Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episodes 5-6

In these episodes, Hee-jin wears something that’s been on my wishlist forever. The tutu skirt! I have yet to find the perfect one but at least, with this styling I can find some inspiration for the day I welcome a tutu skirt into my closet. :) Let’s go!

cover photo Picture4_zps0eb00984.png


Who says a tutu skirt is only reserved for little girls? In this look, Hee-jin shows us how she can pull off a girly pale pink one in a cute, casual outfit. To achieve this look, she pairs her light skirt with dark complementary colours via her dark blue long sleeved top and her dark jeggings. True to Hee-jin style, her look is finished with a pair of white oxford shoes.

 photo Picture1_zpsac53e784.png

 photo Picture7_zpsf3d66f59.png

I love the cute girly details on her top that I feel matches the girly vibe of her skirt. Her top features a double flap white peter pan collar (a personal favourite of mine), double black zips and a dark pink zipper lining in the middle.

 photo Picture11_zpsbcd569af.png

As for the accessories, I love how her bag matches the colour of the zipper lining. In addition to her bright bag, during a few short scenes in Episode 6, Hee-jin pulls out her bright orange wallet which I think is perfectly suited to her bubbly personality.

 photo Picture3_zps0408c98f.png

 photo Picture8_zps83b8ac85.png

Finally, the finishing touches. Simple thin white watch, small studs and a pair of superstar shades. :D

 photo Picture2_zpsca2efc48.png

 photo Picture6_zpsf1e76794.png

I love this outfit so much and I’m going to borrow style ideas when I find my perfect tutu. :) I’m off to do some shopping, thanks for reading!

 photo Picture3_zps0e957517.png

(Final image from Episode 7)


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