A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 5

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, when it comes to fashion, I’m all about colour and more colour. :) This is why A Gentleman’s Dignity is such a fun watch, it’s full of prints, colours and accessories and watching EP 5 was like watching a rainbow episode! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

 photo acover5_zpsa9f4e966.jpg


 photo AGD5-00002_zps04a97fa2.jpg

We start EP 5 with a cameo by Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung instead of our four favourite ladies today. In this scene, Sooyoung cameos as herself on a coffee run and wears a casual and fun outfit. Did you guys laugh as hard as I did in this opening scene? I replayed it until I stopped laughing! ^^

 photo AGD5-00008_zps684f97ee.jpg

Anyway, back to the look. Sooyoung’s look consists of a mixing of some edgy pieces paired with girly ones. She wears a white tee with a black leather jacket that features a studded skull design on the back. The top half is paired with salmon coloured shorts and a long red leopard print scarf. I prefer this look without the scarf but Sooyoung is gorgeous and pulls it off anyway. :)

 photo AGD5-00004_zps283ddae5.jpg

Accessories include black strappy heels, a gold foldover clutch I love and some white bands to match her white watch.

 photo AGD5-00001_zps59fc0cfe.jpg
 photo AGD5-00005_zps84019f5c.jpg
 photo AGD5-00003_zpsd163cf10.jpg


 photo AGD5-00011_zpsd5b28286.jpg

For a lunch with friends, Yi-soo picks a relaxed and casual outfit that is very typical of her usual style. Yi-soo’s look can be easily recreated, simply wear a grey tee with a white cardigan and pair with light blue jeans. For a touch of Yi-soo’s signature style, add a printed colourful scarf to give the look a fun vibe.

 photo AGD5-00018_zps8ab30697.jpg
 photo AGD5-00013_zps8c036665.jpg

The rest of the look is complemented with a white tote, white heels and a tiny necklace.

 photo AGD5-00016_zps4080e1a9.jpg
 photo AGD5-00021_zps2f6f17bd.jpg
 photo AGD5-00019_zps69d8850f.jpg


 photo AGD5-00030_zps372b3d0f.jpg

Meahri works this cute outfit for the day, making her long green blazer the focus of her look. She pairs her bright blazer with an all white look, consisting of an eyelet top and shorts, pulled together with a thin yellow belt.

 photo AGD5-00025_zpsf01d9836.jpg

She pairs her outfit with brown t-strap heels and a white bag. To complete the look, she adds simple accessories in her silver watch and earrings and a colourful bracelet.

 photo AGD5-00026_zps94162bb8.jpg
 photo AGD5-00028_zps33b9ac05.jpg


 photo AGD5-00042_zpse5481c73.jpg

Se-ra, like Meahri, chooses a bright jacket for her day look. I really like this bright look of Se-ra’s and while I’m undecided if I would be able to wear such a bright piece like this regularly, I’m definitely dreaming that one day I just might! :)

 photo AGD5-00036_zps033ea803.jpg

Se-ra’s outfit consist of a lime green jacket worn over a white tee and a matching green/black patterned skirt which I really like too. She accessorizes with several gold necklaces, a black purse and a mixture of silver and black bracelets.

 photo AGD5-00039_zps695b2291.jpg
 photo AGD5-00040_zpsea45b30a.jpg


 photo AGD5-00044_zpse2c42579.jpg

While Yi-soo’s work outfits tend to be a little repetitive (white blouse/black pants combo), I’m glad that at least for this episode’s work outfit, Yi-soo adds some pastel colour through her powder blue peaked lapel blazer.

 photo AGD5-00047_zpscd319915.jpg

Yi-soo finishes her look with a thin necklace and a matching blue strapped watch.

 photo AGD5-00045_zps27797f58.jpg


 photo AGD5-00063_zps27b66ff6.jpg

Meahri and Min-sook get dressed up for a day of shopping and opt for contrasting looks. Meahri chooses a bright look wearing a red lace dress styled with a yellow bag, which she accessorizes by tying a short scarf on the side, a little detail which I love! Meahri paired her outfit with brown heels, which I felt looked a little out of place with her colourful look, I wished she opted for some colour in her shoes too.

 photo AGD5-00067_zps2a68270c.jpg

Min-sook also chooses to wear a lace dress (but in her favourite black) which features a yoke detail and an asymmetrical hemline. She pulls her look together with a black belt, a black tote and black ankle strap heels.

