You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 3

You From the Stars is back from summer break and is here for fall/winter! Fall only started a few weeks ago where I am, and it’s slowly transitioning its way to winter. I can’t wait!

 photo YFTS3-00001_zps5a28957c.jpg


I didn’t realize there was more to Min-joon’s look at the end of Episode 2, but anyway, here it is! He wears a three-button black coat with only one button buttoned. It has notch lapels and he turns the collar up, making it a stand up collar with a leather-like panel along the base of it.

I’ve only seen Koreans wearing coats that have a stand up collar function with that supporting leather panel, which is just ingenious and looks great as well. Love that glimpse of his printed collar too!

 photo YFTS3-00007_zpsf3a20875.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00008_zps35603063.jpg


This is one of the last few Joseon flashbacks, and it extends all the way to Episode 6. I’ve been too spoilt with pretty coloured hanboks, and the hanbok that Min-joon wears here falls a little flat for me. He wears a dark purple durumagi (long overcoat) with brown long sleeves ending in a dark brown satiny panel. The ends of his goreum (coat strings) also end with the same dark brown satiny panel. He also wears bright blue baji (pants) that look too bright in contrast to his darker layers on top.

Accessories are the standard black gat (hat), dark blue jaejodae (long cord with tassels at the ends) and heukhye (shoes made of black felt and trimmed with white line).

 photo YFTS3-00004_zpsfbeb43da.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00005_zpsdbc89cda.jpg

I just realized that Kim Soo-hyun’s hanboks are a little too big on him. Just look at the huge gap between the dongjeong (white collar) and his neck! It doesn’t have to be taut against the neck, but the huge gaps are definitely way off the mark.

 photo YFTS3-00006_zpse52b88c9.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00056_zpsa00e100a.jpg

Here are some good examples of how a hanbok should fit:

 photo 3M7_zps63c30535.gif
 photo 3M1_zpsc04188c3.gif

I think that after watching 12 episodes of The Three Musketeers, I got used to looking at well-fitted gorgeous bright-coloured hanboks. The Three Musketeers is another of my all-time favourites and go watch that if you’re up for a good (fusion) sageuk, pretty hanboks, pretty actors and of course, a strong plot and all-around fun! Okay, end of product placement. (Just had to share the love!)


Song-yi wears a V-neck green maxidress with a cute sailboat print paired with a shimmery dark gold trench coat that I absolutely love. It has the traditional features of the epaulettes (at the shoulders), what seems to be the gun flap (the top pocket on the right), a storm shield (covering at the upper back), belted sleeves and a large belt that has been knotted at the back. Classic.

 photo YFTS3-00022_zps3edeef2f.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00026_zpsbacfa777.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00015_zps0cae705c.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00028_zpsb1ada79c.jpg

She accessorizes with full-on Didier Dubot: layered necklaces with a Double D charm and a green stone, Double D studs, eight gold thin rings on both hands and a Double D ring on her left ring finger. Only her left pinky remains unringed! What a feat.

 photo YFTS3-00009_zpscaa5b676.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00012_zps8d3860b3.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00025_zps1d6a1ac1.jpg


Se-mi wears a bright red, green and black plaid dress with a black waistband and a swingy skirt. I love that bright red! She also wears translucent black tights.

 photo YFTS3-00017_zps752f84d2.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00019_zps5b2e5800.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00021_zps9f1a3f3f.jpg

She accessorizes with a double-strand necklace, droplet earrings, a charm bracelet on her right arm, a black and gold bangle on her left arm and a thin silver ring on her left hand. I love how you can see the reflection of her hair swinging outwards in the mirror in the last picture.

 photo YFTS3-00016_zpsc500cc72.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00011_zpsb3b0cca4.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00018_zpsb5cc87b6.jpg


Hwi-kyung goes for a layered look: the first layer is a light blue dress shirt with a dark blue sweater worn over it. The third layer is a black suit jacket with notch lapels, with matching black pants as well. The final layer is a long white coat with peak lapels, a gray panel on the underside of the collar and a single vent. I find it cute to see the different coloured sleeves peeking out from beneath his coat sleeves.

 photo YFTS3-00030_zps7fb75e84.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00032_zps97a15f9d.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00031_zps68a7540a.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00033_zps3f8fbd5d.jpg

He accessorizes with a black watch, black dress shoes with socks (thank goodness!) and a black briefcase that Hwi-kyung literally carries as a prop, HAHAHA.

 photo YFTS3-00029_zpse4ced08f.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00034_zpsb8b6b339.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00035_zpsb3b150aa.jpg


I don’t like the dramatic print of Song-yi’s matching set here, but it becomes ridiculously funny considering her situation where she tries to maintain her top-star look even while heading to the hospital.

