You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 1

This shot cracks me up. Hwi-kyung is introduced as a chaebol but is immediately reduced to a quasi-bodyguard around Song-yi. And how cute is he?

 photo YFTS1-00069_zpsdcc1839d.jpg


We open up with Min-joon’s first interview and I think his outfit here is my favourite in all of his interview scenes. He wears a white dress shirt with a lined panel on the front and black pants. He also wears a black tie with a straight point collar.

 photo YFTS1-00001_zpsa8d50bfe.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00002_zps35537b46.jpg

In his lifetime flashback sequence (which I love), he first wears a pink and purple hanbok (traditional Korean costume) and a black gat (hat) which doesn’t make much sense since he’s clearly indoors (more later).

 photo YFTS1-00003_zps2dd9f6a7.jpg

We move on to early 1900s where he wears a white dress shirt, a gray suit jacket, vest and pants and a sleek ‘do. He also demonstrates a great Suit Swoop, that Kylie and I love!

 photo YFTS1-00004_zps33bbbb41.jpg

Next up is late 1900s where he wears a yellow and black patterned button-up, gray flare pants and accessorizes with sunglasses and a belt and a hilarious longish wavy haircut.

 photo YFTS1-00006_zps2024f2dc.jpg

And we finally arrive in 2013 where he wears a white dress shirt with a black patterned collar, a black two-button suit with notch lapels and a black tie. He accessorizes with a watch with a silver bezel, white dial and black strap.

 photo YFTS1-00008_zps3223a1f4.jpg

He later changes into a plain white dress shirt and dark blue tie and accessorizes with black shoes with a white star design and dark blue coloured patches, a black backpack and a black bike with flat/straight handlebars. I don’t know why but I find the silver strap sliders on his backpack distracting.

 photo YFTS1-00010_zps29b2368d.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00011_zpse104d9b7.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00012_zpsc8b374bf.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00106_zpsfb3856d6.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00105_zps16f8809f.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00104_zps1d42b922.jpg

He’s also seen in his minimalistic home wear in a gray V-neck tee and black cardigan.

 photo YFTS1-00009_zps8daa3c55.jpg


Our first look at Song-yi’s fashion! She wears a black top and a white cropped blazer slung over her shoulders. And FYI, that is a checkered red blanket, not a skirt. So I wouldn’t consider that a part of her outfit. ;)

 photo YFTS1-00015_zpsf82cb428.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00019_zpsaf7d1016.jpg

We can’t see most of the look, sadly, but she makes up for it by piling on the accessories. She wears long gold earrings from Didier Dubot which she always wears in the show since Jeon Ji-hyun’s the face of the brand, various gold rings on both hands, white short layered necklaces, bronze long layered necklaces, gold bangles, studded black boots and a dark purple manicure.

 photo YFTS1-00014_zps23b6b691.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00013_zps77960784.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00016_zpsad2f32f3.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00018_zps3bf47c34.jpg


She wears a black top with a bronze design on the front (not clearly seen) paired with a black shiny quilted leather jacket with gold details. I love how the shiny jacket is matched with her shiny dark brown skirt.

 photo YFTS1-00021_zpsf6277e3a.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00031_zps7822ca2e.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00020_zps31e03c2f.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00023_zps5b3cbca1.jpg

She accessorizes with a black crocodile-skin clutch with a gold medallion, black oversized sunglasses, black peep-toe cage heels with diamond cutouts, and a red pedicure.

 photo YFTS1-00022_zpsb5088eab.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00029_zpsb808b860.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00024_zps6e4d0b3b.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00032_zpsc0c13d23.jpg


Song-yi wears a black crazily patterned top that features a floral print and red sequinned sleeves and accessorizes with a black bow headband.

 photo YFTS1-00033_zpsf0b2318e.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00038_zpsfc93b628.jpg

She later changes to a white menswear top with a Mickey Mouse sketch and the words ‘FEELING OF FLATNESS TO TOP OF SNOUT & NOSE’ and denim short shorts.

 photo YFTS1-00039_zps25702c98.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00040_zps42247f2c.jpg


Se-mi looks great in a black dress and cream furry jacket with a red stripe across placed over her shoulders. She also wears translucent tights and black heels. I love the outfit and all, but I really can’t stand translucent tights! Opaque tights all the way.

She accessorizes with dangly earrings, a long gold necklace, a black ring and a red and gold bangle.

 photo YFTS1-00041_zps3625244d.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00045_zps4958aa12.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00043_zpsd265f32f.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00044_zps544fab4b.jpg

By the way, who else is devastated by Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun-woo’s breakup? After all that cute in QIHM! Sadness.


