Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 14

Only one outfit near the end of the episode today!

cover photo cover_zps1f717690.jpg


For the unexpected reunion between my favourite couple in kdramaland, Hee-jin wears a white top with fluttery sleeves and a purple paisley print dress over it. It’s a little different from her usual style and colour palette of pastel/bright colours but I like it. What do you think? Good to try something new or stick to what suits her best?

 photo pic-00021_zps8d45370f.jpg
(Side note: I find it adorable how tiny Yoo In-na looks next to the super tall Ji Hyun-woo. C: )
 photo pic-00019_zpsf27ee1b2.jpg
 photo pic-00005_zps14846ee8.jpg

For accessories, I couldn’t get a better shot but the shoes Hee-jin is wearing are the same white oxfords from the last episode. (Refer to Ep 13 here for a much clearer shot.)

 photo pic-00001_zps37541564.jpg

She also wears a matching white watch and of course a simple pair of earrings.

 photo pic-00020_zps0ea6300f.jpg
 photo pic-00018_zps490a32ac.jpg

Thanks for reading! :)


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