High School King of Savvy: Rapid-speed Review and Favourites

High School King of Savvy was such a fantastic show with equally fantastic actors that I just had to cover it here in some way. So what started as a feature developed into a commemoration post which became my top 10 favourite looks and has now evolved into a big review of the the fashion and menswear in the entire show. This is will be done as efficiently as possible. In the words of Soo-young: Go go!

 photo HSKS9-6_zpsc402a265.jpg

For efficiency’s sake, the episodes the looks are from won’t be mentioned since they’re compiled together, but if you want to find out, just open the images separately and the ep number is in the image title.


Lee Min-seok (played by Seo In-guk) has so many dress shirts with adorable patterns that I definitely didn’t notice while watching the show. The cute little patterns add a touch of quirky-ness that matches this quirky show so well. It makes you wonder whether they’re suitable in the workplace but since he always has a suit on, they often go unnoticed.

 photo HSKS3-00016_zps6343d599.jpg

There are people on his shirt! That’s my face right there.

 photo HSKS6-00003_zps397e99ab.jpg
 photo HSKS6-00002_zps1227dee2.jpg
 photo HSKS8-00002_zpsf13bbcd2.jpg
 photo HSKS8-00003_zpsb3866fed.jpg

And I love that detail of two people standing on his collar.

This kind of looks like a vague army green camo print from afar and in indoor lighting, but it’s actually made up of these gray polygonal tiles. I find the shirt buttoned all the way up with a small, narrow collar makes for a very interesting look.

 photo HSKS9-00019_zps85bc72d1.jpg
 photo HSKS9-00018_zps607e96d7.jpg
 photo HSKS9-00008_zps72c84a19.jpg

This is another interesting pattern with regular rectangles of pen markings, but looks a little too much on its own. It’s a great pop of detail with a suit on, though.

 photo HSKS11-00004_zps2ac031c8.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00003_zpsc9074137.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00002_zps861baf5d.jpg

Subtle colourblocking here, and I love that blue-green colour (this could be a lighting issue) at the top of his shirt.

 photo HSKS11-00015_zpsdc7c0b6d.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00016_zpsfd1cd206.jpg

I didn’t even notice there was anything on his shirt until I saw the behind-the-scenes photos. I’m calling this his paint-splattered shirt. It looks like any other white dress shirt when he wears a gray suit and collegiate patterned tie with it.

 photo HSKS15-4_zps6a844fdf.jpg
 photo HSKS15-00003_zpsa6c5ea7d.jpg


Ties are generally boring, stuffy things but who says you can’t have some fun with it as an accessory? Min-seok’s random, scattered painterly-like patterned tie (second pic) and monochromatic pinwheel patterned tie (last pic) are my favourites!

 photo HSKS4-00006_zps52c306eb.jpg
 photo HSKS4-00013_zpsad0f62ee.jpg
 photo HSKS5-00012_zps19f1e64e.jpg
 photo HSKS7-00001_zps3cd71fc3.jpg
 photo HSKS13-00002_zpsfb06b917.jpg


Unique patterns on their own but interesting results when (just!) two are combined together. Polka dots and graph paper patterns unexpectedly work so well together to me!

 photo HSKS3-00017_zpsf6dc979d.jpg

Though not-so-subtle polka dots and windowpane don’t work that well as seen here on Yoo Jin-woo (played by Lee Soo-hyuk). By the way, how cute are Min-seok’s and Jin-woo’s matching ties and expressions? Bromance, please!

 photo HSKS5-00011_zps38781bc7.jpg

Min-seok’s version is a lot better, I think, with the subtle windowpane print on his suit that is almost unnoticeable.

 photo HSKS8-00004_zps05c42c73.jpg

I think that windowpane suits Lee Soo-hyuk really well, especially with this B&W sweater, since it widens his frame. He’s cut, but he looks so slim overall.

 photo HSKS6-00008_zps619f20a2.jpg
 photo HSKS6-7_zpsffb97876.jpg

And this upgraded windowpane pattern is absolutely brilliant.

 photo HSKS14-00012_zps4e4c488d.jpg


I really like Lee Soo-hyuk in black. Maybe it’s a good contrast with his pale skin? And I think Seo In-guk is better suited to gray, in terms of suits anyway.

