You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 2

I kept thinking there were only a few looks in this episode, but I guess it’s only a few complete ones we see. There are so many other looks that are only half shown. On this note, Se-mi needs more long camera shots so we can see her full outfits!

 photo YFTS2-00137_zps09ae0f9c.jpg


We start the episode with Joseon-wear and we get to see the full hanbok this time. He goes for a baby blue durumagi (long overcoat), matching baji (pants) and adds the necessary accessories: gat (hat), dark blue jaejodae (long cord with tassels at the ends) and his shoes called heukhye, which were shoes specially worn by the yangban and made of black felt and trimmed with white line. I will go ahead and say there’s a platform at the bottom of the shoes, like modern flat espadrilles!

 photo YFTS2-00004_zpsf832c2ae.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00005_zps5e3bdba7.jpg

I also just realized that the armholes of hanboks are not that big and his are outlined with a satiny panel with a floral design. The satin design also continues at the end of his goreum (coat strings) that is knotted to form an otgoreum (bow).

 photo YFTS2-00001_zps1add8f35.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00002_zps130402ab.jpg

Min-joon stuns in another raspberry and silvery purple hanbok, with two short and long-sleeved po layers. The raspberry short-sleeved layer features a pink panel on the ends of the sleeves with a floral design, similar to the hanbok in Ep 1. Note that the colours here are muted as this is a flashback scene.

 photo YFTS2-00011_zps1700ce6d.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00010_zpsdb6267f6.jpg


We jump to modern monochromatic Min-joon who wears a white dress shirt with a point collar and a two-button gray suit with notch lapels and a black tie. For two-button suits, the bottom button is never buttoned, as per suit-wearing etiquette. I was disappointed to see a plain gray suit, but I later saw the subtle detail of the silvery speckled pattern on his suit. So awesome.

He also accessorizes with black sneakers and a pen in his suit breastpocket.

 photo YFTS2-00007_zpsf774ba78.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00012_zpsadb6ed51.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00008_zps8ae5dbac.jpg


Song-yi wears a black leather jacket with studded, jeweled and chain details. She accessorizes with various silver rings and knuckle rings and her famous glittery silver Jimmy Choo Abel pointy heels.

 photo YFTS2-00013_zps0937ce86.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00016_zps8bff764f.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00018_zps52fed36e.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00015_zps38cf504d.jpg


Se-mi wears a white tee with a sparkly design on the front and a large light brown wool coat.

 photo YFTS2-00019_zps2ea0c76c.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00020_zps0642130f.jpg

She accessorizes with a gold bracelet and ring, droplet earrings with a green stone and a gold dainty necklace. She also has a cute manicure in dark gray and light pink, which she alternates on every finger on her left hand, but paints the gray on her index and middle finger, and the rest pink, on her right hand.

 photo YFTS2-00021_zps3cbdb0cd.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00023_zps166958c5.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00026_zps4e75388a.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00022_zps8da13455.jpg


Song-yi goes for a natural, casual image and wears a large white double-breasted wool coat. She layers it over a purple tank, white tee and gray cardigan. She also wears dark blue skinny jeans.

 photo YFTS2-00047_zps0991f943.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00041_zps0a57ea3b.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00099_zps1f55580f.jpg

She accessorizes with brown sneakers with a printed captoe and purple shoelaces, a drawstring bag with a gray crocodile-skin patterned top flap and front section with a top handle and a longer strap that Song-yi uses both ways. Though the long strap is a little too short to be worn cross-body but Song-yi is drunk by then so we’ll excuse her. ;) She also accessorizes with a gray watch and a Didier Dubot gold layered necklace.

 photo YFTS2-00029_zpsda48819f.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00031_zps519a8502.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00085_zps78e4b734.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00068_zps1a0fef93.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00053_zps298f95ae.jpg

In one scene, she also appears in oversized sunglasses and a gray beanie with a cute brown puff ball at the end.

 photo YFTS2-00069_zps289f8011.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00073_zps3aacc208.jpg

Her final accessory is a printed dark blue and gray scarf with the colours alternating on either side of the scarf. There is also a small fringe detail at the ends. She first wears it in a loose loop, and later wears it bundled around her neck with the end tucked into her coat.

 photo YFTS2-00044_zps9d84c15c.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00086_zps6ecda7f8.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00071_zps3524163e.jpg

One other non-fashion accessory is her green United Colors of Benetton cruiser bike with gorgeous brown wheels and a basket and a brown studded seat. It’s not a real stud detail, but it’s pretty!

 photo YFTS2-00042_zps603fc8cc.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00043_zps9bf99c38.jpg


Song-yi wears a printed dark blue dress with an elastic waistband.

 photo YFTS2-00038_zpsb43d6a1a.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00050_zps81aca9ef.jpg


