Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 15

I love shots like these of someone in the middle of a crowd – it just sums up the city to me. I’m a city girl at heart. ;)

 photo TCOTYL15-00062_zps6cd4aad4.jpg


Hae-na pulls off a mostly monochromatic outfit with a fuzzy black sweater and a studded black skirt. The skirt is rounded at the edges but also has a small silt on the left.

 photo TCOTYL14-00006_zps7c4dbcfd.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00005_zpsefd1337c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00007_zps1ad29e1c.jpg

Hae-na continues with the black yet adds a green pop of colour in her accessories: two embellished black ring, green studs, a Chanel rattan-patterned clutch with a jade handle and sea foam green pointy heels.

This show is so trendsetting, even though it was from years ago (what with the use of sea foam green). I initially thought it was a two-tone heel in green and blue, but I realized the heels were just shadowed over at the sides. But it would have been cool and even trendier if they were two-toned, though.

 photo TCOTYL14-00004_zps0ef30329.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00020_zps9dbe79bc.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00026_zps31f2cc6b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00025_zps966d5f8d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00008_zps751b9c73.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00018_zpsf372c340.jpg


Su-ah wears a long blazer-miniskirt combo – one of my favourite styles, as well as long cardigans and miniskirt – the blazer being a classic black and the skirt printed in gray. Personally, I think that it looks nicer when the miniskirt (or dress) ends slightly above the blazer (or cardigan) when seen from the front, though from the back, you’ll look like you forgot to put pants on. Su-ah here wears her skirt a little longer than her blazer.

Su-ah wears a light pink top with a large ruffle down the front and I love how it makes full use of the space left from the blazer – it adds to the look’s dramatic-ness without being over the top.

 photo TCOTYL14-00010_zpsa1dbfc3c.jpg

She accessorizes with a silver necklace, chandelier earrings, a ring and adds to the pink with her pink bangle and her pink and black headband. (Her earrings and ring could be pink too but it’s hard to tell.) Love the look, though I would ditch the pink headband.

 photo TCOTYL14-00013_zps39d7817c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00016_zpscfab97ae.jpg


Eui-joo wears a denim jacket with ringed holes all over it and pairs it with a mustard yellow and white striped top and another top that I can’t really see. She also wears dark green shorts and knee-high gray socks. She accessorizes simply with a gold dainty necklace.

 photo TCOTYL14-00015_zpscd13df18.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00027_zpse066d729.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00030_zps102b1e8c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00009_zps19860040.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00028_zps6b50a95f.jpg

She later changes into her homewear in a lilac long sleeved top and lilac and white striped tank. She also wears a pink skirt and tights.

 photo TCOTYL14-00033_zps10e98f97.jpg


Hae-na changes into a colourful patterned dress at home and accessorizes with a silver cross necklace and a giant rock of a purple ring.

 photo TCOTYL14-00034_zpsca0dcaed.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00040_zps970a0e1c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00042_zps3bf549ff.jpg

The next morning at work, Hae-na wears a gray top with square studs at the shoulders. Love the stud detail.

 photo TCOTYL14-00043_zps63d709df.jpg


We get a 360-degree look at Hae-na’s amazing outfit here. She wears a mostly blue and subtly green top with a swirly print with a black lining at the armholes, hem and neckline, the last of which continues into a ribbon at the back. The black lining really pulls the whole top together to me. There are interesting folds on the front and it also poufs out at the back, which I shall choose to ignore. She pairs the top with a blue and yellow printed skirt, that is also shiny, poufy and of slightly irregular length.

 photo TCOTYL14-00045_zps122ec506.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00046_zpsa7ec113c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00047_zps2f286a32.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00049_zps3a084c2c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00050_zps515174d1.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00054_zps07ca6d3e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00055_zpsc79e4790.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00057_zps3916f62e.jpg

Accessories are simple for this look: a gold and a brown ring.

 photo TCOTYL14-00059_zps801252e1.jpg


It’s funny that Hae-na suddenly changes into such casual wear – for a date, of all things – when she’s been wearing nicer stuff at home and work.

