A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Introduction

We had some free time recently and did a marathon session of last year’s A Gentleman’s Dignity! :D We had so much fun laughing at the comedy and of course,  loving the fashion of the four leading ladies.

So we knew we had to cover their fashion on the blog! Check out a brief introduction below. :)

cover photo agd_zps13eb9e15.png

While the focus of this drama was mainly on the gentlemen, a huge part of their stories also tended to revolve around the four ladies in their lives. To me, what made this drama so fun was how distinctly different the personalities of the ladies were and how their individual styles reflected them.

yi-soo photo yi-soo_zpsea529ce7.jpg

First up we have Seo Yi-soo (played by Kim Ha-neul), a teacher by profession and a baseball umpire on the side. She’s feminine and bubbly but strict with her students when she has to be.

Her fashion reflects both sides of her as her style is a mix of feminine classic pieces which sometimes has a touch of preppy and when she’s not working, she tends to wear more casual looks.

se-ra photo sae-ra_zps9953a7a0.jpg

This is Hong Se-ra (played by Yoon Se-ah), the representation of the modern woman in this drama. Se-ra is a professional golfer, she’s both gorgeous and confident, independent and proud. Her attitude towards others depends on whether you’re on her good or bad side.

Her style is very bold and sexy which matches her strong character. Think tight mini dresses and shorts. When she’s playing golf, her golfing attire are colourful and fun too. :)

mae-ah-ri photo mae-ah-ri_zps3ffd692e.jpg

Im Me-ahri (played by Yoon Jin-yi) is my personal favourite of the four ladies! She’s  the youngest and very loveable because of her bright personality. Immature at times but always funny. Me-ahri works part time at a cafe but actually comes from a wealthy family and is an aspiring bag designer.

Her style is trendy and always colourful! Me-ahri’s fashion choices include bags in a wide variety of colours, lots of skirts and dresses and girly peter pan collars.

min-sook photo min-sook_zps275b0d8b.jpg

Park Min-sook (played by Kim Jung-nan) is the most successful of the four. She’s wealthy AND a smart businesswoman/art gallery owner AND has great style. Outwardly cold but secretly nice.

Min-sook’s style is very polished but heavy on the flashy accessories. Her colour palette is quite limited to colours like black, silver, white and red. She always looks put together and her style reflects exactly who she is.

Whose style are you most looking forward to? :)

Thanks for reading!


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