Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 1

To bring this blog back, I have decided to start with the fashion from my favourite drama of last year – Queen In Hyun’s Man! :D Not only did I love everything about this drama, I’m a huge Yoo In-na fan and I loved her feminine and sometimes casual style that was part of her character.

For this project, I will only be documenting Choi Hee-jin’s (Yoo In-na’s character) fashion so let’s go! :D

cover photo cover_zpsfde06ff9.jpg


I love how Hee-jin pops onto the screen for the first time and starting off the drama in this bright burst of colour. It may be a little over the top for anyone else, but Hee-jin is an actress and I think it suits her bubbly cheery personality.

This first look includes a bright orange jacket over a long black top, paired with cut off denim shorts and pink fishnet tights worn with heels.

 photo pic-00005_zps4e166193.jpg

 photo pic-00011_zpsdd0ba373.jpg

 photo pic-00007_zps23e88b2e.jpg

Various accessories completed her look including her nude platform heels, tan handbag, a thin black watch, multiple shiny bracelets, a twisted gold necklace and sparkly earrings.

 photo pic-00008_zps6b6824b8.jpg

 photo pic-00009_zps0e750d37.jpg

 photo pic-00004_zpsb5fb319e.jpg

 photo pic-00003_zps5341f871.jpg


After a quick change, Hee-jin goes from her bright look to a formal, but still fun, look for her audition. It’s a simple look with a black jacket and skirt, but the fun element comes from her polka dotted blouse, with the end of the sleeves peeking out from her black jacket.

 photo pic-00015_zps272c4e7c.jpg

 photo pic-00016_zps847cb271.jpg

 photo pic-00012_zpsd8ea6fbc.jpg

With her hair in a pulled back bun, she accessorizes with black ear studs. Other accessories include a simple ring and the same bag as her first look above plus a pair of black pumps with a red heel.

 photo pic-00018_zps236f1281.jpg

 photo pic-00019_zps4b35e088.jpg

 photo pic-00013_zps3606323c.jpg

 photo pic-00017_zpsd74786b5.jpg


 photo pic-00022_zpsd7a95ed6.jpg

Unlike her bright entrance outfit to the drama, the look Hee-jin wears while meeting the love of her life for the first time is a casual outfit. A dark green trench folded at the elbows is belted with a pink belt over a white dress.

 photo pic-00020_zpsae534e28.jpg

Her accessories include a gold coloured ring and bracelet, simple studs, a thin necklace and a chain linked nude handbag.

 photo pic-00024_zps15a75043.jpg

 photo pic-00026_zps62553fe9.jpg

 photo pic-00023_zpsb96c36a5.jpg

 photo pic-00027_zps4159e7f8.jpg

This full length shot which includes Hee-jin’s sparkly nude heels (which I love!) is from a continued scene from the next episode.

 photo Picture1_zps1de0cee4.png

My favourite look was number 1! :D Which was yours?

Thanks for reading!


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