You’ve Fallen For Me Fashion & Menswear: Episode 8

Yoon-su is the winner for me in this episode, with two looks that I really, really like!

 photo YFFM8-00088_zps09ec97b0.jpg


Shin wears a three-quarter black striped white tee with a pretty pastel blue button-down – notice the buttons at the tips of his collar. He wears the sleeves folded up to his elbows. Funny how he started wearing button-downs right after I clarified about button ups and button downs in the last ep. He also wears dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM8-00043_zps059311f7.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00001_zps022a338b.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00053_zpscb819c35.jpg

Shin wears silver hexagon (a six-sided polygon) shaped studs, dark blue sneakers with a white stripe detail at the sides with white socks and a dark blue backpack with brown lining around the flaps and rounded tips at the straps.

 photo YFFM8-00006_zps583304ab.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00044_zps2b4bfb9e.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00080_zpsc162c173.jpg


Kyu-won wears a white empire-waist knee-length dress with a floral design across the skirt and a braided detail at the beginning of the empire waist. She also wears a muted red cardigan with a brown ribbon and line of buttons.

 photo YFFM8-00015_zps032ce6d7.jpg

I don’t really like how big and puffy this dress looks from the side, especially when she pairs it with a slightly puffy cardigan too.

 photo YFFM8-00041_zpsfb8f0b7b.jpg

She later buttons her cardigan in one scene which makes it look even puffier!

 photo YFFM8-00054_zps0cf37ace.jpg

She accessorizes with a pink butterfly (I think) dainty necklace, two charm bracelets, a really nice dark blue bucket bag and white sandals with a silver design on the front.

 photo YFFM8-00040_zpsfc4a22fa.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00066_zps04e632c9.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00042_zps19b099d9.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00010_zpsa245ffd1.jpg


Yoon-su wears a long dress in a gorgeous pink with pleats from the waist down and a flap / cape-like thing at the back. She accesorizes with a brown belt with the end first looped and hanging down but tucks the end away in a later scene.

 photo YFFM8-00063_zpsa2e4007f.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00019_zps5a83a7f5.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00060_zps947c072a.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00027_zps9aa84b80.jpg

She also accessorizes with white oxfords, a brown bag hanging low, which also appeared in Ep 6 though she carried it by the top handle there, a pearl necklace and a gold necklace, a watch with a white dial and a brown patterned strap and a gold bezel (which is the surface encircling the face of the watch) and a few gold bracelets.

 photo YFFM8-00057_zps87bb965f.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00023_zpsac536706.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00025_zps67c3de1b.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00058_zpsc9c7a650.jpg


Hee-joo wears a short-sleeved dual floral patterned cream-coloured minidress. One is a bouquet pattern and the other is a gray floral pattern. There are also ruffles around the armholes. She accessorizes with a cross-body rectangular yellow bag, white and pink beaded bracelets, a white ribbon ring, a pink strawberry dainty necklace, a striped bow hairpin and greenish oxfords which might have been a different colour due to being under the shadow.

 photo YFFM8-00030_zps14229b34.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00014_zpsaa5bb35c.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00034_zpscbd0ab70.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00036_zpsfb0e528b.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00037_zps1cc6033b.jpg

And how cute are Hee-joo’s and Jun-hee’s (played by KANG MIN-HYUK) matching patterned red and beige motorcycle helmets?

 photo YFFM8-00074_zps90abc4df.jpg


I really like Yoon-su’s dance outfits, they look like what real dancers wear during practice with loose, casual pieces.

Here, Yoon-su wears a white tank with an unnecessary breastpocket tucked into a bright red pleated maxiskirt. The skirt also seems to have a matching red belt with a black buckle, though it’s hard to tell whether it is or not. She keeps her gold necklace and watch and shoes from Look 3 and puts her hair in a low messy bun.

 photo YFFM8-00045_zpsda615860.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00050_zpsf7d20da1.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00049_zps5b5fc27e.jpg


Kyu-won wears a cream tee with the words ‘READY TO WHERE?’ across the front, which I don’t get, but… okay, hahaha! She tucks the tee into a high-waisted dark blue maxiskirt. She also wears a camisole under her tee.

 photo YFFM8-00082_zpsf6894720.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00095_zps553a066f.jpg

Kyu-won accessorizes with a red briefcase backpack bag, a white watch and green-blue sports shoes. I really like the colour combinations!

