You’ve Fallen For Me Fashion & Menswear: Episode 7

It’s amazing how many different wordings there are in fashion and of course, menswear. I learned a lot from this episode, Shin being the main inspiration, surprisingly. On a constant discovery process, yes. ;)

 photo YFFM7-00060_zps66d1df31.jpg


Shin wears a white tee with black wording on the front with a white cardigan with two black stripes running down the front. He also wears dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM7-00001_zps305e27e5.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00012_zpsfd2d7802.jpg

He accessorizes with sports shoes in white and two gorgeous blues, a silver watch with an oyster-style band and a white dial and a white backpack with a thick black stripe running down the straps to match his tops. The backpack is featured again in Look 12 with clearer shots. He also hooks a cute transparent polka-dotted umbrella on his bicycle, that actually belongs to Yoon-su.

 photo YFFM7-00002_zps603a22ca.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00003_zps71dec696.jpg

His earrings… are one of a kind. It’s kinda funny because I first saw the VE studs, and I was wondering what does it stand for? He then turned his head and I saw the LO studs. Yup, it’s a LO and VE studs set! Shin wears the LO stud on his right ear and the VE stud on his left ear. What do you think? Would you have followed Shin’s left to right reading sequence or would you have done it the other way around? Heh heh.

 photo YFFM7-00008_zps5306af68.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00007_zpsfee7df3a.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00010_zps71699bed.jpg


Yoon-su wears a teal blue blouse with the sleeves folded upwards and which have ties at the sides. She tucks the top into belted white shorts.

 photo YFFM7-00016_zps858c7984.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00015_zps5d71d5a9.jpg

She accessorizes with a pearl necklace (a favourite of hers) and a silver dainty necklace. She also wears a silver watch with an oyster-style band (or strap or bracelet, up to you to say) like Shin’s, though the colour of the dial cannot be seen, the dial being the face of the watch.

 photo YFFM7-00017_zpsb36d5587.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00018_zps5c92353c.jpg


Kyu-won wears a white tee with a leopard-print-filled-in-rabbit on the front. She tucks it into a black tiered skirt.

 photo YFFM7-00027_zps7593a94e.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00025_zpsec954038.jpg

She accesorizes with a thin yellow bracelet, a thin jeweled gold band, a mustard yellow foldover bag with a tassel on the left side and white slingback wedges.

 photo YFFM7-00024_zpsd79b7891.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00030_zpsfd51b562.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00046_zps8580403a.jpg


Shin wears a gray long-sleeved top with the sleeves slightly pushed up at the elbows, that does seem to create more detail in an otherwise plain top, compared to it being left hanging long like this in Look 15 of Episode 3. He pairs it with dark blue jeans. He spices up his look with silver drawn-star studs and a silver bracelet with a charm at the side. Shin’s rocking pretty daring accessories in this episode, though this is the last of it. He also accessorizes with a cobalt blue messenger backpack.

 photo YFFM7-00038_zps671d3c52.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00032_zps4bf6960c.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00031_zps02296377.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00036_zpsc474d6a8.jpg


Yoon-su wears a cobalt blue dress with subtle structured shoulders and accessorizes with dainty gold necklaces and black criss-cross heels. Wish there were more shots of this look!

 photo YFFM7-00034_zps1471e120.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00040_zps781fa4a7.jpg


Hee-joo wears a pink top tucked into white high-waisted shorts. She accessorizes with a white cross-body bag with a stripe of gold across the middle, a black tie/bracelet and a black ring.

 photo YFFM7-00042_zpsf69c6ed2.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00048_zps37fc463e.jpg


Kyu-won wears a coloured plaid top in blue, pink, yellow and green, tucked into a knee-length black skirt. She also wears a black camisole under her slightly translucent top.

 photo YFFM7-00054_zpscc63f1f3.jpg

Kyu-won accessorizes with white espadrilles with designs across the top, two white bracelets with coloured beads, the same thin gold band she wears in Look 3, and a small blue backpack.

 photo YFFM7-00049_zpsfcd1da6f.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00058_zps58736be7.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00063_zps9a52e232.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00068_zps1091eac2.jpg


Shin wears a checkered button-up shirt in alternating blues with a white tee underneath. He only buttons the middle two buttons but leaves the button-up unbuttoned when he’s rehearsing. Interesting button detail. He folds the sleeves up towards the elbow and also wears dark jeans.

