Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 12

Episode 12 is one of my favourite episodes of this awesome drama. For one, it’s completely romantic! :) This episode is made of happy moments, tons of cute and a perfect romance for the perfect couple. Apart from the romance, Hee-jin’s pink dress ranks among my most favourite outfits from the drama. :D

COVER photo cover_zps57a3556f.jpg


The first outfit continues from the end of Episode 11. The style is what we’ve associated to be Hee-jin’s typical style. This look is a great balance of casual and cute, perfect for a quietly romantic getaway date.

 photo vlcsnap-00011_zpsf155b391.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00008_zpscc164c2d.jpg

Hee-jin is wearing a blue dress over a white top with fluttery sleeves. I love this combination together because if the blue dress was worn on its own, it would have been overtly sexy. But paired with the feminine white top with the cute sleeve detail, it balances out to create this feminine look.

 photo vlcsnap-00004_zps310df0ca.jpg

Since Hee-jin is riding on a bike with Boong-do, she paired her outfit with practical and casual white sneakers. As Hee-jin is usually spotted in high heels or oxfords, I like this slight change in her shoe choice. :)

 photo vlcsnap-00009_zps5e115cad.jpg

And to finish it all off, as per Hee-jin style, she accessorizes this look with square silver studs.

 photo vlcsnap-00003_zps66fce860.jpg


This look that Hee-jin wears is one of my favourites from the drama (along with the pink coat and the premiere gown too). It’s pink, my personal favourite colour and a colour that Hee-jin wears very frequently in this drama. I’ve come to associate pink with her character’s style. To me, it suits her bubbly feminine character very well.

Here she is wearing a layered pink dress with buttons running the entire length of the dress. The front of her dress has a pleated detail and the skirt of her dress flows out in various layers. I need this dress in my life. :)

 photo vlcsnap-00022_zps57d8c03c.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00013_zps8fe59d20.jpg

Her accessories are a mix of matching white accessories including this adorable beige white drawstring bag, a white watch, white belt and white oxfords with glittery gold details.

 photo vlcsnap-00020_zps29dea98e.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00018_zpsa943980e.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00025_zpsa51fe84a.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00012_zpsb0c2763e.jpg

Are these the prettiest oxfords ever or what? I love them! :D To complete the pink and white look, Hee-jin finishes with simple silver flower studs.

 photo vlcsnap-00024_zpsb6642be3.jpg

With fashion, I have a particular soft spot for pink, which makes me an even bigger fan of Hee-jin’s style. This feminine colour may not be suited to everyone’s taste, but I hope Hee-jin’s outfits inspires you to incorporate some of it into your wardrobe!

 photo vlcsnap-00033_zps837fcfe0.jpg

Thanks for reading!


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