You’ve Fallen For Me Fashion & Menswear: Introduction

New drama! We have here 2011’s college music drama You’ve Fallen For Me (otherwise known as Heartstrings).

 photo youve-fallen-for-me-poster1_zpsfb5b27a1.jpg

As a brief summary, You’ve Fallen For Me is a drama set at college which revolves around the main couple Lee Shin, played by Jung Yong-hwa, and Lee Kyu-won, played by Park Shin-hye, and their fellow university friends and teachers. Lee Shin is part of a modern band named ‘The Stupid’, and Kyu-won is a traditional gayageum player and they initially clash over their musical differences… but we all know how it ends.

Since the drama’s set in college, the fashion is generally bright and youthful, and I remember a lot of pastel-coloured outfits which I really loved.

 photo yffm-11_zpsbdf57342.jpg

So now I will introduce a new foray into men’s fashion! I’ve always been curious about what guys wear (as in a fashion sense) and I thought Shin’s fashion would be the best place to start. It’s mostly causal with a lot of bright colours and there are often some accessories thrown in.

 photo yffm-21_zpsc0e5889a.jpg

Kyu-won’s looks are also mostly casual but girly and sweet. I noticed quite a few looks with maxi skirts and sneakers which I think would be really fun to try. Again, lots of bright colours. And pastel ones.

 photo YFFM6-00010_zpse3975502.jpg

Yoon-su, played by So Yi-hyun, is a dance teacher at the school and has a love line with Seok-hyun, Kyu-won’s and Shin’s teacher (played by Song Chang-eui). Her fashion is very feminine and not very teacher-like. But since it’s an art school, I guess teachers can dress a little more informally? Her fashion never really goes into casual, but stays more smart-casual. She’s probably the only female in the show who does not wear as much bright colours like the others do, but sticks to paler colours or standard ones like black and white and brown.

 photo YFFM6-00002_zpsb5b7d36a.jpg

Hee-joo, played by Kim Yoon-hye (previously known by her stage name Woori) plays another student who is basically antagonistic to everyone due to her insecurities like her weight issue but is wooed by Shin’s cute friend Jun-hee (played by Kang Min-hyuk) and ends up with him pretty fast. Like Kyu-won, she has a bright-coloured and pastel-coloured fashion palette. Her looks are not as elaborate, or have less details, I suppose. More solid colours and less patterns. Her outfits are also a little more casual with a lot of shorts and miniskirts.

Since we’ve all been introduced to this drama now, here’s to the official fashion posts!


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