Queen In Hyun’s Man Hair: Episodes 10-12

Or rather, it’s for all episodes. I actually meant to just do a feature on Hee-jin’s updo in episodes 10-11 at the premiere, but I realized that all the hairstyles she wears in the show were conveniently packed together within these three episodes. So, there you go!

 photo vlcsnap-00003_zpsd0c27e8a.jpg


So, I will just start off with this hairstyle since it’s the one I originally wanted to feature only. Basically, I will dissect this look into three parts: pre-, mid-, and post-premiere. Sounds over-the-top, I know, but this hairstyle is so worth it.


During the prep stage, Hee-jin has really cute swoopy side-swept bangs towards the left of her face (this shot is a mirror image), which the hairstylist seemingly used a flat-iron to achieve.

 photo 10-2_zpsa07631c3.jpg

 photo 10-3_zps52fb33f8.jpg

The rest of her hair is pulled up in a low bun, which looks slightly undone at this point and quite different from the final look.

 photo 10-4_zpsf551a0a6.jpg

And this is product placement, I know, but Hee-jin has her hair done in this salon in the show. If any of you are looking for hair salon suggestions in Seoul, you know where to go…

 photo 10-1_zps9e33c29d.jpg


Here we see her bangs straight on. swept towards the left.

 photo 10-5_zpsf8f61d99.jpg

Up close on the famous updo. It’s more tightly coiled now, with the upper half of the bun attached to her head, and the lower half not.

 photo 10-6_zpsc02256fd.jpg


I’m pretty sure that the updo was re-done again, since it’s now placed higher up and all of it is pinned to her head. The general coiling technique and shape seems to remain the same, though.

 photo 10-7_zps93cd0790.jpg

 photo 10-8_zps081b953f.jpg

 photo 10-9_zps026a66a5.jpg

And some more brighter pictures from the press conference that actually occurred on set.

 photo 10-10_zps84ed83bf.jpg

 photo 10-11_zps3ab0cb1d.jpg

Honestly, since I saw this hairstyle, I’ve been both fascinated and baffled by it. It’s a really pretty updo, but how does one go about creating this style? I’m thinking there’s actually a hair tool inside the bun to keep the shape and also to allow the lower half of the bun to hang off her head. But the thing is, I haven’t seen any hair tutorial that talks about a hairstyle like this, so I’m still clueless.

What do all of you think? Do you agree with my theory? Any other ideas you’ve got going? Seen any hair tutorials that demonstrates a hairstyle like this one? Any hair gurus out there who can create a tutorial for this look? Please comment and share below. ‘Cause I’m really curious to find out how to do this, and I bet a lot of you are, too. Anything good and I’ll definitely share it with everyone. A thank you in advance. :D


Back to chronological order, starting from Episode 10. Here, Hee-jin goes for a curled high ponytail and there’s a lot of texture at the top. Her hair has been curled in different directions at the sides of the ponytail. To finish it off, wisps of hair are pulled out at the sides of her face. And of course, a lock of hair is wrapped around the hair elastic.

The straight version of this look can be seen in Episode 4.

 photo vlcsnap-00002_zpsfbe9f572.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00001_zps1ca33dd9.jpg


As with the high ponytail, though it’s more noticeable here, Hee-jin’s hair is pulled back from the center of her forehead, with semi-circular swoops, instead of just being pulled back straight. It’s really these small details that make the difference for an otherwise simple look. The base of the bun is pinned all around, keeping it flatter against her head.

 photo vlcsnap-00004_zpse5312cae.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00007_zpsf4c4edfc.jpg


This is my favourite hairstyle from Hee-jin. The second I saw it, the simplicity and sophistication of it just struck me and I still absolutely love it on her. Hee-jin showcases her side swept bangs this time, again on the left. The ponytail is lightly curled, again in different directions at the sides. You get a clearer look at what I’m talking about this time. Hee-jin uses an ubiquitous black hair elastic (which girl doesn’t have one, right?) which she doesn’t bother wrapping around with a lock of hair.

 photo vlcsnap-00008_zps0026680a.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00010_zps93383822.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00011_zps2efa762c.jpg


Hee-jin pulls back half of her hair into a ponytail, starting from the ears, but still keeps her side bangs in front. Most of it is pinned back (see that bobby pin there?) but a small piece is lightly curled, probably with a flat-iron again, and left to hang against the side of her face. The base of the half-ponytail is wrapped with a lock of hair.

 photo vlcsnap-00016_zpsecc300b5.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-00014_zpsb5e9afee.jpg

I realized that Hee-jin pulls back a rather large chunk of hair (than I normally would), leaving thin locks of hair to be placed over the shoulders. I usually think that the thicker the remaining non-pulled-up hair is, the nicer it is, but it works here! Again, the details make the difference.

 photo vlcsnap-00017_zps93953e79.jpg

I know that the hairstyles featured here are all relatively simple, but there’s something about Yoo In-na and her hair that is so awesome and she pulls off every look in that special way of hers. She’s definitely the Korean celeb with the best hair around. And I always think that these simple hairstyles tend to be thrown by the wayside by hair bloggers or Youtubers, so this is my form of acknowledging them.

In that same vein, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about regarding curling hair with a flat iron: yes, it is possible to do so. Curling and flat irons achieve pretty much the same effect on (standard-sized) curls, but flat irons can help create a gentler bend, especially for ends of bangs or those wispy strands you leave out at the side of your face. And it does double duty with straightening and smoothing the top of bangs, then curling the ends like in Look 1.


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