Take Care of the Young Lady Fashion: Episode 16

And we’re finally at the end of Take Care of the Young Lady fashion! Big thanks again to everyone who have supported this series from the start and to all new people reading it now! It’s great that TCOTYL is still so popular even though it was from 4+ years ago now.

To end it off with a bang, great pieces are dug out of the stylist’s closet and all thrown into the final episode. Better late than never, right? Though… *rants bitterly*

 photo TCOTYL16-00126_zpsa3335fc4.jpg

For this episode, the ordering format will be a little changed. Hae-na has a squillion (really nice, mind you) home looks in this ep and so I’ve decided to put all of her home looks together at the beginning (arranged in chronological order, still) before moving on to the rest of the main looks. There were, like, 7 looks in the first 4 minutes!



Hae-na wears a red boatneck dress with buttons running down the back. The dress is cinched with a black belt. She accessorizes with silver dangly earrings, a black bag and black heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00004_zps6ca742f6.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00005_zpsd668109d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00007_zps6e01a96f.jpg


Hae-na wears a long satiny light pink dress with a train with a baby pink zipper vest with a furry collar and furry armholes. She accessorizes with a flower ring and a square ring and pretty white studs.

 photo TCOTYL16-00011_zpsc39a91d0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00013_zps50b2f5e8.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00016_zps379d0286.jpg


Hae-na wears an interesting triple checkered pattern dress here: there is the main blue-purple checkered pattern; a black pattern with coloured squares on the collar, sleeves, shoulders, down the side to the waistline, the band at the waist, and some ruffles down the back; and the dark purple pattern at the ends of the sleeves and down the line of buttons.

She accessorizes with white triple-layer dangly earrings, a silver ring and white heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00019_zpsb6f8795f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00020_zpsd891e4cd.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00017_zpsf2cc4dc5.jpg


Hae-na wears a white menswear-inspired top with a spread collar and puffy sleeves tucked into a high-waisted gray pleated leather skirt. She accessorizes with white earrings and a green jewelled ring and shows off a white and silver statement necklace under the wide collar.

 photo TCOTYL16-00022_zps47306796.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00025_zps68786bb3.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00027_zpscd87efad.jpg


Hae-na wears a black dress (I assume, the bottom’s never seen) with a pink banded top that has both a halter neck and off the shoulder sleeves. She accessorizes with silver dangly earrings.

 photo TCOTYL16-00028_zps5127953d.jpg


Hae-na pairs a gray furry top with a sweetheart neckline with a high-waisted sparkly silver skirt with ruffles at the top. That top must surely be really comfy to wear.

She accessorizes with green pumps, a long silver belt that looks like she looped round her waist twice, and silver earrings.

 photo TCOTYL16-00030_zps1762380e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00032_zpsbfba0114.jpg


For the last look of the beginning 4-minute montage, Hae-na wears a black top with a silver design on the front and back and bell sleeves tucked into yet another high-waisted long pleated wine red skirt. She accessorizes with dangly earrings and a silver ring and heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00038_zpsf631cc30.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00035_zps12e91ee4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00036_zps5a6bb201.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00039_zpsf322b6b8.jpg


Hae-na entertains some company executives in her home in a copper tinfoil-like top with dramatic shoulders tucked into her last high-waisted white skirt with a nice sheen to it. A really bright metallic outfit which Hae-na pulls off. The skirt rises up on the right to reveal an inside layer and also has a triangular panel on the front right.

 photo TCOTYL16-00057_zpsfc41c4f4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00055_zps07c546bc.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00051_zps76b9b23c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00063_zpsae99a453.jpg

She accessorizes with silver studded large square studs with a rectangular cutout, a silver snake ring, neutral toned stiletto heels and a silver bracelet and a dark purple manicure she keeps on for the rest of the episode. I would have preferred brighter heels to finish off her outfit, the neutral ones she wears don’t really work for me here.

 photo TCOTYL16-00053_zps34b721e0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00061_zps60eb413b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00065_zpsa4271c61.jpg photo TCOTYL16-00066_zps7f85a299.jpg

Excuse this random pic, it was the clearest one of her ring!