I just found out that a button-up shirt (or button front shirt), meaning a shirt with buttons down the front, is often mistakenly called a button down. A button down shirt actually refers to a shirt with a button down collar, which are collars which can be buttoned down at the corners. Turns out I was wrongly referring to Shin’s button-up shirts as button downs! Of course, Shin’s shirts could have button down collars, but he leaves his collars unbuttoned all the time, so I will take them as button-up shirts.

 photo YFFM7-00056_zpse8cb9183.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00067_zps7c553fa2.jpg

He accessorizes with the same watch from Look 1 with a white dial and silver oyster-style band, gray sports shoes with white soles and a bike messenger bag that also appeared in Look 5 of Episode 5. Also just found out that these bags are meant for use with cycling – which makes sense that Shin always uses these when cycling.

 photo YFFM7-00053_zpsbd14fd13.jpg


Hee-joo wears a black and white striped top that she wears as a dress with slightly ruched sleeves. She also wears short shorts underneath. I really dislike outfits with a top worn as a dress; at least wear longer shorts! She accessorizes with a few white beaded bracelets, a ribbon necklace, a mustard yellow bag and beige criss-cross heels. Love the white and beige combination.

 photo YFFM7-00071_zps28133324.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00073_zpsc296f6dc.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00072_zps7fe835af.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00074_zpse9f31d7b.jpg


Kyu-won wears a gray cartoon tee and a cobalt blue cardigan, and accessorizes with a silver necklace and her white headphones which look so gorgeous to me. I think headphones/earphones always look best in white, but they’re so common now anyway.

 photo YFFM7-00075_zpsf5f17df3.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00076_zps118d149e.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00080_zps2ca36ea4.jpg

Shin wears a white undershirt with an unnecessary breast pocket. An undershirt is such a ubiquitous piece of menswear, but I always think it’s hard to look decent when wearing it on its own.

 photo YFFM7-00079_zpsd13aa13c.jpg


Kyu-won wears a white tee with a design on the front paired with a blue vest with ruffles going down the sides. The vest is gathered at the back and so creates a slight puff at the top. Her vest also has these cute little gold bows at the shoulders. Kyu-won also wears her tee tucked into a black skirt.

 photo YFFM7-00091_zps61d28d1d.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00086_zps2b8e4ca9.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00099_zpsd20415fb.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00112_zps7aff77bb.jpg

Kyu-won accessorizes with a light pink bag with a huge bow on the front, blue and colourless beaded bracelets and a blue tie, her thin gold band and wedges which look orange in colour.

 photo YFFM7-00108_zpsfa9b3e78.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00123_zps71f48a05.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00102_zpsd071bdae.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00105_zpse795ee31.jpg


Shin wears a pink button-up with a white tee underneath. His pink shirt has a striped underlining at the collar and down the buttons. He also wears dark jeans. I know I don’t pay his jeans much mind, but I’m glad he doesn’t wear those tight skinny jeans.

 photo YFFM7-00084_zpsb5c7581f.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00109_zps05cefb6d.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00114_zps4cc76fcd.jpg

He accessorizes with his silver watch, white sports shoes with an orange and black design, a small green wallet he uses to tap his T-money card, and a white Lacoste backpack with black stripe details from Look 1 as well. I find it so funny when only half of a brand logo is taped over; I can still recognise it, people!

 photo YFFM7-00119_zps49faf1c2.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00118_zpse8ff074a.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00126_zpse96d87e1.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00127_zps7c0ad866.jpg


And now comes my two favourite looks from this episode – Kyu-won’s and Shin’s! This look from Kyu-won was the one I remembered from the show and made me decide to cover this show’s fashion. :)

