You’ve Fallen For Me Fashion & Menswear: Episode 14

Kyu-won and Shin heavily feature in this episode with many campus outfits, which is great with the back to school season now!

 photo YFFM14-00008_zps9c9f9dfb.jpg


Kyu-won wears a structured pink top with puffy sleeves and a dark blue skirt with large silver buttons. Cute!

 photo YFFM14-00001_zpsb9e01f23.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00006_zps6a73ec07.jpg

She accessorizes with a silver band, a silver dainty necklace, a silver charm bracelet, a light blue handbag and blue slingbacks with pink bows on the front.

 photo YFFM14-00014_zps289eefce.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00021_zps182f1399.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00013_zps59b26662.jpg


Couple outfit! Shin wears a white tee with a W on the front filled in with a pins pattern topped with a pink unbuttoned button down and dark blue jeans.

 photo YFFM14-00024_zpse0d0e502.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00035_zpsb0c7ffd8.jpg

He accessorizes with hexagonal studs, bright red shoes with white details and a silver watch with a purple dial.

 photo YFFM14-00004_zps3ad4ce56.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00033_zps3ce68953.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00041_zps1ec6385c.jpg

And how cute is Kyu-won’s gayageum-playing teddy bear hanging from his pocket?

 photo YFFM14-00007_zps3d47b617.jpg

And of course, I have to include the absolutely necessary ice-cream/frappe date shot.

 photo YFFM14-00005_zps3279b1d8.jpg


I’m so glad Yoon-su had a dressier home look, right when Seok-hyun gave her a very cute proposal. She wears an asymmetrical handkerchief white dress with a white sash, paired with a pink cardigan.

 photo YFFM14-00025_zps9d1d65fc.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00017_zps8401597a.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00015_zps5557cc7c.jpg

She accessorizes with white oxfords and receives a sparkler with a jeweled band.

 photo YFFM14-00032_zps7a0c1a7d.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00026_zps643bcf20.jpg


Kyu-won wears a cute gray tee with a Batman and cards design on the front and wide white sleeves.

 photo YFFM14-00042_zpsac47fb86.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00038_zps9d673cc3.jpg


Kyu-won wears a black camisole and a blue top with a patterned crochet layer over it. She tucks her top into a brown skirt with a scalloped detail at the waistband. She finishes off with a mustard yellow cardigan.

 photo YFFM14-00047_zps96faf79c.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00053_zpsd3f2ec8c.jpg

She accessorizes with light green/brown sneakers, the same silver dainty necklace from Look 1, a cream and brown bag with studded musical notes and a small square watch with a thin black strap.

 photo YFFM14-00045_zps4045cf32.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00048_zpsf937a8f2.jpg


Shin wears a white tee and dark blue jeans paired with a cardigan in a matching light green/brown colour to Kyu-won’s palette. He accessorizes with a dark blue watch, silver studs with black stones and gray sport shoes with orange details.

 photo YFFM14-00043_zpsc0a28744.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00049_zps0121e908.jpg

Shin appears on another school day in a white top with blue, gray and red stripes down the length of it and dark blue jeans. He accessorizes with a silver watch with a white dial and dark blue shoes with bright yellow shoelaces.

 photo YFFM14-00057_zps1ed049aa.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00056_zpsa6ce41ce.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00055_zpsad76b192.jpg


Time for a go at a girl’s hanbok! Kyu-won goes to a traditional music competition in the most colourful and cutest hanbok ever. She wears a pastel blue jeogori (jacket) with purple goreum (coat strings) and a cream baeja (vest) with a lace floral overlay and a beaded floral pattern on the white collar and the goreum. I’m guessing the chima (skirt) is the pink translucent piece with a slit all the way up to the waist since it has the standard pleats and white waistband, but she also wears a multi-coloured layered knee-length skirt underneath.

 photo YFFM14-00062_zpsc89a99ca.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00068_zpsb536a3a5.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00072_zps1a510cfe.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00081_zps0550d275.jpg