 photo HSKS7-00002_zpseb7eb757.jpg

It’s simple really – Jin-woo in a black dress shirt, black pants and black dress shoes.

 photo HSKS5-00001_zps5c1cc711.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00011_zpsbd116243.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00007_zps16f090dd.jpg
 photo HSKS3-00004_zps2d33775e.jpg

Small differences make for interesting details such as the pleated front, the thin silver cuff bracelet and the leather collar.

 photo HSKS2-00003_zpsbac53a99.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00010_zps79084da6.jpg
 photo HSKS15-00011_zpsee8aa9d9.jpg

A bonus round with Jin-woo in a gray chambray shirt. I really like the chambray!

 photo HSKS13-00011_zps188cc3f1.jpg
 photo HSKS13-00012_zpscc3a5728.jpg


Yoo-ah (played by Lee Yeol-eum) has a very casual style overall, but sports some cute looks along the way! The first one is her date look with Min-seok with a classic denim jacket and black skirt pairing. What I really like though, is her croc chain bag and her interesting white wedges with two buckles across the front.

 photo HSKS4-00010_zps87d98bd5.jpg
 photo HSKS4-00011_zps234a0fe1.jpg

I am so fascinated by her eyeball-patterned top. And it actually looks cute! She also wears high-waisted blue shorts. She accessorizes with a giant pink umbrella that I would like, thanks. The pink of that umbrella was totally washed out within the ep, so it’s great that it was captured behind the scenes.

 photo HSKS12-1_zps98d44ab4.jpg
 photo HSKS12-2_zpscb277e6d.jpg

She wears a white hoodie with a pattern of blue and red leaves that I absolutely love. Makes me think of fall. ;)

 photo HSKS17-00006_zps63ab9b0a.jpg


I’m obsessed with stand-up collars lately. It makes a shirt a great in-between piece for formal and informal wear and looks unfussy and polished without a tie. I like how Min-seok wears everything else in black with this stark white shirt that makes it a great polished look. Though Min-seok always looks frumpy, in some way or another.

 photo HSKS6-00009_zps272a8b37.jpg
 photo HSKS6-00010_zps7c90c25d.jpg

He accessorizes with a crazy-looking studded watch. So like Min-seok, ha!

 photo HSKS6-00011_zps52a0b8f2.jpg


While he tends to sport more blacks at work, his home wear and downtime outfits consists of lots more grays and whites.

 photo HSKS7-00003_zpse0aaa824.jpg

Yunno, when someone saunters over in an outfit like that, that’s reason enough for something like Soo-young’s reaction (played by Lee Ha-na). Of course, this is my favourite outfit of Jin-woo’s.

He wears a cozy gray and white sweater, the front tucked into his skinny white jeans turned up at the ends. He accessorizes with a black belt, gray and black sneakers and his downtime essentials: a silver necklace, a silver bracelet and a silver cross-link bracelet, and a black watch with a white dial. I’m not a fan of his rounded sneakers but I love his silver bracelets!

 photo HSKS7-00004_zps83f042dd.jpg
 photo HSKS7-00005_zps71029b16.jpg
 photo HSKS7-00008_zps6c5202c7.jpg

He wears the same look but changes his sweater for a gray tee and a black bomber jacket and accessorizes with brown shoes instead. I really like the jacket unzipped…

 photo HSKS7-00010_zpsde3787c1.jpg

…but the jacket zipped up just looks sadly comical.

 photo HSKS7-00012_zps1ce080ad.jpg

And what kind of corporate director looks so much like an off-duty model off work?! Granted, Lee Soo-hyuk constantly looks like he’s strutting or posing for a shoot. Jin-woo wears a black top with zippered details at the side, a gray top underneath and black jeans. He accessorizes with his watch, silver bracelets, silver necklace, black belt and black shoes.

 photo HSKS14-00009_zpsa9527307.jpg
 photo HSKS14-00010_zps89ffdcad.jpg


It’s interesting to see suits worn with casual tees rather than dress shirts. Funnily enough, Min-seok switched to wearing tees with suits after revealing his high schooler identity to Soo-young. Jin-woo also wears some but only in his downtime. Another thing I really like is that their suits are always well-fitted, which makes all the difference.