Kyu-won wears a gray tee tucked into a long white palm-tree patterned skirt. She also wears a blue vest with white lining down the front and at the armholes and neck and white underlining at the side pockets.

 photo YFFM7-00160_zps77789f6c.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00149_zps345970bb.jpg

She accessorizes with a silver dainty ring necklace, white strappy sandals, a shimmery thin silver watch, a red braided tie with a charm, a small brown cross-body bag and her thin gold ring.

 photo YFFM7-00130_zps41bdf1dc.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00167_zps2aeb989a.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00176_zps81d60bd8.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00186_zpscff1aa26.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00193_zps7cabf891.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00198_zps9135c157.jpg


Shin wears a white tee with a gold and silver design on the front, paired with a pretty light dusty green cardigan. He also wears dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM7-00174_zps7466843e.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00157_zpsfcc36b11.jpg

Notice the detailing on his cardigan, though: there’s an extra panel of material at the shoulders, giving it more structure.

 photo YFFM7-00158_zps61f657b8.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00159_zpsf6b385fa.jpg

And for some reason, his cardigan looks like a blazer from the back when the light hits it just right:

 photo YFFM7-00161_zps9a77b65c.jpg

Shin accessorizes with white sneakers, a brown leather-strapped watch with a black dial and silver studs.

 photo YFFM7-00134_zps2b4ed89e.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00146_zps527beeac.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00183_zps8a2216a3.jpg

Now with all that out of the way, I really want to talk about Shin’s gorgeous white bike! Turns out this bike here is Shin’s fourth one so far. This bike here has drop handlebars and stylish thin black tires and a seat behind (which Kyu-won sits on).

 photo YFFM7-00142_zpscc832012.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00143_zps274c49c9.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00144_zpse9b262f4.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00145_zpse1d718fd.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00148_zps62f50c1f.jpg

I’ll assume his is a road bike, which is common for riding along city roads, like this:

 photo YFFM7-00175_zps1be14a16.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00171_zps865dea21.jpg

I realized he had two different white bikes, one that only appears in Look 2 of Ep 1, another that constantly appears in every episode, like in his first look here, and both have flat handlebars. His last bike is a silver cruiser bike, which have handlebars turned inwards towards the rider, and are the bikes that always appear in pretty Pinterest pins. So far, the latter has appeared a few times in earlier episodes.

I was curious and went to check out Boong-do’s bike from Queen In-hyun’s Man Ep 12, and turns out he used a silver cruiser bike too!

 photo YFFM7-00172_zps660d9508.jpg


Hee-joo goes for a decidedly different style from Kyu-won for her audition. Hee-joo wears a white polka-dotted top tucked into a pink skirt. She also wears a cobalt blue lapelless blazer with the sleeves turned upwards to the elbows revealing a white satiny underlining. Though there are no lapels, there are two reverse notches at the front of the blazer (I call them reverse notches since they’re pointing in the opposite direction of a normal notch lapel).

 photo YFFM7-00201_zps4a0aff68.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00180_zpsc8190d40.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00197_zps6721cb4c.jpg

She accessorizes with a neon yellow ring, a silver bracelet and white sneakers.

 photo YFFM7-00166_zpsb387d7d6.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00181_zps969180db.jpg

And as an aside, I love this handwriting. It writes 한희수 or Han Hee-joo.

 photo YFFM7-00200_zps7fc20868.jpg


To round off, Yoon-su wears a sleeveless white blouse with a white cami underneath tucked into a cream skirt. She accessorizes with a gold ring on her right index finger, a gold watch, layered gold necklaces and beige heels.

 photo YFFM7-00208_zps52079cfb.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00204_zpsf1109bdb.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00206_zpsd8e0b7d2.jpg
 photo YFFM7-00202_zpsdf4ed6ae.jpg

What a long post for this episode. Thanks for reading! And one laaaaast bike pic! I love them, if that wasn’t obvious.

 photo YFFM7-00178_zpsd993041d.jpg


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