You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Introduction

I love this show. So much. And I’m lucky I love the fashion and menswear in it as well!

 photo YFTSin-00001_zps6a9045d1.jpg

The only things I dislike about this show are the posters, which explains me stealing the awesome title shot.

I’ve decided to call the show You From the Stars (alternative titles include: You Who Came From the Stars, My Love From the Stars, The Man From the Stars, You From Another Star, etc.). I’ll say You Who Came From the Stars is probably the closest to the original title, but for a nicer ring to it, I’ve shortened it to You From the Stars!

 photo YFTSin-00004_zps9747307c.jpg

The story centers around Do Min-joon (played by Kim Soo-hyun), a 400-year-old alien who landed in the Joseon dynasty and has lived through the ages to the 21st century. Throughout the years, he has also taken on different professions, now acting as a psychology lecturer (though Professor Do has a nicer ring to it) before becoming Do MAE-NEE-JORRRRR! The story kicks off with Cheon Song-yi (played by Jeon Ji-hyun), a top star, moving into the apartment beside him, and they start what eventually becomes one of the best K-drama couples ever.

Yoo Se-mi (played by Yoo Inna) and Lee Hwi-kyung (played by Park Hae-jin) play Song-yi’s best friends, though Se-mi takes a mean turn, sick of constantly being a second fiddle actress to Song-yi, while Hwi-kyung remains the way-too-nice chaebol and serves up ample Second Lead Syndrome throughout the show.

I’ll be covering the main quartet: Cheon Song-yi, Do Min-joon, Yoo Se-mi and Lee Hwi-kyung!

 photo YFTSin-00010_zps8ece5e08.jpg

Cheon Song-yi has a very classic fashion style, with a mix of neutral-coloured or monochromatic outfits and some bright, colourful outfits. She also has a lot of fun, elaborate home outfits that go from pyjamas to full-on-decked-out great outfits (not coincidentally when she’s meeting Min-joon).

 photo YFTSin-00007_zpsc1f3f7ed.jpg

Do Min-joon at first glance has a pretty boring wardrobe with mostly black, gray and whites. But if you look a little closer, there are many details in his monochromatic palette. Home wear also includes a lot of knitwear.

 photo YFTSin-00009_zps52c0776c.jpg

The actual reason I finally decided to cover Min-joon’s menswear is because it’s Kim Soo-hyun (duh), and because he wears a lot of suits and hanboks in this show.

 photo YFTSin-00006_zpsb3604c86.jpg

For me, the ultimate menswear look is just a plain black suit. Boring, but so important. And I always liked hanboks seen in dramas with their bright colours (though I’ll bet they sure didn’t exist back then and there sure weren’t people who look as good as Kim Soo-hyun wearing them) and gat-s (the hat). It’ll be weird if I cover an entire sageuk (Korean historical drama), so this is a great compromise. And Kim Soo-hyun is a great model! Whether it is for saguek wear, or 19th- or 20th- or 21st-century wear.

And I find it hilarious how an alien who knew nothing of Earth landed in Joseon and automatically goes for yangban clothing, yangbans making up the highest class in society, normally dominated by people from rich families and who exclusively take up government positions.

 photo YFTSin-00011_zps8765ae5a.jpg

Moving on to Se-mi and Hwi-kyung! While Song-yi and Min-joon are a rather monochromatic pairing, Se-mi and Hwi-kyung fill in the colour quotient, at times Hwi-kyung more so. Se-mi also has a classic style like Song-yi, though more feminine and with more patterned clothing.

 photo YFTSin-00008_zps90e59b6d.jpg

I realize these two shots have a similar thing going on, but you’ll have to excuse me, there were so few shots of Se-mi that were suitable for the intro!

 photo YFTSin-00013_zpsb6bbd2c7.jpg

Hwi-kyung’s style consists of a lot of turtlenecks / high-necked tops paired with long coats in awesome colours.

 photo YFTSin-00012_zps52a7ecca.jpg

Kylie actually said that Hwi-hyung’s menswear is her favourite style in this show (like WHUT) and even inspired her to wear more colour, HAHAHA. And I now realize our over-emphasis on colours.

 photo YFTSin-00005_zpsc1db504e.jpg

Formatting wise, this show tends to cut off an episode in the middle of a scene and have a lot of flashbacks to a previous scene in the next episode, so I’ll probably be mixing shots from different episodes for these particular scenes.

Beyond fashion and menswear, I’ll also be doing a review of the hair in this show, but that’s a long way ahead.

 photo YFTSin-00002_zps4998e797.jpg

And that’s it! Who’s excited? ;D


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