A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 8

Here’s a short fashion episode, lacking in Se-ra looks except for a sportswear outfit, but this episode also features one of my most favourite looks from Meahri. :)

 photo a8cover_zps882262f5.jpg

 photo AGD8-00016_zpsb9126030.jpg

Min-sook creates this dressy outfit for a night time look but adds a casual element via her black jacket with the zip detailing. (You can see how Min-sook styled this jacket for an all black day time look in EP 5.) I love that she chose such a bright piece for a night look – a neon yellow-green dress with a black printed design all over.

 photo AGD8-00011_zps19b879bd.jpg
 photo AGD8-00005_zpsae592ed4.jpg

I love how she accessorized this look! She pairs her look with a black clutch, gold bracelets and ring and black strappy heels with gold embellishments.

 photo AGD8-00024_zps89528eb4.jpg

Finally, she finishes her look with a dramatic silver necklace and dangly earrings.

 photo AGD8-00035_zps1efbdd61.jpg

I really like this work outfit from Yi-soo, it looks sleek and smart and also very comfortable. For this episode, Yi-soo decided to fall back on her neutral colour palette for work, choosing a crisp white button up shirt tucked into grey straight cut pants. She pulls the look together with a thin nude belt and matching nude heels.

 photo AGD8-00038_zps1b82bea9.jpg
 photo AGD8-00028_zpsbb091cd4.jpg

Her bag is not clearly seen but it’s a pink one with a brown strap, matching her maroon watch.

 photo AGD8-00032_zps521d4157.jpg

 photo AGD8-00039_zps5a608cd3.jpg

Min-sook chooses this sexy and glamourous look for dinner with friends. Her silver dress with black all over print features a queen anne neckline. It’s too bad we don’t get to see the full look, I was quite curious to see what shoes she wore with this dress.

 photo AGD8-00047_zps20928ab7.jpg
 photo AGD8-00046_zps32aa1e0e.jpg

Other than shoes though, Min-sook adds quite an impressive selection of jewellery to her look, with dangly earrings, a dramatic drape necklace, two rings, one curvy bangle and a black Hermés Birkin bag. She also wears this bold dark red and silver manicure to add even more to her attention grabbing look.

 photo AGD8-00042_zps3bd0ccfa.jpg
 photo AGD8-00044_zps3b51e046.jpg

 photo AGD8-00053_zpse6219f3e.jpg

This is the only look we get for Se-ra in this episode, but in typical Se-ra style, it’s bright and fun and I really like the colours of her matching sportswear set. Her purple golf shirt features a blue pattern design and detailing on the collar and sleeves. Her golf skort comes in the blue colour of the shirt’s detailing and has a pattern design in purple.

 photo AGD8-00055_zpsd4419894.jpg

To keep her look practical but still cute, Se-ra adds two thin hairbands in black and purple to keep her hair in place and a bright blue watch. To finish her look, she wears a pair of simple white golf shoes.

 photo AGD8-00058_zps6da13424.jpg
 photo AGD8-00059_zpsf3c0c58a.jpg

This is not exactly a part of Se-ra’s sportswear look, but I believe she was sporting this manicure nearly throughout the episode so I thought I’ll include it here. This is a pretty white and glitter gradient manicure.

 photo AGD8-00087_zps10ba9c33.jpg

 photo AGD8-00061_zps1d850708.jpg

Meahri wears this cute look for the day, perfect for popping by Yoon’s office. ;) She’s wearing shorts again, her favourite spring/summer piece. To go with her white shorts, Meahri adds a pretty orange top with a green diamond centre and pairs matching white wedges to her outfit.

 photo AGD8-00063_zpsee03f8f3.jpg

Meahri adds a few complementary green and pearl bracelets and a matching green purse to her look. I really love simple bags like this one Meahri is carrying, there’s something about the smaller size and the handle that is so cute.

 photo AGD8-00062_zps6b7cca40.jpg
 photo AGD8-00064_zpscac638de.jpg

 photo AGD8-00077_zps9e80fd74.jpg

For a daytime casual meet up, Yi-soo and Meahri chooses different styles. While Yi-soo went for a casual look, Meahri wears a feminine look that I love! We’ll start with Yi-soo. :)

 photo AGD8-00080_zps0649764a.jpg

Yi-soo creates a look with a blue theme, pairing her blue tie-dye top with light blue jeans. To extend the blue theme further, Yi-soo adds a pair of navy blue wedges to finish her look.

 photo AGD8-00085_zpsba8d9370.jpg

As usual, Yi-soo chooses very minimal accessories to go with her outfit. She adds a simple and fun long star necklace, a few bracelets and a white watch to her look. Her blue wallet is one she uses throughout the drama but in this case, it acts as an additional accessory. :)

 photo AGD8-00068_zps30526b4d.jpg
 photo AGD8-00083_zpsd4d4b679.jpg

Meahri’s pretty look is completely perfect for spring and the white blazer is an item I’ve added to my wish list. For this look, Meahri creates a white look (top/long blazer/wedges) with a focus on her gorgeous neon patterned yellow skirt with a floral design which I need in my closet if I ever find a similar piece.

 photo AGD8-00067_zps9ed30a97.jpg
 photo AGD8-00069_zps73bb2e74.jpg

For a further pop of colour, Meahri accessorizes with a blue/white bag that Elle is obsessed with! What I love is that Meahri knows a good bag when she finds one and owns them in different colours. This bag might look familiar to you because she carried the same bag in red in the previous episode! :)

 photo AGD8-00079_zpsbf8fc8d5.jpg

Like Yi-soo, Meahri kept her accessories simple with a ring and pretty studs.

 photo AGD8-00075_zps7a3b3e1c.jpg

Lots of good looks in Episode 8! :) Which was your favourite? Mine was easily Meahri’s coffee date look! I would totally recreate the look for myself once I get my hands on a good white blazer. :)

Thanks for reading!


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