Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 13

Ep 13 features two outfit looks that play with layering. Hee-jin layers with thin pieces of clothing though, so these looks will be great for spring seasons. :)

cover photo cover_zps205c5bec.jpg


 photo pic-00008_zps24a5a66e.jpg

If you remember, Hee-jin made a hospital visit last episode too. If we’re going to compare between the two, I have to say I prefer Ep 12‘s more. Which do you prefer?

For this look, Hee-jin starts the look by wearing a dusty pink dress that has a printed and layered skirt. Then she layers a cropped dark pink cardigan over it.

 photo pic-00005_zpsb705988d.jpg

 photo pic-00004_zpsf22eeffc.jpg

Her accessories are kept very simple for this look, they include a tan chain handbag, yellow watch (I really like these thin watches that Hee-jin always wears in the drama!), a very thin necklace and a pair of cute studs that has a pearl dangling below a tiny bow.

 photo pic-00012_zpse4058409.jpg

 photo pic-00007_zps625238ad.jpg

 photo pic-00003_zps6fbd891f.jpg

To complete the look, Hee-jin wears her favourite oxford shoes in white.

 photo pic-00002_zps823c2b63.jpg


Hee-jin makes yet another visit to the hospital, now that Boong-do is awake. This time she wears a printed orange high low dress and layers a thin white sweater over it.

 photo pic-00019_zpsc8c6f2bb.jpg

 photo pic-00014_zps67445aed.jpg

She pairs her outfit with matching white wedges and a brown bag.

 photo pic-00020_zps6f90973f.jpg

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the outfits this episode. While I like them, I didn’t love them like the previous ones. However, Hee-jin is definitely inspiring me to look out for thin strapped watches just like hers. :D

Thanks for reading!


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