A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 9

Don’t you just love it when these two get along? ;) While watching this drama, I read lots of comments about favourite pairings of the gentlemen, but I think the different female pairings in the drama were really diverse and interesting too. My favourite female pairing is Yi-soo/Meahri, but sometimes, Se-ra/Meahri cracks me up too. (And my favourite male pairing? Do-jin/Yoon of course!)

 photo a9cover_zps1e3a3dbd.jpg


 photo AGD9-00005_zps3d27ce11.jpg

I like this simple and fun look from Meahri, she pairs her loose aqua top to match the blue on her multicoloured printed shorts. She keeps the look casual by rolling up her cuffs and in very typical Meahri style, only tucking in the front of her top. (Check out how Meahri styled this pair of shorts in a different look in EP 7.)

 photo AGD9-00006_zps1abdb3b3.jpg

Meahri chose some complementary accessories to go with her outfit, adding a thin necklace with a small blue charm, a pair of heart ear studs and a white bag.

 photo AGD9-00004_zps9f0c4bee.jpg
 photo AGD9-00002_zps5b416bdf.jpg
 photo AGD9-00003_zpsf171d1a0.jpg

She also got a new manicure that is in the same design we previously saw in EP 7, but this time in a glittery pink.

 photo AGD9-00001_zps02e60ba0.jpg

 photo AGD9-00011_zps31d28a5b.jpg

For this episode’s first work outfit, Yi-soo chooses a striped look, the first of several striped looks in this episode. I like this slightly muted work outfit for its smart and sleek look. Yi-soo pairs her striped light grey/white top with a pair of skinny white pants. I love the added detail of her dusty blue braided rope belt which matches her dusty blue bag.

 photo AGD9-00010_zpsd4a754ac.jpg
 photo AGD9-00009_zpse3d7f1c1.jpg

She finishes her look with a brown watch, nude heels and small studs.

 photo AGD9-00015_zpsaedcc048.jpg

 photo AGD9-00021_zps7857af28.jpg

Remember how I mentioned that Meahri likes owning similar items in different colours last episode? It seems that it applies to her clothes as well! You can check out another similarly styled striped lunch look with Colin in EP 6.

Back to this casual lunch outfit, Meahri pairs her blue striped wide neck top with white shorts, only tucking in her front but leaving the back untucked as usual. Do you like this style trick Meahri uses? I guess it gives her outfits a casual vibe but I definitely prefer a neater overall tucked in look. :)

 photo AGD9-00026_zpsce12f39c.jpg

Meahri adds a pair of cross strapped brown heels (which I find a little mismatched), a matching dark blue bag, turquoise accessories like her necklace and ring, a thin brown bracelet with white charms and pink flower earrings. I like this look but would have like it even more if she swapped her heels and tucked in her top in front and back.

 photo AGD9-00023_zps79f165c7.jpg
 photo AGD9-00029_zps2ccbd296.jpg
 photo AGD9-00033_zps44f06145.jpg

 photo AGD9-00036_zps597c4c43.jpg

For a golf competition, Se-ra wears a bright purple dress and creates an overall girly look. Her dress features a slight argyle print and she pairs her dress with white golf shoes.

 photo AGD9-00048_zpsb89d92c1.jpg
 photo AGD9-00035_zps7a8e76a8.jpg

Her sporty accessories include white gloves, a white visor and lightly tinted golf sunglasses perched on top of them. Her fashion accessories include green earrings and several small studs, a pink bracelet and watch and a white ribbon on her high ponytail which I love.

 photo AGD9-00045_zps8456710b.jpg
 photo AGD9-00055_zps5bf7861b.jpg


Se-ra wears an all white look for celebratory drinks, bringing us the third look featuring stripes in this episode.

 photo AGD9-00064_zps2f971945.jpg
 photo AGD9-00067_zpscb70162f.jpg
 photo AGD9-00076_zps4e66fc1a.jpg

For this white outfit, Se-ra pairs a white tank top with a white skirt with a fun printed design and finishes off the look with a white striped jacket and white heels.

 photo AGD9-00057_zps74b262c7.jpg
 photo AGD9-00080_zpsb78cee3f.jpg

She adds a variety of accessories starting with two necklaces, a shorter one that features two curved charms and a longer one with a yellow pendant. Other accessories include two silver rings and an animal design bangle featuring connecting leopards.

 photo AGD9-00068_zps6013f3c5.jpg
 photo AGD9-00059_zps95990b04.jpg

 photo AGD9-00089_zps624678db.jpg

Yi-soo chooses to wear this multicolour patterned minidress to go with her pair of hot pink croc embossed Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ heels that Do-jin gifted her in EP 6. I’m not particularly impressed with her uninspired styling as her dress seems quite muted with her bright heels. Do you like how she paired her heels?

