Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 8

Hey everyone! This is Elle here, joining Kylie on this newly revived site. For my first project, I will be finishing off Take Care of the Young Lady (really, this time). So enjoy!

 photo 8-cover_zpsbf8ae8ae.jpg


This first look continues on from the last episode, but as a refresher, Hae-na wears a long white tank dress with a side silt up to her knee and a grey jacket is placed over her shoulders.

 photo 8-4_zps5b7ababd.jpg

A closer look at the accessories in this episode. Her necklace is a gold chain with two flowers attached and some bell-like thing hanging off the end. Not so nice when you see the whole thing after all. Shoes look to be brown strappy sandals and gold button studs finish off the look.

 photo 8-1_zpse297fe05.jpg

 photo 8-3_zps832da50d.jpg

 photo 8-2_zps01ff8d35.jpg


Hae-na arrives home in a casual black shirt dress with a gray tank layered underneath. She also carries a black tote bag and pulls along a tan luggage case (no close-ups, unfortunately!). Shoes look to be brown/black ankle boots.

 photo 8-5_zpsc47ce993.jpg

 photo 8-6_zps5fd0f2c3.jpg

She further accessorizes with earrings and a necklace with matching green and gold colours.

 photo 8-7_zpscdb2ba36.jpg


Next thing you know, Hae-na struts down the hallway in this crazy outfit. Outfit whiplash, seriously. She wears a thin cotton dress with a corset of sorts strapped over it. With, I don’t know, flapping strips hanging off it. And plastic-ky looking black knee-high boots.

 photo 8-8_zpsa2df10ea.jpg

At the back, the corset thing has more flappy strips sticking out. So if you think about it, in front, she has strips hanging down and strips sticking outwards in the back. Which is, in my honest opinion, pretty weird. But again, it’s not like Hae-na’s not known to wear crazy outfits. The white dress is held together by a ribbon at the back.

 photo 8-9_zps9c1401d5.jpg

Simple accessories for this outfit: black studs with silver crystals lining them and a few white, silver and black bangles.

 photo 8-10_zps1163c78f.jpg

 photo 8-11_zps4d241046.jpg


Su-ah makes a pretty big fashion statement in her only scene this episode with a white blouse with a pink shaggy vest layered over it. It can’t be seen clearly, but her shirt is tucked into a black layered/tiered skirt.

 photo 8-12_zpsa45531e2.jpg

 photo 8-14_zpsc5a0d3e2.jpg

Su-ah finishes off with silver dangly earrings, a crystal bracelet, a short necklace with a few strings of pearls attached together inside her collar, and another long silver double-chained necklace placed outside her collar. I’ve always found wearing necklaces with collars a little tricky, but she pulls it off here.

Hair is pulled back tightly at the top, before it’s curled wildly at the bottom half. Normally, you’d only see this kind of hairstyle on models in ad campaigns or whatnot, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this here. Su-ah pulls it off! The drama of this hairstyle is balanced off with her also dramatic outfit.

 photo 8-13_zpsa28f7621.jpg


For work, it seems like Hae-na tones down the craziness and goes for more formal outfits instead. Here, she wears a black slim-fitting dress with big sleeves. You will notice that the inside of the sleeves has a nice white silky material. A large black plastic belt is paired with the dress.

 photo 8-16_zpscaaf9de2.jpg

At the back, there is a flap of sorts which also has the white material. I’m not sure if the flap is continuous with the sleeve(s) or just designed to be there on its own. Either way, the dress would look much better without it, I think.

 photo 8-17_zpsc506974f.jpg

Shoes look like black Louboutin pumps and other accessories include a dark gray and off-white pearl necklace held together at the front by a bigger dark gray pearl. Okay, I don’t know how to describe this properly, obviously. Her earrings are short dangly ones, also with dark gray pearls to match her necklace, though it can’t really be seen in the pictures.

 photo 8-15_zpsdd340a95.jpg

 photo 8-18_zps80265d23.jpg


Eui-joo, finally! Here, she wears a really casual look (a bit too casual for work, no?) with a white translucent blouse layered over a white tank. Her blouse has a green leafy pattern as well as darker white stripes running down it. Shirt cuffs are folded up to below her elbows. A thin black vest is the third layer she has on. Bottoms are ripped jeans. I wish the rips were more distributed across the jeans, instead of just organized at the top of them!

 photo 8-21_zpsa399bc51.jpg

She accessorizes simply with silver flower earrings, a brown watch and french braids down both sides of her head. Shoes were light brown boots, though there wasn’t a good shot.

 photo 8-19_zpsd80f78e9.jpg

 photo 8-20_zpsee0dae22.jpg


Night time! And Hae-na goes to play by cycling in a floral jumpsuit. Honestly, when I first saw it, I was like What is she wearing?? For cycling?! But when I thought about it, it’s kinda like, why not? It doesn’t get in your way, and it’s a pretty cool fashion concept. Jumpsuits and bicycles! As long as you have the guts to wear it out, of course.