She accessorizes with a bright pink baessi-daenggi (that particular headpiece) with a white flower design and a dark purple band, a silver-and-pearl pin attached at the top of the otgoreum (bow), a multi-coloured norigae (the tassel-like accessory) attached at the waistband, a traditional ring with a pink stone and white socks and red and white shoes.

 photo YFFM14-00070_zps50ae4b1d.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00084_zpsd81d91c9.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00064_zpsfeac67f0.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00059_zps6c21a393.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00075_zps403736e3.jpg


Shin wears a white tee with a mustard coloured cardigan and dark blue jeans. I like how the yellow stitching of his jeans at the back matches his cardigan. I also like that while Kyu-won is wearing such an eye-catching outfit, Shin has on a more understated look, though he also has some colour going on.

 photo YFFM14-00065_zpsfe8827a6.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00085_zpsd6218b82.jpg

He accessorizes with dark blue shoes with yellow shoelaces and a silver and black watch.

 photo YFFM14-00076_zps2867c1a9.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00098_zpsedfe6826.jpg


Kyu-won changes into a more regular outfit with a white top that has some major ruffles going on, with a ruffly panel on the front, a large ruffly collar that extends to the back and puffy ruffled sleeves. It also has a cute uneven row of silver buttons and a dotted trim at the neck and along the collar. She tucks the Victorian-y top into brown knee-length pants with bows on the pockets.

 photo YFFM14-00103_zpse8366617.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00095_zps74d7f98d.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00089_zpsb3b1aa22.jpg

She accessorizes with a small blue bag, a silver ring, a small red-strapped watch with a white dial and brown sneakers.

 photo YFFM14-00090_zpsecc0dae4.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00099_zps6d54ad64.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00105_zpsb36adc5b.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00107_zps6760f637.jpg


Shin wears a red, blue, purple and light yellow plaid button down with a white V-neck tee and dark blue jeans. He accessorizes with his familiar bright purple sport shoes, a red backpack, another silver and black watch and black studs with a silver cross on them.

 photo YFFM14-00110_zps0b6c60ad.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00112_zps5f662202.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00111_zps60052529.jpg


Kyu-won wears a patterned light pink dress with another smaller ruffly collar and a cream layer along the bottom. She pairs it with a cardigan in a gorgeous light blue. She accessorizes with a handbag in, again, a gorgeous light yellow and matching yellow sandals, a blue pedicure, a silver ring and a silver bracelet with a heart charm.

 photo YFFM14-00114_zps5ae03c13.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00115_zps359bdd1c.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00117_zps34b21158.jpg


Yoon-su goes for an edgy look with a black and white stripy tank tucked into a high-waisted bright red zippered skirt. She accessorizes with a dainty necklace, long layered pearl necklaces, silver and black bracelets, yellow heels, a black clutch with a yellow detail on the front and a cute bouncy curled ponytail.

 photo YFFM14-00146_zps9877f972.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00148_zps52da8200.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00136_zps32d769be.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00145_zps2ba51b03.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00144_zpsf0c03a1c.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00126_zps0424df09.jpg


Shin wears a white top with a design on the front, paired with a light blue button up. He also wears dark blue jeans. He accessorizes with his yellow and white checkered guitar strap, red and gray sport shoes and hexagonal studs from Look 2.

 photo YFFM14-00137_zps99e99d69.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00131_zps2cdd20f5.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00138_zpsf7ad2357.jpg


Kyu-won wears a gray top with a cute pearl detail at the breastpocket tucked into a (poll favourite!) pink pleated skirt. She accessorizes with a silver necklace and a large pink and black floral patterned bag, that I really wish she swapped out for something else.

 photo YFFM14-00129_zpse744e5a1.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00133_zpsaf92625c.jpg
 photo YFFM14-00130_zps00c67cce.jpg

Pretty cute looks in this ep! I absolutely love the pink couple outfits and Kyu-won’s hanbok is the prettiest thing ever! I love her modern take on the chima too. I’m also loving Yoon-su’s edgier turn at the end, though she stayed within her pretty feminine style at the beginning of the ep.


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