As an aside, if Kyu-won’s bag had a long strap, it would be called a briefcase messenger bag, and if it was just carried by the top handle, it would be plainly called a briefcase.

 photo YFFM8-00085_zpsc9023e9d.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00086_zpsb274836f.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00109_zpse647f1f8.jpg


Shin delivers another great colour combination with his orange checkered button-down (he’s switching it up, heh heh) and jeans in a really nice bright dark blue colour – sapphire blue, I’ll say – especially in some shots. He also wears a white tee under his button down and folds the sleeves of his button down up to his elbows. He accessorizes with a white watch with a black edge on the strap, it seems like, a light khaki backpack with a light blue lining at the bottom, also seen in Ep 1 and Ep 4 (and I just realized I have called it tan and light brown and now light khaki, oops; anything works?), silver studs that look starfish-ly, and gray sports shoes with orange and blue details to match the oranges and blues in his outfit, I realize.

 photo YFFM8-00084_zps1488e3d4.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00099_zps810e4035.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00100_zpsff6d6fc4.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00104_zps2b958ea5.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00112_zps095793a4.jpg


Yoon-su wears an amazing B&W look here. She wears a black tank top tucked into a black and white paisley high-waisted knee-length skirt. Over the tank, she adds a transculent black asymmetrical cropped cover up. The skirt also has a rounded slit on the left and is gathered into a knot at the top right. She accessorizes with a pearl and blue gem necklace combo, gold and black bracelets, a thin gold band, and awesome black embellished heels, also seen in Ep 6, which is coincidentally the same look as the one linked in her Look 3. I always love it when Yoon-su wears her dramatic embellished black heels.

 photo YFFM8-00087_zpsc5797956.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00094_zps3ad4b2c2.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00092_zpsad32d5bb.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00093_zps85327496.jpg


Shin wears a white tee paired with a yellow and gray cardigan. Details: there’s a cream trim and welt pocket lip and button closure, it’s yellow down the front and three-quarters up the back with an additional thin line of yellow around the line of cream at the back, it’s gray down the sleeves and at the top quarter of the back, and there’s a line of white at the ends of the sleeves. He also wears bright blue jeans with zipper back pockets.

Oh yes, and a welt pocket is one that is flat and un-bulky and where you can’t actually see the shape of the pocket bag. The lip is the edge of the pocket, sometimes patterned or in a different colour to the rest of the garment for decorative purposes!

 photo YFFM8-00113_zps9f0418c4.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00118_zpsf71e9cf2.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00119_zps89022752.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00120_zpsbb7c41b2.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00116_zpsd5255bd0.jpg

He accessorizes with silver studs, a white and black watch, that kind of looks like the reverse of his watch in his Look 7, a dark khaki backpack with brown lining, and red and white and blue sports shoes with blue shoelaces. I really dislike the yellow and red combination, as it makes Shin look clown-ly or Ronald McDonald-ly.

 photo YFFM8-00117_zps71747b2e.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00122_zps90851085.jpg


Kyu-won seems to wear a matching set with a blue and white striped tee with blush pink shoulders and a maxiskirt in the same blush pink. She accessorizes with a white cross-body bag and shoes, though it can’t really be seen since she’s sitting in a wheelchair.

 photo YFFM8-00129_zps676f7555.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00128_zps748c98cd.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00125_zps091155a5.jpg

It’s funny that I find that Shin and Kyu-won both made a fashion/menswear hit and miss, while Yoon-su scored on her two looks and Hee-joo remains cute and casual. What do you think of this episode? Let me know by voting in the poll! ;)

 photo YFFM8-00067_zps2fe4ff2e.jpg
 photo YFFM8-00105_zps81980bdf.jpg


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