Hae-na wears a white tee with a dinosaur cartoon and studded neckline, the front of it slightly tucked into her dark blue ripped and studded jeans which look kinda scary to me. She also wears a dusty pink knit jacket with little silver jewels hanging off of it.

 photo TCOTYL16-00070_zps65683060.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00075_zps77a6fc77.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00079_zpsebf5b81d.jpg

She accessorizes with a silver and pearl necklace, crown and pearl earrings that are so cute, a royal purple cross-body rectangular bag with a bow design across the front and black flats. She also wore a patterned scarf that she gives to her grandfather to wear. She puts her hair up in a ponytail and adds an interesting twist around it.

 photo TCOTYL16-00085_zps975b665f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00088_zps3da0c723.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00076_zpse38c0c34.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00067_zps0cb79365.jpg


Hae-na wears a V-neck past-floor-length patterned maxidress with a gray knit jacket. The jacket’s pretty interesting with the… ribcage details?

 photo TCOTYL16-00092_zpsa8245821.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00094_zpsa1336f98.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00093_zps8b03e227.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00099_zps197d22c6.jpg

Hae-na accessorizes with silver earrings and a dainty necklace and her sparkly manicure.

 photo TCOTYL16-00098_zps580fe456.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00090_zpsdbc34f47.jpg


Hae-na wears another past-floor-length dress in a light orange-brown colour with a black wavy line pattern down the skirt. The top is black and there is another checkered-like pattern at the bodice. She pairs the dress with a black coat with a white confetti-like pattern.

 photo TCOTYL16-00154_zps1b213fde.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00153_zps1b671714.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00160_zps66176f85.jpg

She accessorizes with black flats with a gold rim, a dainty cross necklace and silver dangly earrings with three crystals in the middle that remind me of green peas, HA. In a good way!

 photo TCOTYL16-00156_zpsdfd1c162.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00159_zps363039c4.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00161_zps06d8d58e.jpg


Hae-na wears all-black mourning clothes in the wake of her grandfather’s passing with a black top and buttoned jacket, jeans and boots. She also wears simple silver studs.

 photo TCOTYL16-00163_zps092051ab.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00164_zps1c5000eb.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00165_zps86fdb12c.jpg


Hae-na goes to sleep in a black top with a pink and white coloured bird pattern. Love the birds!

 photo TCOTYL16-00168_zps1f6bf419.jpg


Hae-na again entertains company executives, this time in a B&W dress. The knee-length dress has a black collar, a large white bow and sheer white long sleeves with slits on the insides and black cuffs with two black buttons. Love the sleeves, the bow not so much. She accessorizes with gold and pearl studs and silver peep-toe heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00183_zps1bec4fcb.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00186_zps2add993f.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00187_zps039f39c5.jpg


The last one! And my favourite. Hae-na wears a light pink pleated dress with a little embellishments on the front that spreads out across the back. The dress also has one twisted strap with embellishments on the front of it, too! She accessorizes with two silver rings and dangly earrings with a long hook at the back.

 photo TCOTYL16-00188_zpsc718e9b7.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00189_zpsc2e57b96.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00190_zps63c76a2f.jpg

End of the sub-post! That was as long as a normal post on its own, LOL.

After the preliminary round, I just wanted to point that Hae-na’s short hair is probably styled at its best in this episode: the right side tucked behind her ear and the left side slightly swooped at the ends. The pulling back of her hair also reveals her earrings clearly, and I realized that she tends to wear her earrings on her second earhole. Was it like this all along? The last thing is her sparkly purple manicure, which conveniently acts as a visual reminder that the long needless montage is over we’re getting into the main action of the episode.


Eui-joo provides a refreshing change with her casual outfit with slight boho elements. She wears a long white top with a design on the front topped with an orange cropped cardigan / long-sleeve top. Over that, she wears a brown vest with a pattern going around the bottom of it. She also wears blue jeans with some embellishments.

 photo TCOTYL16-00042_zpse8f45a9a.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00043_zpsa92480b3.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00049_zps03187eff.jpg

She accessorizes with a red, white and black patterned scarf, a dark green handbag with brown details, cute Bambi studs and heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00041_zps2d27c440.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00048_zps125e2bdd.jpg


Eui-joo dresses up for her date with a gray patterned top belted with a thin braided black belt. She also wears a cropped brown leather jacket and loose black and white plaid shorts.

 photo TCOTYL16-00113_zps03d393fc.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00103_zpscd102a87.jpg

She accessorizes with a light pink hobo bag (though with a structured base) with stitching details on the strap and a tassel on the left, a short gold necklace (I can’t tell what the pendant is, can anyone tell me? ;D) and a long teddy bear necklace, silver earrings, a silver watch, over-the-knee gray socks and black wedge booties, it looks like.

