A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 7

Spring is approaching where I am and this episode is giving me lots of style/outfit inspiration! Hope it does for you too! :)

 photo a7cover_zps6ec3de5e.jpg

 photo AGD7-00001_zpsf0e93a16.jpg

Yi-soo gives us two different work outfits in this episode, the first one being this feminine top/skirt pairing. For this look, Yi-soo tucks her taupe top with a centre split detail into her beige ruched skirt. I’m really enjoying the small steps Yi-soo is taking into having a more interesting work wardrobe, because who says formal work outfits have to be boring? ;)

 photo AGD7-00004_zps075c5ff6.jpg
 photo AGD7-00002_zpsd5802a71.jpg

Yi-soo adds a matching belt with a buckle to pull her look together, as well as a fun pop of black/white colour to her neutral outfit through her tweed chain handbag.

 photo AGD7-00010_zpsb7c8459c.jpg

I’ll also like to point out the flexibility of Yi-soo’s ruched skirt. From the back, you can spot an exposed zipper detail. For work, as seen above, Yi-soo wears it with the zip almost fully zipped down. However, after work, she wears it half unzipped for a more relaxed and subtly sexy look.

 photo AGD7-00016_zps44374871.jpg

Accessories are kept very simple as usual with tiny gold studs and a gold star charm bracelet.

 photo AGD7-00011_zps82dc346f.jpg
 photo AGD7-00013_zpsba533c88.jpg

 photo AGD7-00019_zpsd8d77ad7.jpg

Yi-soo chose a simple and casual look that is soft and perfect for spring. She paired her white jeans with a white tank top and a light pink sweater. You might notice that Yi-soo and Do-jin are wearing matching white bottoms haha! It’s slightly less cheesy than a couple tee, but would you match clothing items with your boyfriend?

 photo AGD7-00030_zps212a0634.jpg
 photo AGD7-00032_zps1ad2476c.jpg
 photo AGD7-00018_zps9144bfef.jpg

Her pink sweater has a ruched detail on the bottom sides.

 photo AGD7-00025_zps0f551af6.jpg

To keep the look suited for spring, Yi-soo adds a pair of striped orange and pink wedges to her look and keep things interesting with a contrasting brown snake print bag. Do you like contrasting accessories? Or do you prefer to match them to your look?

 photo AGD7-00079_zps83864036.jpg
 photo AGD7-00038_zpsdc4ce3a1.jpg

Finally, as per Yi-soo style, she adds very simple accessories with a thin bracelet on each wrist.

 photo AGD7-00024_zps47e32828.jpg
 photo AGD7-00028_zps14fc2cf4.jpg

 photo AGD7-00043_zps8e1aa1eb.jpg

A quick outfit for this brief scene, Meahri wears this spring look of a blue top paired with floral shorts. Her top has white sleeve and collar details that complement the white of her shorts. Meahri also adds a red chained purse and some bracelets to her look.

 photo AGD7-00040_zps6ff4b0b0.jpg
 photo AGD7-00041_zps9b2361af.jpg

 photo AGD7-00048_zpse7c715bc.jpg

Here Se-ra wears another one of her matchy sport outfits! The focus of her look is her multicoloured but green accented argyle print golf skort. She pairs this with a white golf polo shirt with the same details along the shoulders and buttons.

 photo AGD7-00054_zpsd01797b0.jpg
 photo AGD7-00047_zps9e7e8c93.jpg

To make her look even more matchy matchy, her gloves has the exact same print of her skort and her white shoes have a green stripe detail. Overly matchy matchy or fun sport look?

 photo AGD7-00069_zpsaa6aec3d.jpg

Se-ra wears this simple but stylish monochromatic black/white outfit for a dinner look. (You might remember that Se-ra wore another dressier black/white outfit for a date look in Episode 1). I like the little details in her simple look – the black printed words on the neckline of her white tee and the double flap on the lapel of her white blazer. The ends of her blazer sleeves also have some chain detailing.

 photo AGD7-00072_zpsf5bf74cd.jpg
 photo AGD7-00056_zps08efb7e0.jpg

Se-ra completes her look with a long necklace with a triangular pendant, black shorts, black strappy heels and a black handbag with tassels.

