Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 4

(Note: Episode 3 has been skipped because there was no fashion moment!) 

I know the focus of Queen In Hyun’s Man is not the fashion but the thing is, with every look Hee-jin wears, I want either a part of it or all of it. I find myself going shopping and when I see something similar to something I see in dramas, I think to myself, I think this character wore something similar in that drama … does this happen to you too? :D

cover photo Picture1_zps1fc04a9b.png


 photo Picture19_zps760e0fbd.png

On her library date with Boong-do, Hee-jin wears a fun cute-casual look. Her white dress has a colourful rhinestone print and is paired with a denim jacket with printed details on the sleeves.

 photo Picture4_zps412e3345.png

 photo Picture14_zps2a164574.png

To complete the look, Hee-jin matches a white drawstring bag to her dress and pairs the entire look with a pair of bronze oxford style shoes.

 photo Picture15_zpse777fe59.png

 photo Picture16_zps89f91c4d.png

 photo Picture18_zpsa7eea60e.png

To keep the look casual, accessories for this look are subtle and girly. :) Double strand necklaces, ear studs (if you look closely, you can see that they are made up of four tiny different colour stars joined together) and a thin light pink watch.

 photo Picture11_zps4340b5b5.png

 photo Picture13_zps529f06ab.png

 photo Picture17_zps2573f720.png

And that’s it for episode 4! Thanks for reading! :)


4 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 4

    • Hi Avery! Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that! :) Unfortunately, I don’t know where the jacket is from and at the moment can’t seem to find anything similar online.. :(


  1. Dah banyak kali saya ambil imput dari blog awak untuk
    tesis saya … rasanya kurang sopan kalau x minta izinkan ?
    maaf kerana baru nak minta izin .. anyway .. tahniah .. idea awak memang terbaik :)


    • Hi Vaucer Zalora, I had to use Google Translate to read your comment because I can’t read Malay. Hope I managed to understand you!

      We’re so happy you like the blog and thank you for leaving a comment asking for permission to refer to our blog. :) We are fine with it, but please credit our blog and URL address. :) I do not claim any rights to the pictures but all written content are by me.

      Thanks for reading!


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