Menswear Showdown: The Gold Edition

Welcome to our first edition of fashion/menswear showdowns on Kdrama Fashion! Think of it like a “Who Wore It Better” contest where we compare similar styles spotted in Kdrama-land. We’ll start with the first topic of gold colours in menswear. Do your Kdrama heroes pull it off or should it be left to Kpop idols instead? ;)

 photo FTLY-gold5_zpsa82372b6.jpg



First up, we have Kim Tan (played by Lee Min-ho) in last year’s Heirs, as a high school student and heir, wearing a shimmery gold sweater in a casual outfit. He paired his standout sweater with black jeans, red sneakers and black headphones.

(Outfit found in Episode 5 of Heirs)

 photo HEIRS5-00002_zps500119b8.jpg
 photo HEIRS5-00003_zps6c4247c5.jpg

Next up, we have Daniel Pitt (played by Choi Jin-hyuk) in the currently airing Fated To Love You (who’s watching? :D ) as a fashion designer/DJ/businessman/cafe owner/sometime priest/artist/ex-pasta chef (shout-out to Pasta!) etc (what exactly is he supposed to be because he seems to take on different roles every episode hahaha). In this scene where he’s taking on the role of DJ, Daniel chooses a gold lamé jacket for his outfit, pairing it with a black shirt and black jeans. He also accessorizes with black sunglasses, black and silver bracelets on one wrist, a silver watch on the other and a couple of rings as well. He also coincidentally adds a pair of white headphones to his look like Kim Tan, except in this case, this is more a prop than an outfit accessory.

(Outfit found in Episode 1 of Fated To Love You)

 photo FTLY-gold1_zpse72b85d5.jpg
 photo FTLY-gold2_zps113b29ce.jpg

Read on for our pick between the two and vote or comment below to tell us what you think!

Kylie: I wasn’t a fan of quite a few outfits Kim Tan wore in Heirs but this gold one was one I neither liked or hated. It falls in this middle ground where I feel like this works because it’s Lee Min-ho wearing it and he just about pulls it off. While it’s a muted gold, it’s still over the top for a casual day look.

 photo HEIRS5-00001_zps73ed1bf3.jpg

Daniel, on the other hand, just cracks me up with his shiny gold fashion! It’s even more over the top than Kim Tan’s sweater but in the dark surroundings of a club, I like how the gold really stands out. Personally, gold in menswear is a little too much for me, but between the two: Daniel wore gold better! It made me laugh and it was more suitable in context of his character and the scene. I promise my celeb crush on Choi Jin-hyuk has nothing to do with it! <3

 photo FTLY-gold3_zpsbd8cdae5.jpg

Elle: Well, I like both Lee Min-ho and Choi Jin-hyuk so I have an equal bias for both, hee! I have to say that both outfits are appropriate for their respective scenes. Kim Tan’s gold sweater has a nice glittery sheen to it that looks really nice when the sunlight hits it just right. Daniel’s gold jacket, on the other hand, is incredibly shiny and would probably only work as a nighttime look or in dark surroundings.

 photo HEIRS5-00004_zps541a802b.jpg

That said, my vote also goes to Mr. Pitt! (The name D. Pitt cracks me up.) Kim Tan’s use of gold feels more accessible and everyday, but doesn’t have that whoomph like Daniel’s. If I was going to see gold in menswear, I would prefer to see a more dramatic look. Complete with unnecessary sunglasses in a club and hilarious DJ rocking-out and all. Seeing him grooving to his music with those headphones on is just… priceless.

 photo FTLY-gold4_zps5a4b2a85.jpg

So what do you guys think? Agree with our unanimous choice? Or want to show some (more) love to Kim Tan? Decide your winner in this menswear showdown in the poll below!


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