Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episodes 7-8

I love Hee-jin’s very feminine style. Sometimes cute, sometimes stylish and chic but always feminine and bright. :)

 photo cover_zps585ccdbf.png


In a short scene in Ep 7, Hee-jin wears a casual look that consists of a printed dress and a white knit sweater layered over it. Her outfit is accessorized with a bright green bag, a ring, and a bow clip in her hair.

 photo Picture6_zpsdf30def7.png
 photo Picture8_zps573d5962.png
 photo Picture4_zps7efff4a2.png


This outfit is one of my favourites from the whole drama! The dress-like coat that Hee-jin is wearing is something that I am still dreaming about! I love the flare detail of the coat and I also love how Hee-jin wears a lot of pink. :D It’s my favourite colour and I have many pink pieces in my closet myself. :)

 photo Picture10_zps12541ba2.png
 photo Picture9_zpsa4d728c0.png
 photo Picture11_zps29937c86.png

Hee-jin’s coat is paired with navy shorts and her coat has this gold button detail. I like how the chain of her bag and her bag itself matches the buttons.

 photo Picture12_zps9dc12fd3.png

To complete the look, accessories include pearl studs, a thin ring, a thin white watch and white heels.

 photo Picture13_zps1e5cac7c.png
 photo Picture21_zpse77b12a0.png
 photo Picture20_zps0384b4e2.png
 photo Picture19_zpsf54086d1.png

To end, this photo has nothing to do with fashion but I just had to include it here because I love the Hee-jin Boong-do couple so much. <3 These two are adorable! Thanks for reading!

 photo last_zps4cdebe84.png


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