Min-seok wears his subtle windowpane suit with a gray suit and accessorizes with shiny black sneakers.

 photo HSKS12-00021_zpsf0cdb5fa.jpg
 photo HSKS12-00023_zps90f94446.jpg

Jin-woo essentially wears the same outfit – a black suit with a gray tee and accessorizes with his black belt and silver necklace.

 photo HSKS14-00002_zps50ea438c.jpg
 photo HSKS14-00003_zps19f5d8a8.jpg

Jin-woo wears a casual ensemble with a white tee and a black suit with turned up sleeves and accessorizes with my favourite stuff!

 photo HSKS10-00021_zpsb25ae421.jpg
 photo HSKS10-00022_zps67615dad.jpg
 photo HSKS10-00024_zps69da3a21.jpg
 photo HSKS10-00025_zps4ccc9f80.jpg

This is my favourite outfit of Min-seok’s: he wears a gray suit with a green printed tee with matching green croc/snake print slip-ons. I don’t really like his usual suit and sneakers styling, but I like how this pair of slip-ons go with his look.

 photo HSKS14-00005_zpsddb0c312.jpg
 photo HSKS14-00008_zps396090ea.jpg
 photo HSKS14-00007_zps39185cdc.jpg

Min-seok wears another black suit and a white tee with a print of black and white fox faces. So weirdly cute!

 photo HSKS15-00006_zps1ce9eb82.jpg


Jin-woo appears in this crazy looking polka dotted printed dress shirt that is just, whoa. He knows to put a black suit jacket over it when he’s outside his office, which is great. I really like it with the suit jacket on and we get a cute peek at the polka dots.

 photo HSKS13-00007_zpsf41f5035.jpg
 photo HSKS13-00009_zps1a33d894.jpg

He also wore this at the introduction/poster shoot where he accessorized with a black tie. The tie breaks up the pattern a little, but when worn with the suit jacket, you see even less of the pattern. So I don’t like this styling as much. And why does such a tall guy need such a high heel on his black boots?

 photo JDZ9YZZPXRW7GXKL8X9W_zps92ac4fbb.jpg
 photo jpeg-8_zps12b9a4be.jpg


I’m so obsessed with Jin-woo’s hair and his changing hairstyles! He first sports a side-parted hairstyle with two wavy swoops along the sides of his head. You realize how long his hair actually was.

 photo HSKS4-00009_zps0c8d8925.jpg
 photo HSKS4-00008_zps11d4a2cb.jpg
 photo HSKS7-00013_zpse330ac0f.jpg

I really like this relaxed weekend look with his hair casually brushed backwards with layers of wavy swoops. So pretty!!

 photo HSKS5-00006_zpsf72ca502.jpg
 photo HSKS5-00010_zps3f06ea21.jpg
 photo HSKS5-00005_zps7886ad42.jpg

Haircut at Ep 10! I realized he was probably long due for a haircut but I couldn’t get used to it at first because it emphasizes his sticky-outy ears! But I like it now. He continued with the two side swoops at first, but switched to a voluminous swept-back style later.

 photo HSKS10-00023_zpscaee696f.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00019_zps8ec952bd.jpg
 photo HSKS14-00001_zpsae069ee2.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00018_zps657028fe.jpg


Min-seok’s hair evolution is also another interesting thing. He has his bangs worn straight across his forehead for school and off work, but miraculously switches to a side-parted hairstyle with his bangs swooped upwards in mere seconds for work.

 photo HSKS9-5_zpsf150abec.jpg
 photo HSKS3-00019_zps19603056.jpg

It’s hilarious how his bangs start slipping down further along the eps, as if to show that pretending to be his brother is taking its toil, or that he’s plainly getting lazy. Half of his bangs drop down in Ep 8, and he even appears with a messier look with small tufts sticking up at the top and back of his head in Ep 9.

 photo HSKS9-00020_zps15a2a79d.jpg
 photo HSKS9-00007_zps4852968c.jpg

He cleans up for a formal event in Ep 10 but eventually gives up entirely and wears his bangs down for work.

