Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 2

Since most of episode 2 was focused on the historical time period of this show, there was only one new look for Hee-jin in this ep, excluding her home wear and Hee-jin in costume as Queen In Hyun.

cover photo Picture11_zpsd3c90dfc.png



 photo Picture2_zps4d46f1d6.png

Hee-jin’s press conference look started off with a white patterned mini dress. Her dress was then paired with a cropped printed jacket with lots of detail.

 photo Picture7_zps85416e31.png

 photo Picture6_zpsf84decab.png

I love this jacket! In addition to the print, the jacket has light brown lapels and along the lapel, if you look closely you can see that there is a stripe of gold lining.

 photo Picture5_zps1d824781.png

There is also a false pocket on the side with the same detail as the lapel.

 photo Picture9_zps8f4aa867.png

I also spotted a row of silver buttons on the wrist of the jacket!

 photo Picture14_zpsdbbb4923.png

As for the accessories, this look was completed with square studs, a yellow double layered envelope clutch and heels that look like the pair spotted in the continued look from Ep 1 above.

 photo Picture13_zps0a60964b.png

 photo Picture16_zps5116a380.png

 photo Picture17_zpsc4b14e55.png

 photo Picture19_zps3e992caa.png

 photo Picture15_zps4c3530fa.png

Even though there was only one look in this episode, needless to say I love the whole outfit. I would recreate this entire look for myself – it looks perfect for spring. :)

I really enjoy the fashion in Queen In Hyun’s Man because the style created for Hee-jin is very feminine and bright and most of the looks are girly looks that I can recreate for myself!

Thanks for reading! See you next episode!


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