, she adds a small purple ring.

 photo TCOTYL6-00059_zpsc638af4a.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00069_zps3eb1e9af.jpg

Because Hae-na is an heiress, I guess she doesn’t wear pjs like the rest of us. While I prefer my comfy pjs, Hae-na wears a yellow gown and a gold ring to sleep. You can also check out her other fancy sleepwear look in EP 3.

 photo TCOTYL6-00070_zps0181fc2c.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00071_zps3802f0bc.jpg

Su-ah always has these home scenes where she stays seated, which is a pity because I always want to see how her full outfit looks like. But anyway, here I spot a pretty black and printed dress. Accessories include large studs, a purple ring and a gold bracelet.

 photo TCOTYL6-00073_zps8e960909.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00078_zps7df0f30b.jpg

Here is Hae-na in another one of her elegant gowns, even though she is in her own house. She wears a black gown with a leaf print running down her dress. She continues the floral theme with a white flower clip in her hair.

 photo TCOTYL6-00074_zpsebec5c0e.jpg

She completes her look with a pair of black slingbacks. Accessories include silver dangly earrings and a clear butterfly ring.

 photo TCOTYL6-00076_zps1a8ec940.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00079_zps67c424fa.jpg

I love the variety of Hae-na’s looks. Here she picks a relatively simple look and I really like this outfit because it veers away from the usual over the top outfits. Not that OTT outfits are bad, it’s just that an outfit like this is a refreshing change. :)

 photo TCOTYL6-00084_zpsf6492442.jpg

In this day look, Hae-na is wearing a taupe dress paired with a dark brown bustier top in the middle. I thought it was a creative way to style the dress! The look is paired with simple accessories including brown heels, a black clutch, gold watch and ring and clear earrings.

 photo TCOTYL6-00090_zpsd558a1c1.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00087_zps6d9fc7f0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00109_zps71e50465.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00104_zpsf9c13680.jpg

I realize that Eui-joo wears a lot of plaid shirts in TCOTYL. Here’s another example of her incorporating plaid into her look. They’re really embracing the current plaid trend and I totally want a plaid top too! [To sidetrack a little, I’ve been online shopping for some time for a cute plaid top and I found one. I added it to my cart but a few days later when I finalized my order and was about to pay, the plaid shirt was out of my size! Argh! Don’t you just hate it when these things happen to you?]

Okay back to Eui-joo. Here she wears a blue/grey plaid top layered over with a brown fringed vest (love the vest!) and paired with a blue denim skirt and brown heels. Cute and casual. :) Her denim skirt features a few details in the cutting which I thought made it more interesting, with a flap on one side and two loops on the other.

 photo TCOTYL6-00105_zpsea8e8330.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00088_zpsb6b5ae9e.jpg

Eui-joo accessorizes with a few ear studs, black bands and coloured bracelets and a brown bag.

 photo TCOTYL6-00093_zps3ec746b9.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00098_zps3d87eae7.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00110_zpse2475616.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00099_zps029229f4.jpg

With this outfit, Su-ah chooses to accessorize her look with another statement necklace. Su-ah chooses a black wrap dress with fluttery sleeves. Although her dress is black, Su-ah keeps things interesting with a silver bangle and a large gold necklace with a floral design.

 photo TCOTYL6-00102_zpsd121bef1.jpg


 photo TCOTYL6-00117_zpsc6b8eb31.jpg

Here’s another cute look that features a toned down version of Hae-na’s style. For this look, Hae-na chooses a yellow/cream maxidress with a zigzag pattern.

 photo TCOTYL6-00111_zps4372258c.jpg

Her dress is belted in the middle with a brown belt and worn with gold rings, a cute necklace and matching earrings. I’d like this look more if the front of the dress didn’t look so awkward with the slight pull out at the front of the dress.

 photo TCOTYL6-00114_zpsf44e75c0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL6-00118_zps4eb74dbf.jpg


I quite enjoyed the less dramatic outfits from this episode and found it quite refreshing. My favourite outfit pick goes to Su-ah’s sexy jumpsuit. :D Which was your favourite look?


5 thoughts on “Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 6

  1. I think the matter how Hyena looks, its because Hyena is presented by Yoon Eun hye. Any clothes, dress, the worst look to great~ Everything looks nice. Ahaha… Psychologically, since we know Hyena is an extraordinary person, the fashion should be the style of typical rich and free person~ no need to work and study- for short YOU GOT ALL. :)


  2. Heyhey. I was just wondering, what’s Su Ah’s real name? I cant find her real name!! I swear I saw her somewhere else before! ~~PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~


  3. i loved almost every outfit kang hae na wore in that show she was just graceful in her elegance and sometimes rockish and funky too!
    please do the rest of the episodes too!!
    check my blog too :D


    • Hi Maria!

      Me too! Not all but almost all of it! Thank you for your support! I will DEFINITELY do up the rest.
      I’ve been absent from the blog because of school and lack of time. But I’ll get back to it asap!

      And I did check out your blog! Love the runway shots plus the layout of your blog is real pretty.


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