A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 3

Ep 3 gives us plenty of variety in outfits and speaking of variety, we have Yi-soo wearing Me-ahri’s clothes in this ep… see more below! ;)

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 photo pic-00010_zps540c9b9e.jpg

Yi-soo and Me-ahri meet wearing looks in a similar style. We’ll start with Yi-soo, she’s wearing a light blue chambray shirt over a white tank top with black jeans. She also pulls on a long red knit jacket to add a bright pop of colour to her otherwise simple look. She finishes her look with white wedge sneakers. (I’m not much of a sneaker person myself, but I do like the wedge sneaker trend. :) )

 photo pic-00001_zps44a481eb.jpg

Me-ahri also wears a layered look with a cream knit sweater worn over a bright orange tank top with black jeans. She pulls on a tan puffer vest jacket with furry details on the hood.

 photo pic-00036_zps198aa1c4.jpg
 photo pic-00039_zpsacbca1ee.jpg

It’s not obvious but Me-ahri’s black jeans have a glittery square detail above the knee.

 photo pic-00038_zps714dcde9.jpg

Accessories include matching orange sneakers, a red and white shoulder bag, a grey watch and tiny ear studs. Notice how she has a sudden change of earrings in the scenes from meeting Yi-Soo and at home haha! (I prefer the first pair with this outfit.)

 photo pic-00008_zpsdfcb6487.jpg
 photo pic-00040_zps8f31cdc8.jpg


 photo pic-00018_zpsd14ac749.jpg
 photo pic-00013_zps079794db.jpg

Se-ra wears an outfit that could possibly go wrong on someone else, but I think it works for her. It’s a look with a little too much detail but unlike Yi-soo’s simple style, this is something that suits Se-ra’s character style.

She starts by wearing a white tee with a leopard print design, paired with blue jeans. She also adds a black/white tweed coat over her tee and further layering another furry vest over her coat.

 photo pic-00031_zps90d2c139.jpg
 photo pic-00017_zps15f7caa3.jpg

This look is also accessory heavy – typical of Se-ra’s style. She pairs her outfit with brown heeled boots and adds a large red handbag plus layered necklaces as usual. For this look, she chose two gold necklaces, the short one with a key design and the longer one with a horse design.

 photo pic-00015_zpsff4e3439.jpg
 photo pic-00016_zpsba06c840.jpg
 photo pic-00020_zps58803494.jpg

To finish the look, she also wears a silver ring on one hand and two gold rings on the other.

 photo pic-00021_zps31da610f.jpg
 photo pic-00035_zps0482a980.jpg


Min-sook wears an outfit that seems too glamourous for a daytime look, but she’s Min-sook after all. How else would she dress? :)

 photo pic-00023_zpsbe6f1985.jpg
 photo pic-00026_zps212064a7.jpg

Min-sook pairs her simple black minidress with this awesome long white blazer full of gold and silver studded details along the lapel, the pockets and the back.

 photo pic-00028_zps9ef573c0.jpg
 photo pic-00033_zps2d49af68.jpg

She adds a few pieces of complementary jewellery – a long silver necklace, a black watch and a black/silver ring. Her look is completed with a patterned clutch, half tint sunglasses and black heels.

 photo pic-00030_zpsc16e7092.jpg
 photo pic-00029_zps78ba1a75.jpg
 photo pic-00027_zpse4b008d7.jpg


 photo pic-00063_zps29cc5ae4.jpg

Yi-soo picks a comfy and casual look for the long drive to her baseball game. She pairs her striped top with a neon green neckline with mint green jeans and adds a dark blue jacket over it.

For added warmth, she also adds a blue scarf with a star print. (Looks like scarves with fun prints are part of Yi-soo’s style, you might remember the artsy print and polka dotted scarves from Ep 2)

 photo pic-00047_zpscd02467d.jpg

Yi-soo finishes her blue-green look with a brown backpack and white watch.

 photo pic-00046_zpsd79c3214.jpg


 photo pic-00048_zps6116f745.jpg

Me-ahri is also heading to the same baseball game but picks a much dressier outfit as compared to Yi-soo. She’s wearing a red knit sweater over a multi-coloured flower print dress, paired with black tights and black laced up heels. She’s also holding a white coat but she’s not seen wearing it in this episode.

