Queen In Hyun’s Man Fashion Favourites

Here are my fashion favourites from Queen In Hyun’s Man! :) I picked out my top five outfits and an additional special mention. ;)

cover photo qihmfave_zpsd367d184.jpg

In no particular order, here are my favourites!

This amazing dusty pink floor length gown is romantic and princessy. It’s perfect for a red carpet and perfect for a reunion with your time travelling scholar boyfriend.

P.S. Elle did an awesome hairstyle feature on the updo Hee-jin is wearing with this look. Check it out here!

cover photo cover_zps3fd776fc.png
 photo Picture19_zps76fd0382.png
 photo Picture17_zpsd330b1b7.png

This coat has a flare detail which gives it a dress like structure and I love it so much. It’s the perfect shade of pink too. While it’s a coat, Hee-jin wears it as a top and pairs it with shorts.

 photo Picture10_zps12541ba2.png
 photo Picture12_zps9dc12fd3.png
 photo Picture9_zpsa4d728c0.png

I love pastel outfits. I also love this couple. :) Here’s some sweet outfit inspiration for the cutest date ever.

 photo pic-00014_zps3bdaf267.jpg
 photo pic-00019_zpscd19e0fb.jpg

This floaty feminine piece is something I would personally love to have in my wardrobe. It looks comfortable, pretty and perfect to wear in the springtime. :)

 photo vlcsnap-00025_zpsa51fe84a.jpg
 photo vlcsnap-00033_zps837fcfe0.jpg

I love my LBDs just as much as the next girl but I actually love the LWD just a little bit more. :) To me, there is just something very lovely about the simple elegance of a white dress.

I wished Yoo In-na’s hair was still the shade of light brown she was sporting throughout the drama instead of this red because I love the contrast of white dresses against black or brown hair.

 photo pic-00033_zps8d066e68.jpg
 photo pic-00037_zps70cf504a.jpg
last photo last_zpse6f433ab.jpg

I know this doesn’t exactly count as an outfit but this pj set was always a memorable one for me. I’m a huge fan of cute pj sets and I will keep looking until the day I find one similar to Hee-jin’s. :D

 photo pic-00005_zps9f06ed48.jpg
last photo last_zpsc90e7b3a.jpg

These six outfits were the ones that stood out the most to me, even though I loved almost every look in this drama. Did we share any favourites? :)

To check out the full list of QIHM fashion posts, click here

Thanks so much for reading!


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