 photo AGD7-00075_zps16baf26b.jpg
 photo AGD7-00076_zpsd623510b.jpg

 photo AGD7-00102_zps270f9ef1.jpg

For a fast food lunch with Colin, Meahri chooses a casual outfit to go with it. Her look is made up of a light pink sweater paired with printed multicoloured shorts and white wedges.

 photo AGD7-00082_zpsd0a72c03.jpg
 photo AGD7-00086_zps220095f8.jpg

Accessories are kept simple with small studs and green and white bracelets. She also adds a bright orange/white bag to her look.

 photo AGD7-00103_zps62adf337.jpg
 photo AGD7-00090_zps9c40c449.jpg

 photo AGD7-00095_zps6c71afd1.jpg

I’m not a fan of this work look from Yi-soo, mainly because I don’t like how the red cardigan was paired with this outfit. What do you think? For this second work look, Yi-soo pairs a long white blouse with her red cardigan and light grey pants.

 photo AGD7-00096_zpsb862716d.jpg

She finishes off her look with her current favourite-for-work snake print pumps and simple accessories including a thin gold necklace, small studs and a light purple watch.

 photo AGD7-00097_zpsef8eaeab.jpg
 photo AGD7-00099_zps4097611a.jpg

 photo AGD7-00120_zpsc59170f5.jpg

Min-sook looks great wearing this structured navy blue dress for the day. Her dress features a fluttery detail along the neckline but Min-sook adds more attention to her neckline with a huge black necklace. I thought a smaller necklace would have been a better choice.

 photo AGD7-00110_zps23199bd0.jpg

She accessorizes her look with square dangling earrings, a black bracelet and ring plus a grey clutch. Finally, she completes her look with gold peep-toe heels.

 photo AGD7-00119_zps4002d711.jpg
 photo AGD7-00107_zpsa70c4108.jpg

 photo AGD7-00121_zpse1dff790.jpg

Yi-soo looks great in light pastel colours, we know that, but my question is, why is she wearing an outfit that is almost the same as the one above (Look 2) within one episode? It’s styled exactly the same too, all she did was switch to white heels and a pink bag instead.

 photo AGD7-00125_zps4e49b900.jpg

 photo AGD8-00016_zps1bebd23e.jpg
 photo AGD8-00008_zps579404f0.jpg

Meahri chose this pretty and sweet outfit for Yoon’s birthday gathering. I love how she creates an all white look with her white top and lace skirt but adds a bright green cardigan to it. She also adds a faux white collar with black trim (with a pattern matching her skirt!) to her look for a fun touch.

 photo AGD7-00124_zps7038e503.jpg

Meahri accessorizes her look with silver studs, a white bracelet and blue heels (refer to photos in Look 9 for a better look) and a white square bag. For a final fun element to her look, Meahri had a silver glittery manicure for the upper half of her nails, keeping the bottom half clear and glossy.

 photo AGD8-00006_zpsc3fdea9b.jpg
 photo AGD8-00086_zps5775305e.jpg
(*Photos of this look are from Episode 8)


I like Yi-soo’s pink/white casual outfits as they’re so perfect for spring but it’s amusing that she wore the look twice in one episode! My favourite pick for this episode goes to Meahri’s sweet look, I would love to recreate it for myself for spring. :) Min-sook came a close second and I thought her look would have been perfect if she chose a less dramatic necklace.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 7

  1. Hello! Thank you for the review. I really liked Meahri’s outfits this episode.
    I wonder if you or any of the other reviewers is watching Bride of the Century? The clothes there are great, especially for the winter, and there’s five women with different styles each episode. And the boys also sport some great pieces. If you want to, maybe you could catch a look? I would love to see the fashion of that drama reviewed. Thank you.


    • Hi Fantasma! I always enjoy Meahri’s girly outfits too. :)

      We’re not watching Bride of the Century at the moment, but thanks for the suggestion! :D We always welcome drama and style recommendations so we’ll check it out! We have been thinking about adding more posts for fall/winter and menswear to our blog though and we’ll be covering You From the Stars fashion and menswear soon on the blog – I hope you’ll enjoy that!


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