Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 9

In episode 9, Hee-jin shows us how to pull off the high-low dress trend, creating a look that is perfect for spring.

cover photo cover_zps08ea8469.png


Hee-jin spends this episode hopping from a doctor’s appointment to a walk in the park. When she walks, her light orange high-low dress blows around her and I completely love the effect of wind blown long dresses.

 photo Picture8_zps95ac95e7.png
 photo Picture14_zps5a6630bb.png

Hee-jin paired her orange dress with a long white cardigan that has some golden triangle and star stud details on the shoulder.

 photo Picture5_zps2949ceaf.png

Other accessories include her sunglasses, ear studs and a thin gold necklace plus a yellow strapped watch.

 photo Picture15_zps4eb6c3bd.png
 photo Picture17_zps0c08af0b.png

Finally to complete the look, she carries a matching white bag and wears these pair of awesome polka dotted wedges that I love so much I want a pair for myself!

 photo Picture6_zps83a650e8.png
 photo Picture16_zps5fcdec04.png

What do you think of Hee-jin’s look? Will you try the high-low trend?

Thanks for reading!


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