A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 4

Episode 4 is such a colourful episode! The best part is, instead of colour only coming from Me-ahri and Se-ra, all four ladies stepped up to add bright pieces to their looks in this ep. :)

cover photo acover_zpse405fb90.jpg


This is Me-ahri’s lunch outfit from EP 3, with a closer look at her overall outfit and her red floral print skirt. This wasn’t visible in EP 3 but we can see here that she wore red heels to complete her look.

 photo AGD4-00002_zps90421340.jpg
 photo AGD4-00001_zps4cf0317a.jpg


 photo AGD4-00014_zps0126fee9.jpg

We could only see half of Yi-soo’s look in the previous ep, but here in EP 4, we get to see the whole look! Her look consist of a simple white long sleeved top paired with a tan pencil skirt worn underneath her long beige coat.

 photo AGD4-00016_zpsc758b92a.jpg
 photo AGD4-00015_zps0167a14c.jpg
 photo AGD4-00005_zpsf3c5dfd4.jpg
 photo AGD4-00007_zps430f6f1a.jpg

Her accessories were more fun to balance her rather simple and slightly formal look – matching snake print handbag and heels.

 photo AGD4-00013_zpseac5bcfa.jpg


What I love about Se-ra is she embraces her bright style even in her sportswear. Who says you can’t be sporty and look great at the same time? ;) For this episode’s sportswear look, Se-ra pairs a bright red golf shirt with a blue/white/red argyle patterned skort. She finishes her look with white shoes and white knee high socks.

 photo AGD4-00010_zps6f316937.jpg
 photo AGD4-00009_zps9e239245.jpg

I love that her checkered gloves match the tiny detail on her sleeves.

 photo AGD4-00011_zps7ac97420.jpg


Just another simple work look outfit from Yi-soo which is very similar to the previous ones we’ve seen. She did switch it up a little bit and pairs her white blouse with tan pants instead of the usual black. Accessories include Yi-soo’s favoured tiny gold necklace and ear studs.

 photo AGD4-00021_zps16c995eb.jpg
 photo AGD4-00020_zps171cf04c.jpg
 photo AGD4-00022_zpsa904a236.jpg


Yi-soo wears a casual look for a day of hanging out with Me-ahri. Here she wears a white top with ripped detailing all over and a tan jacket with frayed ends across the whole piece. She wears this with a pair of blue/green jeans that we don’t get to see clearly unfortunately.

 photo AGD4-00030_zpse20af1c0.jpg
 photo AGD4-00026_zpsc6567293.jpg

Accessories include a tiny gold necklace and a striped navy blue/white bag.

 photo AGD4-00027_zps1bda0ccb.jpg

Me-ahri goes for a cute look, choosing a green dress with pink and white peter pan collars and wearing it with a denim jacket. She adds matching accessories in her silver/green earrings and a pink bow headband.

 photo AGD4-00024_zpsfbaa7e8a.jpg
 photo AGD4-00031_zpsa67e666b.jpg

She finishes up her look with a pink and white handbag with a scalloped detail and orange wedges. I like this look except for those wedge heels. I don’t like them on their own and I dislike it even more with this outfit. I’m all for colour but I think the bright orange here just looks out of place. What do you think?

 photo AGD4-00025_zpsaf9fdfb7.jpg


In this quick montage of Me-ahri visiting Yoon, she wears three different looks of varying colour and styles.

The first look is casual and fun – Me-ahri layers a light yellow top underneath a white knit sweater and pairs this with a colourful miniskirt with a zigzag pattern. She adds white earrings and a blue/white bag that isn’t clearly seen.

 photo AGD4-00032_zps8b279633.jpg

The second look is smart casual but still fun. White dress worn with a neon yellow jacket and accessorized with a pink bag and gold earrings.

 photo AGD4-00034_zps641c5db6.jpg

The third look is another smart casual one. Me-ahri chooses a black and white polka dot top and black shorts and wears it with a black cape jacket. Her jacket also features a cut-out detail along the sleeves.

 photo AGD4-00038_zpsc5948122.jpg

She pairs this outfit with black heels, a green handbag and silver earrings.

 photo AGD4-00037_zps3c3d83f6.jpg
 photo AGD4-00039_zpscdac5048.jpg


 photo AGD4-00045_zpsffe3b60b.jpg

Yi-soo chooses a casual look here with pastel pieces. She tucks her chambray top into her light pink jeans and finishes the look with white sneakers and a large cream tote.

 photo AGD4-00042_zpscaac52f9.jpg
 photo AGD4-00046_zpsa7ae0c56.jpg


 photo AGD4-00047_zpscd657cc4.jpg

Min-sook once again wears her favourite colour in a black dress. Her black dress features one sleeveless side and a wide sleeve on the other, with a little embellishment on the wider sleeve.

 photo AGD4-00050_zps1d966cde.jpg

She pairs her dress with silver accessories including earrings, a sparkly necklace, a ring and a bangle.

