Menswear Showdown: The Orange Suit-off

We’re back with another Menswear Showdown! Here we have Lee Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) and D. Pitt (played by Choi Jin-hyuk) standing off against each other in an orange suit-off. ;)

 photo FATED6-00012_zps4c41a58d.jpg



In Fated’s amusingly crazy run of colourful suits, I would say that the bright orange suit choice was the most outrageous and distracting to what was going on. What’s funnier is that Lee Gun and Daniel Pitt wore them in consecutive episodes.

 photo FATED6-00028_zps3a8d91e3.jpg
 photo FATED7-00002_zps5f88326a.jpg

For his day look, Lee Gun goes for a bright, almost neon, orange suit jacket with notch lapels but balances out the standout piece with other preppy pieces. He wears a white, gray and black checkered dress shirt with a widespread white collar accessorized with a silky white tie and typical light khaki dress pants.

Other accessories include a bright orange and blue pocket square, a watch with a white dial, silver bezel and brown leather strap, his essential silver cufflinks, and gorgeous light brown dress shoes.

(Outfit found in Fated to Love You Episode 6)

 photo FATED6-00010_zps03e8c87d.jpg
 photo FATED6-00001_zps05b64a03.jpg
 photo FATED6-00014_zpsffd22326.jpg

It’s absolutely hilarious that D. Pitt decided to go to a work meeting in a full orange suit. Would that be considered unprofessional? But hey, it’s a meeting with his love rival. Details: It’s double breasted with white buttons, it has peak lapels, and is paired with a plain white dress shirt and a cool blue and brown designed tie.

He goes for a similar watch choice to Lee Gun’s, with a gold bezel instead, a thick gold ring and classic black wayfarers. He finished his very bright look with a pair of brown dress shoes with a strap detail.

(Outfit found in Fated to Love You Episode 7)

 photo FATED7-00004_zpsd7e8337f.jpg
 photo FATED7-00010_zpsf1913917.jpg

Elle: This is so hard to choose. I wouldn’t say that either are necessarily great looks, per se, but both have pros and cons to their outfits. I don’t really like the comparatively darker orange colour of Lee Gun’s suit jacket in interior lighting, but that neon colour seen outdoors is really nice. Daniel Pitt’s suit verges on salmon red, which is one of my favourite colours at the moment, in interior lighting and it looks fantastic.

 photo FATED7-00005_zpsfe0744ea.jpg

Though the fact that he’s wearing a column of orange/salmon puts me off. We see a full side profile but it already doesn’t look appealing to me. I like how Lee Gun dials down the craziness of the orange with other neutral colours, so he doesn’t look overwhelmed by colour. But the buttoning of the bottom suit button is absolutely unforgivable.

 photo FATED6-00025_zpsef0953fb.jpg

Still, Lee Gun is my winner of this showdown! I preferred his styling to D. Pitt’s, with a nice mix of preppy and bright orange and his accessories are kept classic and appropriate. I’m not sure about D. Pitt’s large gold ring. I prefer his usual multiple silver rings, HAHAHA!

 photo FATED6-00027_zps4d959a20.jpg

Kylie: I have to say that I love how fun the colourful array of menswear suits are in Fated To Love You! No they are not practical for real life, but if someone has to wear them, I can’t think of a better choice than Jang Hyuk and Choi Jin-hyuk!

Looking at the overall outfits for both, I definitely preferred that Lee Gun kept the orange to just his suit jacket. While I preferred the colour of D. Pitt’s suit, the matching pants to complete the set is just too much. However, D. Pitt gets bonus points for wearing a suit with a better fit compared to Lee Gun’s that looks just a tad loose.

 photo FATED7-7_zpsf3392959.jpg
 photo FATED6-00004_zps0e5dc8c7.jpg

In terms of styling, it’s interesting to see that both men chose opposite styling options. While Lee Gun went for a busy printed shirt to go along with his bright suit and chose to keep his tie simple and white, D. Pitt chose a plain white shirt instead and paired his look with a printed tie.

 photo FATED6-10_zps9da8463d.jpg
 photo FATED7-00009_zps216f3437.jpg

So who wins? I’m going with D. Pitt for this showdown – mainly because I preferred that he kept his dress shirt a solid white colour to balance the brightness of his suit and a good fit goes a long way in menswear for me. :)

 photo FATED7-00007_zpse885bac3.jpg

Vote below to tell us who your favourite is! If you like the fun menswear in Fated as much as we do, look out for an upcoming post featuring a compilation of menswear looks from the drama!

 photo FATED6-00008_zpsab657a9b.jpg


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