There could be more gold necklaces but I can’t see them due to the pattern of her top. I would have preferred it if Eui-joo went for a statement necklace, though of course, that’s not her style.

 photo TCOTYL16-00115_zpsbebc925d.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00133_zps5875d416.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00141_zpsfe02b8bc.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00114_zpsf5427343.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00136_zps82a3cf7b.jpg


It’s hard to see what exactly Hae-na is wearing here, but it’s basically a gray and blue patterned dress with white stitching details paired with a long black coat that has a zigzag collar all the way down the front.

 photo TCOTYL16-00121_zps628f6de9.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00120_zpsf8175a20.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00144_zpsfd8a473b.jpg

She accessorizes with gray cross-strapped heels (with the best shot of shoes ever!), a gray furry roll bag which I totally want to get my hands on now, jewelled dangly earrings, a dainty gold cross necklace and a long necklace with a cross-link chain and a large jewelled pendant.

 photo TCOTYL16-00106_zps1cc0b8f0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00110_zps94532d76.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00122_zps45471384.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00125_zpsd5b3e794.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00124_zps5e8372c8.jpg

By the way, I love all kdrama scenes involving dates at smoothie/ice-cream places, no matter how cliche or cheesy it is, because they’re so cute!


Oh my goodness, I love Su-ah’s outfit. It’s dramatic but Su-ah’s brand of dramatic is distinct from Hae-na’s, which is great. Su-ah wears another white menswear-inspired top with girly details, like Hae-na. Hers has a high collar and petal-like cuffs with a large white bow below them. She pairs it with a purple furry vest and tucks the top into a black pleated skirt.

 photo TCOTYL16-00171_zpsd02c24f3.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00173_zps17b046f6.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00175_zps37657f51.jpg

She accessorizes with silver leaf dangly earrings, a pearl necklace worn underneath her top unlike Hae-na, a silver ring and two silver and black rings, a cute black bag with gold studded details and neutral coloured shoes which work better with her dramatic look than Hae-na’s (another one!).

 photo TCOTYL16-00174_zps04837f8c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00177_zpsb2e823b8.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00180_zps77466eae.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00170_zpsd2c0162e.jpg


Eui-joo wears a white top paired with a brown cardigan with a white squares pattern. She also wears light khaki knee-length pants and a green scarf. She accessorizes with a bunch of cherries studs, a brown bag and brown V-shaped throat ankle booties (had no idea there was a term like that, haha!).

 photo TCOTYL16-00196_zps17cff075.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00200_zps5e896967.jpg


Hae-na goes for a more comfy outfit (for her) with a long-sleeve gray top and boyfriend jeans. She also wears a white jacket with a black trim and a black welt pocket lip and two gold buttons. There’s also a single red line going down the black trim that is faintly visible in the second picture. Love the outfit if it weren’t for that droopy gray front.

 photo TCOTYL16-00216_zps71e32cbd.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00206_zps4d451264.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00207_zpsf124fc2a.jpg

She accessorizes with a super gorgeous white quilted bag with red and gold embellishments, pearl and gold studs from Outfit XIV, a silver dainty necklace and long pearl necklace hidden under her jacket, a gold bracelet and red peep-toe heels.

 photo TCOTYL16-00203_zps2d5db92b.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00204_zps16cb2366.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00195_zpsaf317686.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00217_zpsd6da556c.jpg


Su-ah wears a black and white patterned dress with a long white blazer with peak lapels. She pushes the sleeves up to her elbows. She accessorizes with a super gorgeous shimmery gold crocodile-patterned foldover clutch with a wavy flap, a gold bangle with black details, silver studs, two silver rings, layered black beaded necklaces, a black banana clip with crystal details and black wedge booties.

 photo TCOTYL16-00218_zpsd05d2d5e.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00221_zpse5eb2455.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00222_zps3cbc3a85.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00223_zps6fe67b45.jpg


Is it sad to say that this is probably my favourite of all of Eui-joo’s looks? A look that appears in the last minutes of the show? She wears a gray tee with a cartoon on the front and adds a dark brown belt with a dark gold buckle. She also wears an awesome gray and white quilted jacket. Dark ripped jeans finish her look. She accessorizes with a long silver necklace, a petal-like patterned brown bag and her favourite gray boots.

 photo TCOTYL16-00230_zps17d2a587.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00231_zps82dd1328.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00224_zps40ace5c6.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00228_zpsb22b569b.jpg


Hae-na wears a V-neck and half backless pink and black splotched pattern dress that reveals her black bra at the back. She accessorizes with a silver multi-layered belt and gold dangly earrings.

 photo TCOTYL16-00235_zps6d7fa95c.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00234_zps23fdd1d0.jpg
 photo TCOTYL16-00237_zpsaa6d3f7a.jpg

And we’re done!! Whew, that was a long one. Hope all of you enjoyed the final episode which was probably the best in terms of the fashion (though not in terms of the story, HAHAHA). I also noticed many repeated accessories from previous episodes, though they were minor ones.

I am so happy to have done this for my first project! But we’re not done talking yet, please look forward to my next Best Of post! Though I for one am glad to be done with this, because it means moving on to a new project… *winks*

 photo TCOTYL16-00129_zps86977caa.jpg


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