Min-joon wears a dark purple dress shirt with a point collar, a black two-button suit with notch lapels and a black tie.

 photo YFTS2-00079_zpse3a9a1bc.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00054_zps3e4c431c.jpg

He accessorizes with the same black backpack from the previous episode and black sneakers also seen in his first look. He also wears half frame (also referred to as half rim or semi rimless or semi rim) wayfarer glasses while lecturing. Love it.

 photo YFTS2-00052_zps5820d6dd.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00080_zps3bd5b6aa.jpg


Min-joon goes for a spiffy upswept hairstyle and wears a white dress shirt with a semi-spread collar and a taupe double-breasted suit with peak lapels. He accessorizes with a patterned dark blue tie and old-fashioned gold rimmed round glasses.

 photo YFTS2-00074_zpsa49333c1.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00075_zps8fff3437.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00077_zpsf941fd8d.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00076_zps3cf6caaa.jpg


Hwi-kyung finally appears in a white dress shirt with a point collar and a black double-breasted suit with a blue collar and peak lapels. Double-breasted suits tend to be paired with peak lapels. He accessorizes with a dark blue tie with a yellow diagonal stripe pattern and a silver watch.

 photo YFTS2-00056_zpsed5aa17a.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00058_zps5362d43b.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00060_zps90554c3f.jpg


Se-mi wears a long-sleeved white mesh top with geometric embroidery and a lacey trim at the neckline and sleeves. She also wears a red dress with a long U-shaped neckline over the top. I wish we could see the full outfit!

She accessorizes with triangular-like studs, a large silver ring and a thin silver band, layers of pearl necklaces and a silver bracelet.

 photo YFTS2-00062_zps2893c57f.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00064_zps2c329565.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00066_zps4bc83e31.jpg


Se-mi wears a black top with a white ruffly collar with silver buttons and a satiny underlining. She accessorizes with pearl-and-snowflake earrings and a gorgeous square watch with a double-layer beaded strap. Again, I want to see the whole outfit!

 photo YFTS2-00111_zps13798eea.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00089_zps147d011c.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00088_zps202da9ea.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a green knit sweater with the material going in a vertical fashion before changing to a horizontal direction one-quarter length down. He also wears a dark blue coat and dark jeans.

 photo YFTS2-00102_zps8d03e4a4.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00106_zps5b1e5fc8.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00093_zps0c908b8c.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00096_zps8a9db61b.jpg

I love how the long sleeve of his sweater sticks out under his coat sleeve and matches his multicoloured scarf. He knots the ends of the scarf so the ends stick out. He also accessorizes with gray sport shoes and a black Breitling watch.

 photo YFTS2-00109_zpse475a6c7.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00014_zpsbc0b4041.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00107_zpsfad6d67e.jpg


Min-joon wears a white wool sweater with a hint of a white tee underneath and black pants.

 photo YFTS2-00083_zpsa1b07822.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00084_zps4e8d9e95.jpg


Min-joon wears a white dress shirt with a textured black and white point collar, seen in Ep 1’s generations montage and a black suit with notch lapels. He also wears his only black tie.

 photo YFTS2-00128_zpsc7aaf4f3.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00115_zps16916c3c.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00113_zpsbd321bf7.jpg

He accessorizes with the black briefcase also seen in Ep 1, and green-striped black socks and black sport shoes with white and orange designs. His shoes also have a silver detail on the rim (the opening of the shoe).

 photo YFTS2-00116_zps059c6da2.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00131_zpsc0696bd5.jpg

The above picture and a few others in the next look is taken from Ep 3.


Song-yi wears a black midi-length dress with a black and white design and a slightly longer lengthed gray coat with a black satiny underlining. I find it funny that she had to fold the sleeves up, but she initially pushes the sleeves up a little to make it look more natural. The collar has a black underside and the back features a short center slit. I love the nipped-in waist detail as well.

 photo YFTS2-00136_zpsde92aa63.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00125_zpsb55ae924.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00126_zpscd3f2ecb.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00129_zps16ccf77b.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00127_zps1ca00d99.jpg

She accessorizes with her Jimmy Choo Abel pumps again, pearl-studded hoops, a thin light-coloured watch and a few thin gold rings on her left hand.

 photo YFTS2-00130_zps84b7a395.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00119_zpscc32337b.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00120_zpsd7e1b8b5.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00123_zps8ddabbe9.jpg
 photo YFTS2-00122_zps12c7ab28.jpg

I love all of Min-joon’s suited looks this episode with the particular details, like the silver speckles, the dark purple dress shirt and the black and white collar. Se-mi, on the other hand, has so many potentially cute outfits that I can’t fully see! It’s like she’s playing second fiddle to Song-yi even in the fashion department too. ;)


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