A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 6

Short post for this episode, with a slight departure in style for Min-sook as she chooses not to wear her favourite all black outfits!

 photo a6cover_zps9ed384ab.jpg

 photo AGD6-00007_zps97f70532.jpg

Se-ra does not repeat her outfits and it seems the same applies to her sportswear. :) For this golf practice session, she pairs her navy blue tee featuring colourful stripes with a plain white skort and white golf shoes.

 photo AGD6-00008_zps1b1db6b2.jpg
 photo AGD6-00010_zps37c9ea8a.jpg

 photo AGD6-00015_zps7408578e.jpg

Min-sook dresses down when she’s at home, but does not slip into a tee and sweatpants. Instead, she chooses a bright yellow tank dress with a swirly black print, matched with black kitten heels.

 photo AGD6-00020_zpse392c5a3.jpg
 photo AGD6-00018_zps1aaed2f0.jpg

Because Min-sook loves accessorizing, she pairs her home look with a ring and a silver necklace.

 photo AGD6-00017_zpse00b1f04.jpg

 photo AGD6-00023_zps3ff5f0f2.jpg

For a casual day look, Meahri chooses to layer a red sweater over a white collar top, with the front tucked into a pair of tan polka dot shorts. She pairs her look with brown cross strap heels, a white bag and a gold bracelet.

 photo AGD6-00022_zpsf742fa90.jpg

 photo AGD6-00030_zps4da90137.jpg

I really like Yi-soo’s simple pastel outfit for this episode’s work look. She pairs a pale purple loose blouse with slim white pants and snake print pumps.

 photo AGD6-00025_zps31f4d838.jpg
 photo AGD6-00029_zpsa58c8fb9.jpg

As usual, she keeps it simple for work with a tiny necklace and a matching purple watch.

 photo AGD6-00027_zpsb4077eb9.jpg

 photo AGD6-00036_zpsa6b0c277.jpg

Min-sook takes a very different approach to work dressing compared to Yi-soo. For this episode, she experiments with a pair of loose printed pants, but keeps the top half simple with a white blouse and a white blazer. Do you like this departure from the all black looks Min-sook favours?

 photo AGD6-00047_zpsc6823085.jpg

For accessories, Min-sook pairs her look with black sunglasses, silver earrings, a black/silver bracelet and a silver ring. She also adds several long strands of pearl necklaces that are half black and half white. I really like the contrasting effect of her necklaces against her white blazer.

 photo AGD6-00058_zps36440a16.jpg
 photo AGD6-00042_zpscadb3a83.jpg

Finally, Min-sook keeps her outfit classic with a tan tote.

 photo AGD6-00037_zps2a5aeddf.jpg

 photo AGD6-00062_zpsbe6c8e67.jpg

For a casual lunch look, Meahri mixes stripes with floral. It’s not a combination I would usually go for, but I think it makes for a fun outfit. Meahri tucks the front of her red and white striped tee into a pair of white floral shorts. She accessorizes simply with small ear studs and a ring.

 photo AGD6-00059_zps08a4f75c.jpg
 photo AGD6-00064_zps0200a9db.jpg

 photo AGD6-00065_zps57ccfc5c.jpg

Yi-soo wears this look which is a typical example of her casual style that is the opposite of her work looks. She layers a white tank top underneath her white sweater and pairs it with dark blue jeans. I love that she keeps the whole look casual with black Converse sneakers.

 photo AGD6-00075_zps6b9f74bd.jpg
 photo AGD6-00071_zpsfc9f3b9b.jpg
 photo AGD6-00070_zps3440fbf6.jpg

In the scene above, Do-jin is holding a pair of hot pink cross strap heels as a gift to Yi-soo. She doesn’t wear them in this episode but she does in a later episode! If anyone is curious about the heels like I was, they are Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ heels.

 photo AGD6-00032_zps97cacac1.jpg

I never thought I’ll be picking a work look of Yi-soo’s as a favourite, but we’ve been seeing some interesting changes (like her snake print heels) to her work outfits and I welcome the change. :)

Thanks for reading!

 photo AGD6-end_zps3e26ea79.jpg


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