Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion: Episode 16

Here we are at the last episode of Hee-jin’s fashion from QIHM! Can you decide on your favourite fashion looks from this drama? :) Do check out my upcoming post where I managed to narrow down my top few outfits, for now here’s Ep 16, hope you enjoy!

cover photo cover_zpsb40ebe11.jpg


Hee-jin starts her day with a trip to the hair salon before heading to a work meeting with Director. For her day out and about, she wears a very colourful look that consist of a bright neon yellow top tucked into a printed flower skirt.

 photo pic-00012_zpsde74683b.jpg

Her top has very interesting details to it, firstly you can see that the neckline has a scattering of beads attached to it. There are also some bronze coloured details studded along the shoulders.

 photo pic-00011_zps5b571130.jpg

To accessorize this colourful outfit, Hee-jin adds a pair of strappy nude heels, a multi-coloured bag and of course, her usual studs.

 photo pic-00001_zps004c0fc6.jpg

 photo pic-00002_zpsc8a78832.jpg

 photo pic-00014_zpsb2e5c5e7.jpg


For a day of work, Hee-jin wears a very casual but feminine look. I really like this look because it’s a casual look that has been worn countless times by so many people but kept very true to Hee-jin style with the items and colours she picks. :)

 photo pic-00023_zps554d0c80.jpg

For this outfit, Hee-jin wears a white top tucked into blue shorts and paired with a light pink jacket over. She adds a thin brown belt and white oxfords to pull the look together.

 photo pic-00024_zpsa4ca2ba2.jpg

 photo pic-00028_zps9e4c7284.jpg

However, when you look closer, you can see even more detailing to her casual pieces. Her white top has a gold lining along the neckline that matches the gold paillettes running down the side of her jacket.

 photo pic-00019_zps9819c035.jpg

Her jacket also features a flower pattern all over.

 photo pic-00025_zps46a86f40.jpg

Finally, here is a clearer shot of her ombre gradient blue shorts. Are you a fan of the ombre/gradient shorts trend?

On a side note, I have never been a fan of menswear that is too bright or in overly feminine colours, like this salmon pink blazer Dong-min is wearing. What do you think?

 photo pic-00027_zpse98e201c.jpg

To match her casual outfit, Hee-jin accesories with only a white watch and star studs.

 photo pic-00032_zps64415d9a.jpg

 photo pic-00030_zps47c5dad9.jpg


This look is classic, elegant and easily one of my favourites from QIHM. I’m very drawn to white dresses and this is going to be one I’m filing away for future style inspiration.

 photo pic-00033_zps8d066e68.jpg

 photo pic-00036_zpsfe55f38a.jpg

 photo pic-00037_zps70cf504a.jpg

Hee-jin’s white dress also features a exposed zipper along the back which some seem to dislike but I personally am a fan of. :)

 photo pic-00043_zps082e5fe2.jpg

To keep the look elegant, Hee-jin pairs her dress with nude heels, pearl earrings and the same white watch from the previous outfit.

 photo pic-00045_zps4a1aee9b.jpg

 photo pic-00034_zps4b9cdc2f.jpg

And that’s the end of all the outfits from Queen In Hyun’s Man! :D I hope you enjoyed the posts and pictures just as much as I did!

Do catch the drama if you haven’t because it’s truly one of my favourites and the leads are just amazing together!

last photo last_zpse6f433ab.jpg

couple photo last2_zps8474db8e.jpg

Thanks for reading! :)


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