 photo AGD5-00070_zps03372d55.jpg
 photo AGD5-00054_zpsff574bd9.jpg

Finally, a quick look at accessories. Meahri accessorizes with light orange ear studs and a silver charm bracelet while Min-sook adds a twisted silver necklace, silver earrings, a black/silver ring and a gold bracelet to her look.

 photo AGD5-00052_zps32bbb447.jpg
 photo AGD5-00068_zpsb3229ffc.jpg


 photo AGD5-00072_zps1093fdc9.jpg

Meahri creates this pretty and wearable outfit for the day which I really like. Her look consists of a white tank top tucked into navy blue shorts and pulled together with a cream belt. She adds a light white jacket with eyelet sleeves and black trim, creating a look that works great for spring/summer seasons.

 photo AGD5-00077_zps77ba1b6b.jpg
 photo AGD5-00074_zps9f98f919.jpg

Like the previous look above, Meahri pairs her outfit with cross strapped brown heels and I wish she chose heels in a more complementary colour instead. Other accessories include a white rectangular bag, red watch, a silver ring and white bow earrings (picture from another scene because it wasn’t clear here).

 photo AGD5-00082_zpse7aac252.jpg
 photo AGD5-00073_zps2bec61c3.jpg
 photo AGD5-00080_zps134fdb75.jpg
 photo AGD5-00083_zpsecd72dce.jpg


 photo AGD5-00084_zpse42acd41.jpg

Min-sook wears another all black look within the same episode! I give her points for always having a mix of accessories to add to her black outfits though. Here Min-sook wears a long black dress paired with a black jacket with zip detailing throughout.

 photo AGD5-00090_zpsdacb4e97.jpg

She accessorizes with a black watch, silver bracelets, the same black/silver ring from her previous black look and long black/gold earrings. To complete her look with small hints of colour, she carries a contrasting white chain purse and adds a pop of bright red through her nails.

 photo AGD5-00088_zpsa26d5fa7.jpg


 photo AGD5-00091_zps756b15c8.jpg

Se-ra goes for a casual look for a stroll in the park with Tae-san, wearing white jeans with a floral printed top and a green jacket. Accessories include a white sling bag, wedges and a long necklace that I found unnecessary, especially since it falls right in the middle of the tiger face on her tee.

 photo AGD5-00092_zps021b9ff8.jpg


 photo AGD5-00101_zps674caba6.jpg

Yi-soo wears a sexy red one-shoulder minidress for her night out, however, while I think the dress is pretty and she looks great, the dress appears a tad too short on leggy Kim Ha-neul.

 photo AGD5-00103_zps48b0289d.jpg

Yi-soo pairs her dress with a pair of black heels with gold details, a few thin bracelets and a cheetah print purse.

 photo AGD5-00096_zps667c221b.jpg
 photo AGD5-00123_zpsace83d8e.jpg
 photo AGD5-00098_zps93686a8c.jpg


 photo AGD5-00105_zpsa9dc5ef4.jpg

Meahri wears this casual and cute look, which anyone can easily recreate! She layers a light yellow tank top with a white cropped sweater and pairs it with green jeans.

 photo AGD5-00107_zpsf36d5318.jpg

She adds cute little accessories like her bow hairclip and studs to finish her look. Those orange wedges I dislike (but Elle likes) make a reappearance, matching her orange purse.

 photo AGD5-00106_zpsc8da1c66.jpg
 photo AGD5-00109_zpsd25f478b.jpg


 photo AGD5-00121_zps117832a9.jpg

Meahri chooses a grey strapless top with black piping and pairs it with a black skirt with gold stripes. I find her clubbing look more interesting than Yi-soo’s, what do you think?

(Picture from Episode 6)
 photo AGD6-00004_zps68833ad0.jpg

She adds matching accessories with a pair of glittery gold heels, a white watch, bracelet and a clutch. To finish the look with some small details, Meahri wears a gold ring and small studs.

 photo AGD5-00115_zps6483dbf7.jpg

My favourite look from this episode is Se-ra’s day look with the bright jacket because I found it fun and bright and confident!

Thanks for reading! :)

 photo AGD5-end_zps0b6bb3f2.jpg


2 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 5

  1. Hi, I love what you do here and actually you are covering my FAVOURITE korean drama’s fashion! Wish I can do something like that on my wordpress. I am really looking forward for ep 6, and I hope that you will write more in detail about the look of Kim ha neul when she was kissed, I really like that look! Thanks!


    • Hello siowyookpeng, thank you so much, I’m so happy to hear that! :D I’m working on ep 6, hope you’ll enjoy it when it’s out!

      P.S. I find it really interesting when people share their favourite looks, so thanks for sharing! :)


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