The pink and white (not sure about other colours) floral pattern is scattered across a black-coloured base. A nice detail of the one-shoulder jumpsuit: a large ruffle that goes across the top.

 photo 8-22_zpse21223cc.jpg

Hae-na wears a cluster of small pink pearls as studs to go along with the outfit.

 photo 8-23_zpsd76b6058.jpg


It’s a pretty cute scene, actually. It’s not as weird as it sounds.

Here, Hae-na wears this gorgeous minidress. Details: it has silver sequin embellishments and black lace (with a pattern, I think) on the outer layer and a red material as the inside layer. Nice, right? I want it. ‘Nuff said.

 photo 8-24_zps642df7ad.jpg

 photo 8-25_zps6dcc6884.jpg

Accessories are two black chunky rings on one hand and short black dangly earrings. Hae-na also adds a silver crocodile-skin clutch to finish off the look in a later scene.

 photo 8-32_zps8070a0b7.jpg

 photo 8-27_zpsd2f5fba2.jpg

 photo 8-26_zps825956ab.jpg


Eui-joo wears a purple-maroony bohemian shirt dress with long loose sleeves layered over a white tank. There’s no good shot of her entire outfit, but she’s also wearing dark purple leggings/pants.

 photo 8-28_zps58898bed.jpg

She carries a brown sling bag with some gold detailing and further accessorizes with silver studs, two silver long necklaces, and cute braids in her wavy hair.

 photo 8-30_zpsa5a4b31b.jpg

 photo 8-29_zps751628d6.jpg

 photo 8-31_zps9f167a1a.jpg


Here, Hae-na wears a pretty nice and feminine green long shirt dress with a black detailing down the front and at the ends of the sleeves. No good shots again, but she seemed to be wearing black pants/leggings and black pumps.

 photo 8-33_zps56433166.jpg

Hae-na changes it up in the earring department by wearing big earrings that are clearly visible and not hidden behind her hair. I, for one, prefer big earrings because they can actually be seen! Earrings have a green patterning on it. She also wears a gold cuff with green stones to match her green look.

 photo 8-34_zpsff4cb18e.jpg

 photo 8-35_zps5ff68227.jpg


For Hae-na’s last look, she wears work-appropriate fashion attire by going for a black and white look. The black part is basically a slim fitting minidress. But all the interesting details are in the white part. Structured shoulders with a small collar of sorts, big poofy sleeves and long shirt cuffs with pearly buttons running down the side make the bigger fashion statement. The sleeves are translucent halfway down and there are translucent triangular shapes near the bodice as well.

 photo 8-36_zps62c4337e.jpg

 photo 8-37_zps9951181f.jpg

Hae-na goes for white and silver accessories this time with silver dangly earrings and a crystal statement necklace and large rings on both hands. Her shoes are white pumps with silver embellishments at the back.

 photo 8-38_zpsbed90a41.jpg

 photo 8-39_zps6afe2a28.jpg


And Eui-joo winds up the entire episode by continuing with her slight bohemian theme from before. She wears a thin white cotton shirt with a rectangular bohemian print at the front and pairs it with a purple scarf. The shirt is belted with a simple brown belt.

 photo 8-40_zps59347cdf.jpg

Accessories are a black sling bag, a cluster of thin bracelets, and small silver studs.

 photo 8-42_zps2a3d1fb4.jpg

 photo 8-41_zpsc686f8d0.jpg

Whew, so we have reached the end of this episode! Many outfits in this one, and Hae-na’s looks go from the crazy and ridiculous to way nice. I’ve noticed that Hae-na tends to either colour-coordinate her accessories on their own, or together with her clothes as well. Not a bad thing, since they tie the entire look together really well, especially since she wears so many accessories. Eui-joo’s look is definitely more casual, but a bit frumpy at times, I think for characterization. Not sure about Su-ah yet, since I’ve only seen one look.

Overall, I enjoyed all the looks. Crazy or not, it’s still something to see. Looking forward to the next episode!


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