Accessories include matching yellow flower earrings and a bright yellow purse. I also love her bright pink overnight bag.

 photo pic-00054_zpsa6a30e21.jpg
 photo pic-00049_zps0635b41e.jpg


I like that Se-ra’s style extends to her sportswear too. In this look, she’s wearing a striped sport turtleneck layered underneath a brown jacket with blue polka dots. The polka dots are the same colour as her patterned skirt.

 photo pic-00064_zps9d0a027a.jpg
 photo pic-00065_zps3b56a92c.jpg


 photo pic-00069_zps1a419fd0.jpg

Me-ahri changes into a bright and fun look to cheer for her team. Lol, I think she’s adorable. She wears a sparkly red tank top underneath a bright pink jacket and pairs it with a plaid skirt.

 photo pic-00067_zps400b1e5b.jpg
 photo pic-00068_zps71129833.jpg

She also adds a pair of knee high white socks and matching pink/grey sneakers. I think her red and white mushroom earrings are a cute addition to a cute look. :)

 photo pic-00071_zpsd4c5a743.jpg


 photo pic-00083_zps83f03a3c.jpg

Because of an incident caused by Do-jin, Yi-soo has to borrow Me-ahri’s clothes. I think that each character’s style is so distinct and unique to themselves that I can definitely picture this outfit as Me-ahri’s. Here Yi-soo wears Me-ahri’s neon green sweater and paisley print skirt.

 photo pic-00081_zpsa323725b.jpg
 photo pic-00082_zps7049618f.jpg

She adds a pair of orange Converse sneakers which I’m assuming are her own and carries the same brown backpack as before. (Look 5)

 photo pic-00084_zps58d5f2ec.jpg
 photo pic-00077_zpsa8174e19.jpg


 photo pic-00091_zpscde51dc5.jpg

For a day of classes, Yi-soo wears a simple formal look that is similar to another work outfit in Ep 1, consisting of a white top worn with black pants and black heels. However, this time she wears a cobalt blue coat which I like a lot more!

 photo pic-00088_zpsd81ac361.jpg
 photo pic-00093_zpsba4b44a5.jpg

Accessories are kept very simple with a thin necklace and a brown satchel.

 photo pic-00089_zpsc69177a1.jpg
 photo pic-00092_zpsccf47a00.jpg


 photo pic-00097_zpsf021a3c5.jpg

Me-ahri is also wearing cobalt blue in this episode with her knit sweater paired with her red floral skirt. I love the white collar detail too, which could either be a fake attached collar or a collar from a top underneath, I can’t tell which.

 photo pic-00096_zpsdd019317.jpg

She accessories with a brown beaded bracelet, a white bag with brown details (straps and handle) and a pair of white studs that we saw above in the accidental earring switch in Look 2.

 photo pic-00098_zps0978e2d4.jpg
 photo pic-00103_zpsf1758390.jpg


I love it when Me-ahri and Se-ra appear in the same scene because both of them have such fun colours and prints/details in their looks.

 photo pic-00105_zps8d77bb23.jpg

Se-ra joins in the same lunch wearing an all white outfit with added colour and print. She pairs her casual white tank top and white shorts with a white and printed jacket with brown lapels. To pull the look together, she also adds a tan matching belt.

(Note: You can take a closer look at Me-ahri’s bag in Se-ra’s outfit pictures.)

 photo pic-00114_zps84863e12.jpg

Se-ra adds some neon accessories with her bright yellow clutch and yellow/silver necklace. Once again, she layers her necklaces, adding another longer silver one to her look. While it’s clear that wearing two necklaces is part of Se-ra’s style, I felt that the longer necklace with this outfit is unnecessary.

 photo pic-00107_zpse9c502b8.jpg
 photo pic-00108_zps48c66421.jpg

Because we’re talking about Se-ra here, there is one final accessory – her large gold ring.

 photo pic-00113_zps3555005c.jpg

Note: If you checked out my previous Queen In Hyun’s Man fashion posts, you might remember seeing this jacket that Se-ra is wearing! Hee-jin from QIHM wore the very same jacket in an outfit that shares quite a few similarities with Se-ra, including a white dress and yellow clutch. You can see it here in QIHM Ep 2. :)

Which look did you prefer with this jacket? Se-ra’s casual one or Hee-jin’s dressy one? I love it both ways but I would personally choose to wear it like Hee-jin. :)


 photo pic-00119_zps41151682.jpg

This scene continues on to Ep 4 so we can only see half of Yi-soo’s look here. For her blind date, she chooses a formal look consisting of a white top and beige coat with wide lapels.

You can also spot her printed handbag and tiny necklace here too. Full outfit details and pictures coming up in Ep 4! :)

 photo pic-00120_zps46f03e5f.jpg
 photo pic-00116_zpsabd34ac7.jpg

My favourite look from Ep 3 is Me-ahri’s lunch outfit! I love the mix of colours and prints and the pop of white from her collar against her blue sweater. Min-sook’s outfit with the studded blazer comes in a close second! :)

Thanks for reading!


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