Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 15

Ep 15 is so much fun! The most adorable PJ outfit I’ve ever seen, feminine pastel and bright outfits and even a vintage style look. :)

cover photo cover_zps4e6379eb.jpg


last photo last_zpsc90e7b3a.jpg

Hee-jin makes a spontaneous visit to Boong-do’s place in the middle of the night, while wearing the world’s cutest pajama outfit I’ve ever seen. I usually leave the home and casual wear out but this one was too cute to resist.

She’s wearing a yellow and white pj set that looks like a skirt and top, but it’s actually an attached one piece dress. The dress is worn with white leggings. On her way to Boong-do’s, she runs over in white sneakers. After reaching, she puts on these adorable slippers with a princess crown on the top.

This outfit reminds me of the airport outfit she wore in EP 6, it’s like the pj version of that outfit! :)

(UPDATE: If anyone is curious, the blue animal deer hoodie Boong-do (Ji Hyun-woo) is wearing is from a Korean brand called Pancoat – Korean site here | English/International site here)

 photo pic-00005_zps9f06ed48.jpg

 photo pic-00003_zps253be228.jpg

 photo pic-00002_zps7c831466.jpg

To complete the adorable look, she adds a final touch on her hair with a black polka dot bow hair clip.

 photo pic-00006_zps829efa71.jpg


For a date look, Hee-jin wore a girly outfit of soft pastel colours. She wore a light blue cardigan over a printed pink dress with a lace underlay.

 photo pic-00014_zps3bdaf267.jpg

 photo pic-00010_zps7aea17d8.jpg

She paired her outfit with a yellow watch, small earrings, her favourite tan oxford shoes and a beige and white handbag with a princess crown closure, just like the princess crown on her slippers from above! :)

 photo pic-00013_zps3ab4108e.jpg

 photo pic-00018_zps99267a34.jpg

 photo pic-00019_zpscd19e0fb.jpg

 photo pic-00023_zps04940363.jpg


For this heartbreaking scene, Hee-jin is wearing an outfit in her bright colourful style. Her pink and blue dress with fake pockets and a printed skirt is worn with a hot pink cardigan.

 photo pic-00034_zps1a36eefe.jpg

 photo pic-00031_zps0d80e2f5.jpg

Accessories include tiny ear studs, a blue drawstring bag and a pair of awesome buckle detail wedges. I’m a huge fan of wedges and this pair is definitely something that I want for myself.

 photo pic-00027_zps70fc4020.jpg

 photo pic-00026_zpsdca66c00.jpg

 photo pic-00030_zpsb4fae5d8.jpg


 photo pic-00037_zpsdf6b84a0.jpg

For the final look of EP 15, Hee-jin tries something different from her usual style and sports a vintage look. She wears a white dress with a flower print and pairs this with flats plus a brown vintage style handbag.

 photo pic-00038_zpsf9348281.jpg

 photo pic-00040_zpsa56876c2.jpg

 photo pic-00039_zps2189afc1.jpg

 photo pic-00041_zps82dadd14.jpg

Can’t say I’m a fan of the vintage look. I felt that it really differed from Hee-jin’s style and it didn’t feel like something she would wear. Did you like it or should this outfit be saved for someone else?

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 15

  1. Hi Kylie,

    thank you for this fashion review.
    I’m also a fan of Hee Jin’s style.
    I’m wondering if I could get the oxford shoes (plain white, white with gold glitter and tan).
    What is the brand name of this unique Oxford shoes?
    Is there any website that sell this shoes?
    Thank you! :)


  2. Hello, I was wondering where I could get something similar to what Ji Hyun Woo is wearing (his blue hoodie). Are there any korean websites that have stuff similar? Thank you so much! I’ve been searching all over ^^


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