She wears an orange and black printed peplum zippered jacket and skirt. The bottom of the jacket and the skirt are in a muted shade, but the underneath of the skirt features the same bright orange print at the top of the jacket. The jacket is also accessorized with a black belt. She also seems to wear a black top with ruffled sleeves in the same print and a studded neckline.

 photo YFTS3-00040_zpsd298703d.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00041_zpsebb6ed2b.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00051_zpsa19e5fb8.jpg

She accessorizes with a black top handle bag, black cat eye aviator sunglasses, her Didier Dubot set of thin gold rings, silver D-shaped earrings and her prominently featured Jimmy Choo Abel silver glittery pumps.

 photo YFTS3-00037_zpscd28d3f5.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00038_zps2d24158a.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00044_zps6d2f433c.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00052_zps89d41649.jpg


Min-joon wears a gray tee and a black jacket with a stand up collar layered over it. The look falls a little flat for me but I love how the style of this jacket imitates the hanbok with the diagonal folds that show what an old soul he is, ha! He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS3-00045_zpsaaf2b919.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00046_zpsc86672a6.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00048_zpsf922e04d.jpg

Accessories are his gray sport shoes with dark blue details. Song-yi’s red and white patterned hospital slippers are so cute too, by the way.

 photo YFTS3-00055_zpsd9678e87.jpg


I think there’s an unspoken rule that people don’t dress that conspicuously in hospitals, but whatever, these characters just break the rules. Hwi-kyung wears a black and white checkered chevron coat with notch lapels paired with a black high turtleneck. He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS3-00059_zpsd458aab7.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00065_zps5ea6aa86.jpg


Se-mi wears a matching set as well consisting of a green long sleeve top and skirt with a floral pattern. The top also features a stark white collar and cuffs. Accessories are large studs and a wine red top handle bag.

 photo YFTS3-00060_zps54d774d3.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00061_zps6549035b.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00062_zpsfc7ed554.jpg


Se-mi wears yet another matching set with a black and white chevron-patterned jacket and a slightly flared skirt. The jacket features a rounded collar (slightly different from the Peter Pan collar) and a ribbon-belt at the waist. The jacket and skirt look gray from a distance though, and gives off a sort of dreary, old-fashioned air. She also wears translucent black tights.

Accessories are a red/maroon coloured bag, high heeled ankle boots, silver rimmed black droplet earrings and a silver ring.

 photo YFTS3-00063_zps587c42f6.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00064_zpsab464121.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00067_zpscb1f848e.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00068_zps6b66cc7e.jpg


Min-joon wears a gray woolly turtleneck with a black six-button double-breasted coat with one button buttoned and black pants. He later turns up the collar of his coat and it features a red underside with a leather support panel.

 photo YFTS3-00070_zps3e1508b8.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00071_zpsbd1855b8.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00072_zps70b9ea2b.jpg


Min-joon goes for blue with a light blue dress shirt with black piping at the collar, a dark blue suit jacket with notch lapels and a dark blue tie with white diagonal stripes. He later puts on a black coat with notch lapels and the collar turned up.

He accessorizes with his black sneakers with the white star design.

 photo YFTS3-00077_zpsbb1db37f.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00080_zps2554d1dc.jpg

Song-yi wears a black and white printed top and jeans with a gorgeous blue coat. Her attempt to remain incognito has her wearing a black scarf and reflective aviator sunglasses. She also accessorizes with a black handbag and black heeled booties.

 photo YFTS3-00081_zps3b1ab3e3.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00082_zpsb37b2c48.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00084_zps52c83351.jpg


Song-yi wears a Victorian-inspired outfit consisting of a cream lacy long sleeve blouse with a high ruffly neck, huge ruffly cuffs and some glittery designs. She layers with a white cardigan with black piping and large pearly buttons, and which is another case of looking like a blazer from the back, especially with the small double vent. She also wears white shorts with a scalloped design.

 photo YFTS3-00091_zpsde52a3df.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00089_zpsac127465.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00093_zpsc089922f.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00094_zpsdb983004.jpg

She accessorizes with layered necklaces with pearls and large stones and cream pointy pumps with a black cap toe and a decorative heel.

 photo YFTS3-00087_zpse02ed0fe.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00090_zps756c4fd9.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00088_zpseb6ca4b0.jpg

I’m so excited to be heading towards winter! It’s nice to cover a winter drama while experiencing winter myself at the same time. One thing about winter fashion that I don’t really like and that I tend to do myself is wear too many black bottoms, whether tights or jeans! The characters here do that quite often too, as seen in this ep, although their other coloured layering pieces are impressive. I just need even more colour with the reduced sunny days and early sunsets that winter brings.


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