 photo AGD4-00048_zpse72d55bd.jpg
 photo AGD4-00049_zps7dbeef36.jpg


 photo AGD4-00051_zpsa2bde91a.jpg

Min-sook has a quick outfit change and chooses to wear black again. This time, however, she adds colour to her all black blouse and pants look through her multi-colour floral blazer. Min-sook wears a lot of black but I like it a lot more when she chooses to add colour to her polished looks.

 photo AGD4-00052_zpsc5b6b312.jpg

Accessories include a black watch, black tote, a silver ring, matching silver necklaces and Chanel earrings.

 photo AGD4-00056_zps5157f260.jpg
 photo AGD4-00055_zps90cd69b7.jpg


 photo AGD4-00058_zpsf622f78b.jpg

Se-ra wears a sexy dark blue dress with sparkly embellishments along the edge of the dress that trails down along the sides too. Her dress features a lantern skirt.

 photo AGD4-00069_zps3e30fd87.jpg

Se-ra didn’t add much accessories with this outfit, just a pair of ear studs and a white clutch.

 photo AGD4-00062_zpse9da2d6e.jpg


 photo AGD4-00068_zps1b20edf2.jpg

I love the pairing of outfit pieces in varying shades of the same colour. Me-ahri does it here by wearing her light pink dress with a long hot pink jacket.

 photo AGD4-00072_zpsbe5a71e0.jpg
 photo AGD4-00073_zps70cea0e9.jpg

Her pink dress features a flower pattern on the top and a scalloped layered skirt, and I think the pairing of this girly piece with the bright jacket makes for a very fun and feminine look.

 photo AGD4-00075_zps58c9147d.jpg

She adds a pair of black star studs, a dark green purse and white peep toe heels to her outfit.

 photo AGD4-00067_zpse50d8ab7.jpg
 photo AGD4-00070_zpsc7727727.jpg


 photo AGD4-00083_zpse2e5ee8d.jpg

Min-sook chooses to wear a bright red dress for this look, leaving behind her typical black for a little while. Her red dress is eye catching in its colour but very elegant in design. It features a ruffled detail around the neck.

 photo AGD4-00085_zps795de97e.jpg

Min-sook adds some simple accessories to her outfit through her black/white earrings, gold watch, black bangle and rings on both hands. She finishes her look with a pair of black peep toe heels.

 photo AGD4-00089_zpse6a58f3f.jpg
 photo AGD4-00088_zps50943007.jpg
 photo AGD4-00077_zpse5eb0f05.jpg


 photo AGD4-00101_zpsa6f36ffd.jpg

Another great example from Me-ahri to show us how to incorporate colour into our wardrobe! I don’t really like how this look was put together, I thought it looked a little too messy with the various layers but I do like this example of wearing a bright burst of colour in one piece of clothing with an otherwise simple white outfit.

 photo AGD4-00091_zps2b3a1684.jpg

In this look, Me-ahri created a very layered outfit. She is wearing a long flowy white top with a white pleated skirt. She then adds another layer to her outfit via her lime green top. This look would have worked so much better without the messy layers (which looks extra messy from the front). What do you think?

 photo AGD4-00102_zps96701844.jpg

To complete the look, Me-ahri added a dark green bag, strappy wedges, earrings and thin blue and pink bracelets.

 photo AGD4-00097_zps63bc71c6.jpg
 photo AGD4-00094_zpse4d6a527.jpg


 photo AGD4-00118_zpsd7b3e75a.jpg

Se-ra chooses a colourful casual look to support Tae-san at his baseball game. What do you think of her look? Would you wear this to a game?

Se-ra tucks a white top into her snake print shorts while wearing a mustard yellow jacket over. She adds lots of accessories to her look including her oversized sunglasses, multiple necklaces and rings and bracelets on both arms.

 photo AGD4-00110_zps3c771966.jpg
 photo AGD4-00109_zps7fefbe6b.jpg
 photo AGD4-00108_zps421c2e08.jpg

In addition to the colour, print and jewellery, Se-ra finishes her look with a pair of silvery grey heels and a purse with a zebra print. Too much detail or perfect for Se-ra?

 photo AGD4-00115_zps34e75a65.jpg

(Photo below from Episode 5)
 photo AGD5-00010_zps9b310d4a.jpg

Did you enjoy the variety of colourful looks in this episode as much as I did? :) My fave picks from this ep are Me-ahri’s mix of pink shades look and Yi-soo’s casual pink/blue chambray-denim pairing.

Thanks for reading and for supporting the blog this year! Here’s to 2014 and to more fun fashion to come! :)


2 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 4

  1. Hello! Thank you for the post! I really like Me Ahri’s and Min Sook’s fashion. I hope that you can do the remaining episodes. :)


    • Hi Fantasma, I’m glad you like it! It’s really interesting to me to know about other’s favourites, I like Me-ahri and Se-ra best. Yup, I’m working on them, thanks for your support! :)


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