You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 4

Everyone gathers for a star-studded red carpet event cum cruise wedding, and it’s fun to see all of them (more) dressed up for most of the episode! My favourite kind of fashion is high-street, but a dose of red-carpet wear is always nice.

 photo YFTS4-00032_zpsf407542f.jpg


Min-joon wears a white dress shirt with a black tie. He layers with a black coat with notch lapels and a blue panel on the underside of the collar. The left side also has two buttons, and I’m thinking it’s more for a decorative rather than a functional use.

 photo YFTS4-00001_zps69c69477.jpg
 photo YFTS3-00006_zpsff44d463.jpg


On to the cruise wedding event! Song-yi wears a black strapless gown with a large rose-gold ribbon that she ties in a bow at the side. It’s hard to see the details of the dress, but it has a lacy, ripped thread effect at the neckline and an intricate scalloped hemline. She tops it off with a black blazer with peak lapels, structured shoulders and decorative buttons.

 photo YFTS4-00013_zps724804d7.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00010_zps63da1fa5.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00009_zps587e3277.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00014_zpscfb7007f.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00015_zpsd943d786.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00012_zpsa0b0ec2e.jpg

Hwi-kyung also offers her his black coat, which she hilariously later returns in this fashion:

 photo YFTS4-00023_zpsd3a066ed.jpg

Accessories of course include her Jimmy Choo Abel pumps, gorgeous drop earrings, a black statement ring, and a purple clutch purse with a pretty embellishment on the flap.

 photo YFTS4-00017_zpsa2ba3469.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00099_zpsfd1052fc.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00020_zpse0b2c475.jpg

I just had to mention her hairstyle here! Her bangs are pulled back into a large pouf at the top with some strands sticking out at the back, and the rest of her hair is pulled back into an updo which looks like there is some braiding action going on. I’m particularly impressed with the relative undone-ness of the look with the roughly pulled-back bangs on top and the many flyaways.

 photo YFTS4-00102_zps1863dd75.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00097_zpsb32915e4.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00104_zps7924b8d5.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00106_zps19a8f775.jpg

I also like her bold makeup look with a red lip and blue mascara, the latter of which I only noticed when the camera panned this close to her face.

 photo YFTS4-00098_zps1c605f75.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00002_zps4b23d2d8.jpg


Se-mi wears a long sleeveless pale pink tulle dress with a tan leather collar and covering on the front belted at the back. I like the juxtaposition of the tulle and leather, but I hate that somewhat attached front covering, it makes me think of armour!

 photo YFTS4-00025_zps742e77b3.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00021_zps024e7f63.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00030_zpsb537de45.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00035_zps0a2c45b5.jpg

What saves Se-mi’s outfit for me are her awesome accessories. She wears a thick ring on her right hand, a two finger pearl ring on her left hand, a pearly manicure, a thin silver watch with a white dial, diamond-shaped drop earrings, a silver and gold box clutch that I wish we could see more of but I’m pretty sure I need in my life, and what seems to be heels.

 photo YFTS4-00026_zps0c74ed75.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00033_zps81758dbe.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00036_zpscedd057b.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00055_zps536edee8.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00054_zps2acab9e6.jpg


Hwi-kyung goes for a very daring look in a cream suit jacket with a black floral/leaf-patterned mesh overlay and a shawl lapel. He thankfully keeps the rest of his look subtly black with his favourite turtleneck, dress pants and dress shoes. He also wears a black coat with notch lapels.

 photo YFTS4-00044_zps3176e026.jpg
 photo Img0402_20131231204048_2_zps04be5425.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00046_zpsce897024.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00038_zps782daa8d.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00043_zpsbfbe4688.jpg


Min-joon also gets to make an appearance at the party in an all-black home look. He wears a black tee with a zippered jacket and black pants. I’m so obsessed with his big, poufy jacket, it makes me think of Superman when he walks with his arms sticking out like that. He also went out in his black and white polka dot socks and black slippers. Too adorable.

 photo YFTS4-00107_zps40e7dbc5.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00108_zps9ddc1c60.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00110_zps7057d91e.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00111_zps0aa84726.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00001_zps7ca9fcf8.jpg


Park Jung-ah cameos as the bride of the cruise wedding and looks absolutely gorgeous here. Her white dress has a sweetheart neckline and a full pleated skirt and a short train. What I like best about the dress though is the translucent layer at the top extending into long sleeves with crystals and silver embellishments on it.

 photo YFTS4-00047_zps8c70e794.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00048_zpsee0e6fd5.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00051_zps503e919e.jpg
 photo Img0402_20131231203003_2_zps3fc0d95b.jpg

Accessories are her giant sparkler on her left hand and a gorgeous crystal floral headband. I also really like her pink and silver fake bouquet that she holds in the waiting room for photos with the guests.

 photo YFTS4-00050_zps22a6770a.jpg
 photo Img0402_20131231203003_1_zpscac5c5b8.jpg
 photo Img0402_20131224132337_2_zps8d16d800.jpg


I’m almost sad to see the characters back in normal wear, haha! Min-joon wears his standard white dress shirt, black notch lapel suit and black tie for work. He also wears a black coat with the collar turned up. Accessories are his black backpack, gray sneakers, and his black and white bike.

 photo YFTS4-00057_zpse4853a34.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00119_zps65ae6631.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00121_zps548f99b2.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00120_zpscf25657f.jpg


Se-mi wears a nautical-inspired dark blue blazer with thinly notched lapels, white piping and gold buttons. She also wears a white turtleneck and skirt/skort. I can’t tell which one it is, but I like the overlapping layers anyway.

 photo YFTS4-00075_zps7dba74d6.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00079_zpseea58796.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00084_zps7f511aef.jpg

She accessorizes with a thin silver ring on her left hand, an orange bag with a cute belted detail, and black and gold studs.

 photo YFTS4-00082_zps922d7d40.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00080_zps9c61cfb0.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00085_zpsf4fab2d4.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a white collared shirt with a black sweater layered over it, and a luxurious tan double-breasted coat. The coat features peak lapels and a single vent. It doesn’t seem to look as nice as it did after he wore it overnight, hahaha! He also wears gray pants.

 photo YFTS4-00090_zps1462d0c7.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00006_zpsf39898ee.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00005_zps76ef588d.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00089_zpsddf21e77.jpg

He accessorizes with red socks, black dress shoes, and a black and white patterned purse/folder/tablet case.

 photo YFTS4-00086_zpsf3990e40.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00091_zps08a87766.jpg


Min-joon wears a yellow and purple hanbok, and I love this colour combination! The sleeves of his durumagi (long overcoat) features darker purple satiny cuffs. The yellow short sleeves of his durumagi continues to have the floral pattern of his previous hanboks that I really like. He also wears his favourite bright blue baji (pants). Accessories are his black gat (hat) and a dark brown jaejodae (long cord with tassels at the ends).

 photo YFTS4-00118_zpsa5099edb.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00114_zps270267d9.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00116_zps7bd2f20f.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00117_zps97d00601.jpg

Song-yi’s look the day after the wedding will be covered in next episode’s post, since she wears the same thing for most of Ep 5. The next ep will pretty much be a celebration of lazy bumming at home, HAHAHA.

 photo YFTS4-00058_zps0de88a76.jpg


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