A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 2

Me-ahri makes her stylish entrance in Ep 2 so starting from this ep, we have fashion from all four ladies of A Gentleman’s Dignity! :)

cover photo cover_zps87e138a6.jpg


In Ep 1, we saw Yi-soo choosing a formal outfit for a day of classes. In Ep 2 though, we start with Yi-soo in school but wearing a much more casual look. For a preppy-casual look, she wears a light blue button down shirt layered underneath a striped sweater, with the cuffs of the shirt folded over the sweater sleeves and black jeans.

 photo pic-00002_zpsa9c3aae6.jpg
 photo pic-00004_zps2a75ec50.jpg

She adds simple accessories – a thin necklace and a light brown watch.

 photo pic-00008_zps9ee9666d.jpg

After work, she adds a few things to her overall look. A brown coat, black bag and here we can see her black wedge booties too, plus a really interesting hood-scarf combination.

 photo pic-00009_zps55985cfb.jpg
 photo pic-00017_zpsac066ea5.jpg
 photo pic-00019_zpsc9dc01b1.jpg

From the picture above, Yi-soo looks like she pulled on a thick scarf, however, as you can see from the photos below, the scarf has a hood attached to it! How convenient. :) Would you wear this?

 photo pic-00020_zps84e3aee5.jpg
 photo pic-00022_zps672a24de.jpg
 photo pic-00023_zps5a06b6f4.jpg


 photo pic-00044_zps79069d0f.jpg

Who would wear this to a construction site? But we’re talking about Se-ra here. ;) Se-ra visits boyfriend Tae-san (who’s an engineer) while he’s at work, distracting all the other men in the process. Here she wears a bright red minidress paired with a thick fluffy grey coat.

 photo pic-00028_zpscfda3d88.jpg
 photo pic-00047_zpsc66ca1a7.jpg

She adds a lot of accessories to her look, including layered short and long necklaces, a striped bangle, large silver ring and a pink animal print clutch. Too much or perfect Se-ra style?

 photo pic-00027_zpsdef8c08c.jpg
 photo pic-00043_zpsf9f4e36e.jpg
 photo pic-00046_zps91f7b562.jpg

She finishes off her look with a pair of silver strappy heels.

 photo pic-00041_zps834d301d.jpg


Meahri returns to Korea from America and while Me-ahri’s outfit is quite unrealistic for such a long flight (or any flight for that matter), I really like her outfit and I’m in love with her peplum blazer. Another item added to my wish list. :D

 photo pic-00056_zpsb89de759.jpg
 photo pic-00055_zps08e01dba.jpg

Her airport fashion look consist of a printed brown top worn with a white peplum blazer and paired with a black miniskirt and tights. (On a side note: I love how colourful her luggage is, I’m a fan of bright luggages because they stand out and are so easy to spot! Mine is bright pink, what colour is yours? :) )

 photo pic-00063_zps4591dc71.jpg

Accessories include shiny silver and black heels, a hot pink shoulder bag with a scalloped flap, flower earrings and a green ring plus gold bangle.

 photo pic-00060_zpsf1fda3ab.jpg
 photo pic-00073_zpsffc3d245.jpg
 photo pic-00062_zps9612cfd8.jpg


Yi-soo heads to the airport to pick Me-ahri up and for today, she chooses a casual and fun outfit. I think it reflects the friendly relationship between the two because although Me-ahri used to be her student, they have a very friendly vibe that her fun outfit reflects.

 photo pic-00064_zpse5c1a55a.jpg

For this look, Yi-soo wears a bright orange sweater, black jeans and a dark green coat. She also adds a fun and colourful scarf with an artsy pattern all over it to add a pop of colour to this look.

 photo pic-00057_zps5cbbf4d3.jpg

It’s unclear but from the picture above in Me-ahri’s look, it seems like Yi-soo is wearing a pair of flat black boots and as usual, carrying her favourite black bag.

 photo pic-00059_zpsd42b4f50.jpg


Min-sook wears a few formal pieces here but puts it together to make a edgy look. For this look, she pairs a light silvery gold dress with a black blazer that has shiny black sleeves and faded gold lapels.

 photo pic-00076_zpsf1b647fc.jpg

Like Se-ra, she piles on the accessories for this outfit too. Her accessories include shiny silver earrings, a black chained necklace, a silver ring and a black bangle with silver studs. She also adds a simple black clutch and black heels to her outfit.

 photo pic-00077_zps7c12a25c.jpg
 photo pic-00075_zps3b765fae.jpg


I really like Me-ahri’s casual daytime look here! Her outfit is actually pretty simple but pair it with a great jacket and I love the result. :) Me-ahri is wearing a white woolly top with a fluffy cuff detail and I love how she pulls the cuffs out under her jacket sleeves. She pairs her top with dark blue jeans and a light brown jacket.

 photo pic-00082_zps59ff27f6.jpg
 photo pic-00083_zps662279f8.jpg
 photo pic-00093_zps1c96d1da.jpg
 photo pic-00100_zpsfee59e44.jpg

Accessories include matching white studs and black heeled booties.

 photo pic-00095_zps90607f22.jpg
 photo pic-00097_zpsd801aa91.jpg


I love how Se-ra constantly wears such bright colours. It really makes her stand out and among the four, I think Se-ra is the boldest in terms of fashion.

 photo pic-00096_zpscbadf4c4.jpg
 photo pic-00089_zpsd684e5a9.jpg

Here she returns from a date and I wished I could see her full outfit! She wears a gold dress paired with a bright orange-red jacket and even though she has a brown coat draped over her arm, she’s not seen wearing it.

Accessories include a black bag with studded gold details and a long gold necklace.


 photo pic-00108_zpsa24aa7f2.jpg

Me-ahri pops by the ballpark to surprise her oppas with her return to Korea wearing a patterned green and grey dress paired with a fluffy cream coat, black tights and black knee high boots.

 photo pic-00117_zpsfd83a4dc.jpg
 photo pic-00120_zpsf00c4a4d.jpg
 photo pic-00123_zps391ccbe6.jpg

She accessories with silver accessories including a ring and ear studs and a dark purple bag.

 photo pic-00113_zps3e39a7a5.jpg
 photo pic-00107_zpsed5c88bd.jpg
 photo pic-00119_zpsbff1c131.jpg


 photo pic-00126_zps4e180751.jpg

Yi-soo chooses a very monochromatic look for dinner with Do-jin – black jeans, black boots and a dark grey jacket. She keeps the look from being too boring with a black and white knitted sweater and a fun polka dot scarf.

 photo pic-00127_zps3578dfb4.jpg
 photo pic-00128_zps7bede424.jpg


 photo pic-00129_zps80cf6c2c.jpg

Me-ahri chooses a dramatic and fun look for dinner with Yi-soo. Here she’s wearing a black/white striped top with red jeans and topped with a huge fluffy vest. (She’s sure wearing lots of pieces with fluffy details in this episode!) There’s no clear shot but her shoes look like black booties.

 photo pic-00131_zps131dc45f.jpg
 photo pic-00133_zps0400b1cb.jpg

Accessories include gold ear studs, a yellow leopard print purse and a mix of bracelets.

 photo pic-00132_zps8da9c3da.jpg
 photo pic-00134_zps12bc89ac.jpg
 photo pic-00139_zps8e524ffd.jpg

I’m more of a dresses and skirts girl myself but from this episode my favourite pick is LOOK 6 – Me-ahri’s casual and chic daytime look. It’s so simple but I love her jacket and I love the fluffy details peeking out from her jacket sleeve. :)

Thanks for reading!


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