Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 7

After the world’s longest hiatus (it wasn’t really a hiatus actually more like taking a break from this whole personal project), I’ve decided to experimentally return to this project again!

I can’t believe I left this blog a year ago! I truly hope I can finish the 16 episodes. Not that TCOTYL has flat out amazing fashion, it has its bumps too but for me, that makes it all the more fun. :) So I’m back with episode 7 with much better and clearer photos :D Enjoy!

 photo tc7cover_zps6067e6c0.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00006_zps3a19c04b.jpg

We start this episode with Su-ah wearing a soft and pretty look, which unfortunately, is not clearly seen. For this look, she wears a light pink long sleeved ruffled top paired with a sheer white skirt. Accessories include a pearl bracelet, a silver ring, ear studs and necklace.

 photo TCOTYL7-00007_zpsefba094e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00001_zps77017fa8.jpg

She also adds a white embellished hair clip to her updo.

 photo TCOTYL7-00003_zpscc9f9fe3.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00008_zps2c32129a.jpg

Episode 7 has tons of Hae-na looks! First up, she wears a taupe pleated trapeze dress with a colourful racer front detail. I like how her purple heels match the racer front.

 photo TCOTYL7-00010_zps83eda0c1.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00042_zps3550c587.jpg

Hae-na’s second look is a pink mini spaghetti strap dress with ruffles on the bust area, which she accessorises with a white faux fur shrug and nude peep toe heels. I feel like this look could have done without the shrug but the extra accessory suits Hae-na’s style.

 photo TCOTYL7-00032_zps0f4b5be5.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00012_zpsf6fbd0a3.jpg

Hae-na also accessorizes her look with a dramatic necklace, two gold rings and pearl earrings.

 photo TCOTYL7-00023_zpsdb5920a3.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00025_zps5672e100.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00018_zpsb581b6dc.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00036_zpsf90438ae.jpg

This is the only Eui-joo look in this episode and it definitely features her cute-casual style. She pairs a white cartoon tee with a black vest and grey ruched knee length pants with a brown belt.

 photo TCOTYL7-00031_zps0ad1350c.jpg

She adds a colourful paisley scarf, silver key necklace, several white bracelets and pink ear studs to complete her look.

 photo TCOTYL7-00033_zpsa6059c41.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00029_zps5afd9cbb.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00044_zpsd30ecfe2.jpg

Only Hae-na would wear a tiger print dress with such a bold shoulder to work. If you look closely, you can see that her dress features a laced up detail on both sides.

 photo TCOTYL7-00054_zps599e87b7.jpg

She accessorizes her dramatic dress with a large gold ring.

 photo TCOTYL7-00056_zpsdb9c06de.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00045_zpsfb076cd6.jpg

Too bad I can’t see the front of Su-ah’s outfit here. But from the back, we can see a dark purple ruffled skirt paired with a white blazer.

 photo TCOTYL7-00046_zps1842a253.jpg

Accessories include a large hair clip, white bracelets, layered pearl necklaces and a silver brooch on the lapel of her blazer. I like what I can see of this look but I HATE the hairstyle.


 photo TCOTYL7-00062_zps9d0f1edf.jpg

For this night time look, Hae-na pairs a grey tee with a floaty white skirt that consist of a white mini skirt on the inside with a longer overlay.

 photo TCOTYL7-00068_zpse787a9cf.jpg

This look is paired with black ankle strap heels, a silver ring, dangly silver and pearl earrings and layered pearl necklaces.

 photo TCOTYL7-00057_zps5e459d02.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00066_zps73271db7.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00071_zps7c96b1db.jpg

This look had a cute concept but I didn’t like how messy this look was when put together. It had potential I think! For this look, Hae-na layers a loose grey tee over a black tank top and pairs it with a purple flared skirt that has black tulle peeking out underneath. She adds a purple scarf to her outfit and finishes the look with silver ugg boots. I find the scarf unnecessary and the boots are terrible with this outfit.

 photo TCOTYL7-00072_zps983dbf75.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00085_zpsad15a032.jpg

It seems like Hae-na agrees about the scarf and took it off during the scene. Do you prefer this look without it too?

 photo TCOTYL7-00079_zpsf23d0b60.jpg

Hae-na accessorizes her mismatched look with a pearl necklace, earrings and ring plus an additional silver ring.

 photo TCOTYL7-00080_zps571cd34d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00084_zps59f80d6e.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00086_zpsdeeb8cb8.jpg