Song-yi wears a white patterned long-sleeved top with gossamery threads paired with a black leather jacket with large notch lapels. She also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS1-00050_zps9ac32250.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00047_zpsb881dd00.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00048_zps9907603a.jpg

She accessorizes with a brown hat with a white hatband, two silver rings, black knee-high boots and a large gray and black bag.

 photo YFTS1-00053_zpsccf71847.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00054_zpsad55dbe8.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00046_zps50fdfb2f.jpg


Hwi-kyung appears in a black turtleneck sweater pulled over a white button-up. He also wears a black and white patterned coat with notch lapels and a black band on the underside of the collar. He also wears black pants.

I tried looking it up but it seems like the different coloured band on the underside of collars is solely a Korean fashion thing. I’m thinking it’s because it’s common to turn up the collar to prevent cold / make a fashion statement so that band provides standing support / makes an extra fashion statement with a different colour.

He accessorizes with black square sunglasses with tortoiseshell arms / temples and black dress shoes.

 photo YFTS1-00055_zps12a4edfa.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00059_zps95d23611.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00056_zpsc7ebc8b5.jpg


Though I would highly not recommend you to look to this for school outfit inspiration, HAHAHA. Song-yi wears a plain white three quarter sleeve top tucked into a knee-length denim skirt. She pulls them together with a wide black belt with a large gold buckle.

She finishes off with a large dramatic coat in white, red and green with a pixelated-like pattern to form an overall plaid pattern. The coat is structured with various lines of white along the front, sides and the sleeves. There’s also a hanging back detail.

 photo YFTS1-00058_zps66c30962.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00060_zpsac860d0a.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00067_zpsce6715e8.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00074_zps98b8f9c2.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00083_zps3dddc77e.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00084_zps44b1fc53.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00086_zps8cabdd22.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00103_zps0954b105.jpg

While the outfit is fittingly dramatic for the scene, I feel that it doesn’t match Song-yi’s style very well.

She accessorizes with pearl earrings again by Didier Dubot, two dainty gold rings – both of which might be from Dider Dubot too but I only found the one on her pinky here – black rounded oversized sunglasses, a black and gray Céline trapeze bag with bright orange wings, and taupe knee-high boots with a zipper detail.

The heel of her boot is so high that I realized that Hwi-kyung’s dress shoes also had a pretty high heel to maintain a slight height difference even though he’s already so tall (Park Hae-jin is 1.85m, Jeon Ji-hyun is 1.73m).

 photo YFTS1-00073_zps77f00dd8.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00081_zpsfd7c31cc.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00082_zps3d1b6ad8.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00063_zps16ca71e0.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00077_zps9c118de4.jpg


Min-joon wears the same outfit from his previous time heading to school but adds a pen in his suit breast pocket and changes out his backpack for a black briefcase and his gray socks for blue polka-dotted socks (!!). I love patterned and brightly coloured socks. I always stuff mine into my sneakers or let them peek out a little even though they don’t match my outfit!

 photo YFTS1-00076_zps907d0f57.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00078_zps90d37154.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00085_zpsd0f50cef.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00101_zps8bcb5a04.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00102_zps7578faa6.jpg

And don’t you love his sarcastic look?

 photo YFTS1-00080_zps6de2a376.jpg


Se-mi goes for an all-white outfit with a white top with patterned long sleeves and a white coat she pulls over her shoulders. Accessories are a white neckerchief, a black ribbon brooch, and large black diamond studs with a silver rim.

 photo YFTS1-00087_zps0eb30a05.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00091_zps933e7f1f.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00094_zpsf81af38b.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a black turtleneck and a gorgeous black coat with a white wash. I wish we could see more of it! But since his coat remains buttoned, the turtleneck looks a little stuffy to me.

 photo YFTS1-00100_zps1eed148d.jpg

He also proposes to Song-yi with a giant sparkler, though it’s sadly rejected.

 photo YFTS1-00099_zpsa0948520.jpg


Min-joon wears a gorgeous blue and mint green hanbok. As mentioned earlier, the gat is often only worn while outdoors. The po, the overall category of overcoats/gowns, is also only worn outdoors. The problem is that Min-joon looks like he’s wearing two po layers but I’m not sure what the blue layer with shorter sleeves is called. But anyhow, I love how he mixes colours together.

His hanbok has an added level of prettiness with the floral pattern on the white collar (dongjeong) and on the bright blue panel on the short sleeve of his po. The ribbon of his gat also has a pattern running down it.

 photo YFTS1-00095_zps04f36d95.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00096_zps20050276.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00097_zps53f3cf1c.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00098_zpsc6108508.jpg

I also wanted to point out how perfect every one of them looked in their first scenes:

 photo YFTS1-00107_zps7fa69ec1.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00014_zps23b6b691.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00042_zps0eabaa53.jpg
 photo YFTS1-00057_zps0c81ad61.jpg

For this show, since there are equally two girls and two guys, I would be including two separate polls for fashion and menswear. Happy polling!


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