You’ve Fallen For Me Fashion & Menswear: Episode 11

A pretty short episode, but Kyu-won’s the star of the show today with multiple outfit changes. But really, the most important part of this episode is the Museum Date!

 photo YFFM11-00016_zps7d3a1032.jpg


Kyu-won wears a gray printed tee with a high-waisted knee-length red skirt. She accessorizes with a great printed structured crossbody bag, a silver ribbon necklace, a silver charm bracelet and black sandals that she continues wearing in the next look.

 photo YFFM11-00010_zps3567df8f.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00002_zps35ea3034.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00003_zps13f15d22.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00007_zps0ebac386.jpg


Kyu-won and Shin have the cutest date at the Trick Eye Museum! I want to visit it too! More cute shots at the end of the post.

Kyu-won changes into a blush pink top with a black heart pattern with elbow-length sleeves and a large black pleated neckline and bow. She also changes into a high-waisted long black flowy skirt.

 photo YFFM11-00027_zpsd9dd620b.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00029_zps83405791.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00026_zps6aa3ea43.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00028_zpsc30f2556.jpg

We get a better look at her black sandals with a rosette detail on the front and Kyu-won now carries her bag by the top handle.

 photo YFFM11-00015_zpsbf33fa0e.jpg


Shin wears a white tee and a light green pinstriped button-down with a brown breastpocket and dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM11-00013_zps551e81f3.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00012_zps7ad2acba.jpg

He accessorizes with silver round studs, his silver broken star necklace also seen in Ep 10, a white watch with a square bezel and blue dial, a red backpack and blue and white sports shoes. I think the black stripe in the middle is tape covering the brand name.

 photo YFFM11-00020_zpsc339ebe1.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00023_zps660be626.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00011_zpsbe5899f0.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00033_zps010c0e2d.jpg


Yoon-su debuts new hair! She gets new bangs and a darker brown colour.

On to the fashion: she wears her most teacher-y look to date, I think. She wears a pale pink loose button up and high-waisted beige wide pants. I wish we could see her shoes! Or how long she wore her pants. She accessorizes with a thin black watch, a stack of black and white layered pearl necklaces and a black handbag.

 photo YFFM11-00004_zpsb6fdb5ea.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00005_zpsc9f1bc68.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00030_zps57f568cc.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00032_zps4bcc7a7d.jpg


Kyu-won changes into her third outfit of the day with a white tank with a design on the front and a polka-dot pattern all over. She wears a translucent cream cardigan over so you can see the polka-dotted pattern at the back too. The cardigan has a green and pink patch at the left and right pockets. She tucks the tank into a flowy layered cobalt blue skirt that I love.

 photo YFFM11-00038_zpsba54c53b.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00035_zps67efd4ab.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00039_zpse806ad2e.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00043_zps80b27567.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00041_zpscb883c3a.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00040_zpsacda3aef.jpg

She accessorizes with a silver leaf necklace, a brown/mustard plushy crossbody bag, a pink-rimmed watch and purple and white sport shoes.

 photo YFFM11-00034_zpsb03b1e06.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00036_zps262efc9c.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00037_zpsbcdbfd1d.jpg


Kyu-won wears a white silky top tucked into a long pink pleated skirt. I’m absolutely loving her coloured skirts this episode! She also wears a white cardigan, that I feel doesn’t match with the silky top. I would prefer it if she skipped the cardigan altogether, or wore a blazer, though a blazer is not like Kyu-won’s style.

 photo YFFM11-00042_zps17640a34.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00044_zps40f72d3d.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00059_zps17b617e0.jpg

She accessorizes with a fabulous neon yellow bag, a thin silver bracelet, a snowflake necklace, and white sandals with a bow embellishment.

 photo YFFM11-00045_zpsa8dd91c6.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00057_zpscfce2fda.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00058_zpsad806ebf.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00082_zps1990fe97.jpg


Shin wears a white V-necked tee with another great striped coloured cardigan, this time in red, white, light blue and dark blue. The stripes are mostly gathered in the lower half but a single dark blue line runs across the middle. It also has a dark blue trim and a fake pocket and pocket square in the two blues. He also wears dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM11-00049_zps22596fe1.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00063_zps1c3fc8f8.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00061_zps218394e2.jpg

He accessorizes with a red watch with a white dial, the blue and brown backpack also seen in the same previously linked look in Ep 10, and red and white sport shoes with blue shoelaces, also seen in Ep 8, but I prefer the shoe pairing here way more!

 photo YFFM11-00055_zpseeb4126e.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00056_zps2344eebc.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00048_zps34eb8d07.jpg


Hee-joo wears an oversized white buttoned top paired with shorts that are almost unseen. She accessorizes with a necklace with a turquoise charm, a bright red circle bag and brown wedges.

 photo YFFM11-00054_zpsddc0143b.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00053_zps8fd91983.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00052_zps55c73c14.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00051_zpsf2f3fa2c.jpg


Yoon-su wears a light beige top with a fluttery top layer and sleeves tucked into a fitted white skirt.

 photo YFFM11-00067_zpsf341032b.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00078_zps2b892bd1.jpg

She accessorizes with her thin black watch seen in her previous look, a pearl necklace, a pink manicure with silver sparkly tips, elaborate gold earrings and gold/mustard peep toe heels, which are probably the same pair seen in Ep 5.

 photo YFFM11-00064_zps59e0835a.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00068_zpsd338906f.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00076_zpse1871712.jpg


Hee-joo wears a loose off-white and blue striped top though the ends of the sleeves are contrastingly dark blue striped with white. She also wears studded denim shorts. She accessorizes with turquoise and white beaded bracelets and dark blue sneakers.

 photo YFFM11-00069_zps2e2553be.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00070_zpsc234b886.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00079_zps42c04d96.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00081_zps6dc6e07e.jpg

I absolutely love all of Kyu-won’s swishy coloured skirts in this episode, so I was a little disappointed to see her go for that black skirt for her date. Though I concede that it would probably match best with her top.

As promised, cute extra pics! Send me there already.

 photo YFFM11-00083_zps84233c70.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00085_zps363a8bcc.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00084_zps3a90a193.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00022_zps29f7f3d3.jpg
 photo YFFM11-00019_zps03a69bc5.jpg


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