Hae-na wears another animal print look for work, this time a leopard print dress with a bow detail at the back.

 photo TCOTYL7-00090_zps66e96d96.jpg

She accessorizes with a black clutch, a gold ring and gold bracelet.

 photo TCOTYL7-00088_zps6ebc58cf.jpg

10 & 11. HAE-NA AT HOME

While Hae-na’s bold style is great, I like elegant Hae-na too. I’m putting these two looks together because they’re similar in styling – understated and simple.

 photo TCOTYL7-00094_zps7c380618.jpg

In the first look, Hae-na pairs her sparkly silver dress with a black blazer and black pumps.

 photo TCOTYL7-00100_zps836b6732.jpg

In her second look, Hae-na wears a embellished white gown with a black blazer and black peep toe heels and accessorizes with a pair of long earrings.

 photo TCOTYL7-00098_zps99d88031.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00105_zpsb563f5c7.jpg

For a meet up with Tae-yoon, Hae-na chooses a sexy and elegant look which consists of a taupe long sleeve v-neck top with a cutout detail tucked into an embellished maroon skirt and paired with heels.

 photo TCOTYL7-00102_zps981a40c1.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00112_zps0f9ac72c.jpg

Hae-na accessorizes her look with three layered necklaces, ear studs and a beige quilted bag.

 photo TCOTYL7-00116_zps6857ce05.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00115_zps4bde4e43.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00117_zps476037a5.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00131_zpsdf87c2d2.jpg

For this outfit, Hae-na wears a silver and black knee length cowl neck dress featuring a peplum detail.

 photo TCOTYL7-00120_zpsbd0da15a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00135_zps41087f43.jpg

Hae-na pairs her look with black accessories including a large clutch, sunglasses, watch, booties and a black glove that looks out of place with this look. She also adds a pair of dark grey earrings.

 photo TCOTYL7-00129_zps8afec799.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00125_zps70747095.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00127_zpse17377ae.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00132_zps2a075fa6.jpg


 photo TCOTYL7-00136_zpse3612410.jpg

Su-ah wears a light blue top paired with a colourful yellow and purple patterned cardigan. Again, I HATE the hair. What is up with Su-ah’s terrible hairstyles in this episode?

 photo TCOTYL7-00141_zpsc9754844.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00142_zps5501255c.jpg

Other than the terrible hair, I really like Su-ah’s accessories in this scene. She pairs her outfit with two gold bracelets and very interesting earrings! Her earrings are of the same design but she wears them in different colours on each ear.


 photo TCOTYL7-00149_zps7669d821.jpg

Hae-na wears this casual look for the day, where she layers a white tank dress over a shorter black tank dress and pairs it with a dark grey jacket.

 photo TCOTYL7-00148_zps46d9af80.jpg

Accessories include ear studs, gold bracelets and a long gold flower necklace. The only thing I like about this look is the necklace.

 photo TCOTYL7-00146_zpsfea7c02b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL7-00143_zps1c4c1bdc.jpg

This episode was full of Hae-na looks! While there were some questionable styling decisions (silver uggs, black glove, Su-ah’s hair), I easily chose my favourite look: Hae-na’s understated dresses with a black blazer outfits. I really like the simplicity and elegance of the styling for those home looks. :)

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 7

  1. Hi Pinky!
    I love your blog and it’s been so long since your last update. I understand you have much more important things to do but can’t you at least update one episode?? I really like this drama and I love the fashion involved in the drama so I hope you’ll be updating soon enough. Fighting!


    • Hi Lilith! This is Kylie (aka pinkglamour), thank you for your comment even in 2012, so long after I stopped blogging here. The good news is, if you see this, is that I have decided to continue this blog! :D

      Please check back soon for a updated look and new content!


  2. I like this web, please continue to put the rest of the hyena fashion til the end. I would like you to watch another Kdrama with fashion sense but i think its better, I watched few episode of it already and the fashion is nice. The drama is Prosecutor Princess. :)


    • Hi Pearlandgold, thank you for commenting and for the kind words! :) I really would love to continue it as well but due to other commitments, I’m not able to right now. :(

      However, thank you anyway. :) I’ll go check out Prosecutor Princess too! Maybe someday I can come back and fashion blog kdrama fashion again!


  3. Pinky, I think its also a great idea if we can track down the label of the clothes she’s wearing! A lot of the stuff she wears are couture (Balmain, Louboutins, Fendi, etc).


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