 photo AGD9-00092_zps7c1051a4.jpg
 photo AGD9-00086_zps42a292b4.jpg
 photo AGD9-00070_zps2ba5a613.jpg

I like that Yi-soo added a little more jewellery than usual, including silver earrings, a gold star necklace and two bracelets. She also paired her outfit with a snake print rectangular bag.

 photo AGD9-00083_zps1f7d2c78.jpg
 photo AGD9-00094_zpsd358e916.jpg
 photo AGD9-00093_zps73e16ee7.jpg

 photo AGD9-00097_zps896e8271.jpg

For the second work look from Yi-soo in this episode, Yi-soo went with her feminine work style once again. I really like this look of soft colours. In the daytime, Yi-soo is wearing a loose pale beige top with a taupe wrap skirt. Her separate pieces feature small details like the keyhole detail in her top and the mauve strip of material along the side of her wrap skirt.

 photo AGD9-00112_zpsd3d51abe.jpg
 photo AGD9-00123_zps44a4bf6b.jpg

In the evening, Yi-soo adds a thin white cardigan to her look. I like her look both ways, what about you?

 photo AGD9-00121_zpsf20f0dff.jpg
 photo AGD9-00117_zpsb466ffd5.jpg

To complete her look, Yi-soo pairs her outfit with nude heels, a dual pink handbag, her favourite tiny gold studs and a green watch.

 photo AGD9-00111_zpscfce3a82.jpg
 photo AGD9-00118_zpsba0179a8.jpg
 photo AGD9-00095_zpsad434a47.jpg

 photo AGD9-00098_zps26b81dfb.jpg

If Yi-soo’s work style is not for you, you can draw inspiration from Min-sook’s polished work style too! For a day of work at her art gallery, Min-sook went with her favourite black/white combo. She wears a black cowl neck dress with a white blazer and black heels. Her white blazer features a floral detail along the shoulders and large pockets.

 photo AGD9-00100_zps4a16e753.jpg
 photo AGD9-00101_zpsed0f249d.jpg

To accessorize her black/white look, Min-sook adds various silver and gold jewellery including earrings, a necklace, bangle and rings.

 photo AGD9-00107_zpsf28cce0d.jpg
 photo AGD9-00105_zpse1204569.jpg

I like that despite her formal and polished look, Min-sook adds an unexpected fun element through her coral and lime green manicure!

 photo AGD9-00108_zps0c090c48.jpg

 photo AGD9-00126_zps8dac0541.jpg

Se-ra looks more overdressed than usual for her home look but we’ll go with it. I found her multicolour maxidress featuring various geometric shapes very fun. She paired her dress with a gold necklace.

 photo AGD9-00127_zpse7b655d4.jpg
 photo AGD9-00129_zpsbf02aea7.jpg

 photo AGD9-00130_zps9a07ce7c.jpg

Se-ra chooses a sexy look to support Tae-san and the rest of the guys at their baseball game, wearing the fourth striped look of this episode! For this outfit, Se-ra wears a strapless green and navy blue striped top with a pair of black shorts featuring rows of gold buttons. The buttons on her shorts matches those on her navy blue cropped jacket.

 photo AGD9-00131_zps0f3806ce.jpg
 photo AGD9-00166_zpsc41c7b07.jpg

Se-ra later wears her outfit without the cropped jacket.

 photo AGD9-00156_zps984c8c66.jpg

Her look is paired with matching green heels and a yellow bag featuring a print of the world map. She also accessorizes with fun star earrings and some tiny studs and a bangle featuring giraffes, similar to the leopard bangle she wore above in Look 5.

 photo AGD9-00140_zpsa607925b.jpg
 photo AGD9-00153_zps2b600f6e.jpg
 photo AGD9-00133_zps2d454b89.jpg

 photo AGD9-00160_zpsd50b4af3.jpg

I love how in the photo above, Tae-san and Yoon turn away in embarrassment because of Se-ra and Meahri while Do-jin just sits there smiling and looking so amused. Anyway, Meahri is back with her second cheerleader outfit, this time with a yellow colour theme. You might remember her pink cheerleader outfit in EP 3.

 photo AGD9-00139_zps588f6044.jpg
 photo AGD9-00144_zps4d38f114.jpg

For this look, Meahri pairs her white top with a flutter detail across the front and back and a yellow shoulder strap with a pleated yellow skirt. She matches her look to her white sneakers, white earrings and yellow headband. I like this cheerleader outfit even more than the first!

 photo AGD9-00167_zps8c562bda.jpg

I enjoyed the various striped looks in the episode as I like wearing stripes myself, but I am quite amused that 4 out of 11 looks featured them. As for my favourite pick from this episode, I’m going with Min-sook’s polished and chic black/white work look with the fun manicure!

Thanks for reading!

 photo AGD9-00158_zps088c0bb9.jpg


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