She wears a gold studded smiley face white tee and black leather pants. She finishes off the look with a long patterned scarf.

 photo TCOTYL15-00008_zpsc43a861d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00006_zpsb397e5ae.jpg

A pile of accessories help to spice up her look. She wears the same two rings in black and red on her right hand and a silver ring on her left, a silver cross necklace, large studs, a set of bangles in different colours on both arms and embellished black flats.

 photo TCOTYL14-00062_zps2d028279.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00005_zps6e68a2a7.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00066_zps312f78d5.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00065_zps96526a3a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00067_zps81151694.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00001_zps6781f5f4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL14-00063_zpsb382ca40.jpg


Hae-na wears another all-black look, but with pretty different effect. She wears a long-sleeved black top with structured shoulders and a silver studded bow on the front which I totally love. There’s a row of silver buttons down the back. I just really like this top. She pairs it with a slightly high-waisted (I think) miniskirt.

 photo TCOTYL15-00009_zps66055330.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00010_zpsfd5785b7.jpg

She transitions her look from (somewhat) work-appropriate to a fun date outfit by adding a black furry vest which bumps out at the shoulders probably due to the top.

 photo TCOTYL15-00020_zps5b93e58d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00021_zpse5f0c033.jpg

She accessorizes with silver and black earrings, two silver zigzag rings, a silver bangle, a small octagon-shaped black bag with a silver design in the middle, and peep-toe laced-up heeled booties.

 photo TCOTYL15-00011_zpsb2175c02.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00034_zps50629ec4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00049_zpsea69997c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00032_zps7d07ccb1.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00047_zpscb6cb625.jpg

I find it funny how Hae-na’s mint green tassel handphone keychain (also featured in Look 14 of Episode 11) couldn’t be stuffed into her bag and so is hanging out. Every girl has a small, pretty, impracticable bag like that, right? ;)

And I love how Hae-na’s shoes look from the back:

 photo TCOTYL15-00014_zps3ad8a353.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00015_zpscf5391a7.jpg


Eui-joo only appears in this outfit for a basketball game with Tae-yoon, but it’s not basketball-playing-appropriate, unless it’s with the guy you like, of course. ;)

She wears a long olive green coat with a white dress peeking out at the bottom. She upturns the sleeves to reveal a gray striped underlining and the coat is cinched at the waist with a tie.

 photo TCOTYL15-00024_zpsbb1d09cb.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00023_zps0e11d72f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00026_zps4768997e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00025_zps138649c8.jpg

She accessorizes with a short and a long necklace, the longer one with a white bird pendant, black studs, a silver ring and brown booties.

 photo TCOTYL15-00029_zps871984a8.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00030_zpsd7a09adf.jpg


Hae-na wears a strapless white wedding dress with a pleated bodice gathered into a silver diamond and other embellishments. The dress also has an asymmetrical fold halfway down. She accessorizes with a veil with a satiny hem and silver swirly dangly earrings.

 photo TCOTYL15-00035_zpsf457a295.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00036_zps72e94f12.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00046_zps8f227e44.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00043_zps84b5870d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00044_zps392c8b3e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00042_zps58ea63f5.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00045_zps3e72677f.jpg


Hae-na wears a white feather top with a translucent top and white lining, paired with a beige and white striped loose cape-like jacket. I love all clothing with white feathers or anything bird-like involved, ever since I saw these in Dream High. She accessorizes with two silver rings and long white teardrop earrings.

 photo TCOTYL15-00050_zps4bef94a4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00053_zps92e82dfc.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00052_zps21457438.jpg


Hae-na wears a double-breasted suit jacket with peak lapels (as compared to notch lapels seen here and here) and a long lapel roll (which is the line from the break (fold) of the collar to the first button), making the jacket look elongated, which I really like. She wears a black tee underneath and also wears black skinnies.

 photo TCOTYL15-00055_zps4e16b2d4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00058_zpse7c3ff5d.jpg

She accessorizes with a long necklace including a tiger tooth and tiny silver cross, a watch / bangle (though it’s most likely a watch since it’s constantly covered by her sleeve) and white pointy loafers with a gold design across the front.

 photo TCOTYL15-00060_zps02b0857f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00059_zps1282d546.jpg
 photo TCOTYL15-00063_zpsc15256fa.jpg

A vast improvement from the last two episodes, for sure. And it gets even better in the last episode! :)


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