Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episodes 10-11

These episodes are among my favourites from the drama. :D The grand romance, the cute, the couple and of course, Hee-jin’s dramatic red carpet gown.

cover photo cover_zps3fd776fc.png


Episode 10’s first outfit is a casual look from Hee-jin, just right for a casual get together with Dong-min and his manager at her apartment.

 photo Picture4_zpsff1dfb8c.png

For this look, she tucked her white patterned top into her white shorts, then added a burst of colour through her orange striped long sleeved shirt which is styled knotted in the middle and folded slightly to below her elbows.

 photo Picture2_zps2d83a395.png

To match the casualness of her outfit, Hee-jin put her hair up in a high ponytail and finished with matching white star earrings.

 photo Picture5_zpsb940e776.png


And here we go! It’s time for THE dress. Hee-jin’s floor length dusty pink gown that she wears for her premiere. :) It’s a very elegant and feminine gown, held up on one side with a strap that goes across one shoulder and extends across her back.

 photo Picture13_zps5ee8b29d.png
 photo Picture17_zpsd330b1b7.png

On the front of her gown, the bodice features a layered flower like pattern and the shoulder strap is attached with various sparkly beading and detail.

 photo Picture12_zps18581e55.png
 photo Picture21_zps5921e7e3.png

To accessorize her dramatic gown, Hee-jin keeps her jewelry simple by pairing it with sparkly silver earrings, a small ring and a black clutch.

 photo Picture7_zps4b4123ee.png
 photo Picture10_zps9a211a01.png
 photo Picture19_zps76fd0382.png

Finally, to finish off her red carpet look, a pair of sparkly heels is matched to the sparkly detail of her gown. This picture is unclear but from watching this whole scene from the episode, I’m pretty sure this pair of heels is the same pair as the one worn in Episode 2. I remember loving that very pair of heels in Episode 2, so I’m glad this pair was brought back again to match this lovely gown. :)

 photo Picture20_zpsfbe38376.png


After her red carpet moment, Hee-jin changed into her after party look. For this look, she wears a v-cut black minidress and had a white blazer with black lapels slung over one arm. Unfortunately, she is not seen wearing the blazer.

 photo Picture22_zpse1a0436e.png
 photo Picture27_zps5f466b2e.png

When I first saw her heels, I assumed they were black peep toe heels. But while looking closer, I realized they were black heels with dark purple side panels. :) I think I not only want Hee-jin’s wardrobe, I want her shoe collection as well. :)

 photo Picture23_zps91fce446.png

I know there is one more outfit Hee-jin wears at the end of Episode 11, but because she continues wearing that outfit in Episode 12, I will continue the look in the next episode. What did you think about Hee-jin’s red carpet gown? Did you like it as much as I did?

See you next episode, thanks for reading!


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