 photo HSKS10-1_zpsd8f2aefc.jpg
 photo HSKS10_zpsa319d827.jpg
 photo HSKS11-00012_zpsa9b5dd0c.jpg


Of course, I couldn’t leave the cool Hyung-seok out of this! Who knew a pair of glasses, a slightly different hairstyle and neater clothes could make such a difference? It helps too that Min-seok was wearing his bangs down for a few eps before Hyung-seok made his appearance.

 photo HSKS15-00002_zpsd35f896f.jpg

Hyung-seok first appeared with Min-seok’s original hairstyle for work and a pair of black half frame glasses. His finalized hairstyle consists of an effortless sweep across his head in the opposite direction and he switches to a pair of trendy thick rimmed black glasses.

 photo HSKS15-00005_zps689a5b05.jpg
 photo HSKS15-00004_zps7fa078e1.jpg


I’m really picky about floral prints, they’re either too-fashioned or look like they belong on old curtains for me. Yoo-ah sports two floral dresses that I surprisingly like!

The first is a white floral print on a tank dress with a zippered front and an elastic waistband that she wears with a black tee. An ‘I Love You’ balloon makes for a great accessory. <3

 photo HSKS10-00028_zpsb2035618.jpg
 photo HSKS10-00030_zps052fb791.jpg

Her second floral dress has a pink flower and green leaf pattern, with an additional $ sign and girl pattern floating among the mix, and a sheer top. She accessorizes with a pretty pearl strapped watch.

 photo HSKS17-00015_zpse8947b3c.jpg


I never thought I would ever see a guy wearing floral prints but Min-seok does it! He wears a black bomber jacket with a daisy print that is actually really pretty. Can it work for girls too?

 photo HSKS17-00003_zps2e901509.jpg

He also wears flat espadrilles with a red floral pattern. Seriously, how does he make it look somewhat normal?

 photo HSKS17-9_zpsc9591868.jpg


This show probably has the funniest wedding scene in the history of dramas. (Marriage, Not Dating‘s is a close second.) I mean, just look at their faces!

Anyway, Soo-young wears a knee-length white dress with a cute surprise at the back: a narrowing cross strap ribbon detail ending in a bow! She accessorizes with a white double strap headband and a sweet ballerina bun.

Min-seok looks the best he’s been in a white dress shirt with a wing collar and a black bow tie, a black cummerbund (not seen here), a croc patterned suit with peak lapels and a boutonnière with matching pink flowers to Soo-young’s bouquet!

 photo HSKS17-00013_zpsea6af47c.jpg
 photo HSKS17-00012_zps805a9b46.jpg
 photo HSKS17-2_zps09c93b57.jpg

It’s interesting to see the directing and style of shows, which I especially notice when choosing pictures for the blog. Savvy has a very dark tone and is always filmed using a hand-held camera style (I think), so it has a somewhat blurry effect. Just compare the screenshots to the behind-the-scenes photos! The characters are also always moving everywhere within the frame, so some stills have various people in random positions. It’s like there’s something going on all the time, which adds to the fun and zaniness of this show.

 photo HSKS16-00001_zps21e5f8f4.jpg

So much cuteness and fun in this show! All of the actors have these spot-on expressions or secret cute expressions for Yoo Sorbang. I started calling Jin-woo Yoo Sorbang for fun because this show made me a new fan of Lee Soo-hyuk! It was like some kind of weird Second Lead Actor Syndrome, because Yoo Jin-woo wasn’t exactly a nice character. And Yoo Sorbang has a nice ring to it. ;)

 photo HSKS11-00017_zps6b3a5cae.jpg

I love the main couple too! And a popcorn proposal is such a cute idea. Love it.

 photo HSKS17-00004_zps31e03ad5.jpg

Thanks for reading! Savvy is such a fabulous show and I’m glad there was a good dose of fashion and menswear in it too. ;)

 photo HSKS13-00001_zps0461af15.jpg


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  1. Glad that someone notice haha I’m going to Korea for a pretty casual event so I’m taking this drama for my suit inspiration actually :)


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