You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 5

It’s the holiday season and curling up in bed with a good book is always a good idea (for anytime, really). It’s funny how the book Min-joon’s reading – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo – was promoted as the book that appeared in YFTS at the bookstore near me. ;) Time to get comfy in warm home wear!

 photo YFTS5-00002_zps28d7580e.jpg


Song-yi’s look here starts from Ep 4 and continues into Ep 5. She dashes out of her home and into Min-joon’s in an oversized red (men’s) shirt with a black dotted pattern and a padded area at the back, and a red coat. It’s hilarious that she managed to grab a coat that is in a similar bright red shade as her shirt.

 photo YFTS5-00010_zpsa7218c3d.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00011_zpsf02cd878.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00013_zps8d902ce0.jpg

She accessorizes with black ankle boots with a silver chain on the front and a mini belt buckle and a cutout on the side, marled socks, the tiniest black croc-skin top handle bag that her giant smartphone can probably barely fit into, and an orange pedicure.

 photo YFTS4-00059_zps0fa92360.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00095_zps88613da3.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00065_zps21849476.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00002_zps751c6631.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00014_zpsb610b4de.jpg


Min-joon’s look also continues from Ep 4 and he wears a white tee with a gray cardigan. He also wore an oversized (and kinda old-fashioned) pinstripe black jacket in Ep 4 but keeps it off in Ep 5. He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS5-00015_zps8c66ee9a.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00067_zpsc356c36a.jpg
 photo YFTS4-00071_zpsb47cb97d.jpg

His expression here is too cute and hilarious!

 photo YFTS4-00096_zps2c1c79ae.jpg

But Song-yi here is the definition of epic.


Ooh boy, this guy should wear more jeans. Min-joon wears a dark blue pair with a dark gray tee and a light gray knit sweater with a V- or grass-like pattern on the front and line panels on the sides.

 photo YFTS5-00007_zpsf7e8dd52.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00009_zps5fdd2169.jpg

For a quick run to the supermarket, he also wears a long green hooded utility jacket with a single vent. I love the details of the shearling collar and fur-lined hoodie. I also find it fascinating how he buttoned the collar up around his neck. I’m not sure if it’s common in winter jackets, or if it’s just a Korean thing, but I clearly don’t live in a place cold enough to see these kind of jacket details.

 photo YFTS5-00024_zps99bb12f4.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00028_zps95421068.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00031_zpsc80ab969.jpg

He also accessorizes with black gloves, gray sports shoes, yellow and black striped socks (!!!) and a gorgeous vintage bike. I find it funny how Min-joon’s bikes are an exhibit of their own in the My Love from the Star exhibition. It’s ongoing till next year! I would love to see it for myself!

 photo YFTS5-00026_zpsbc4d72d2.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00035_zpsf36182bc.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00027_zps81057143.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a gorgeous gray subtly marled notch lapel suit with flap pockets and a white dotted graphic print button up. It’s funny how the marled and dotted patterns of his suit and shirt are hard to see from a distance, but they complement each other really well! He also accessorizes with a white pocket square with a blue and white trim, and a silver watch.

 photo YFTS5-00017_zps3e4be5b6.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00016_zpsf86a762a.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00012_zpsbebd811e.jpg


Se-mi keeps it glam at home in a V-neck cream dress with ink flower designs across the top and bottom and pleating details in the middle. I love the dress! She accessorizes with tiny studs.

 photo YFTS5-00018_zpsf87c2a13.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00019_zpse0759532.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00022_zps8782a0b2.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00020_zps2ecddcdd.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a black and white cube-patterned collared shirt with a black and white sweater layered over it. The front of the sweater has horizontal stripes, but the sleeves look like they have vertical stripes. He tops it off with a long purple coat and also wears dark pants. He accessorizes with a black pocket square with white trim and black pointy dress shoes. I love this look!

 photo YFTS5-00036_zps8bd69b44.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00041_zps810c4ae7.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00039_zps16cf7cba.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00040_zps6e7d09dd.jpg


Song-yi emerges from being cooped up at home in a dramatic outfit with a black tee and short shorts and a long dark green double-breasted coat with a double vent.

 photo YFTS5-00052_zps3a446442.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00050_zps5f24589d.jpg

She accessorizes with green tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses, a four finger pearl ring, a brown handbag, knee-high zippered black boots, and long double strand gold and blue earrings. Love the look, and the accessories are spot-on!

 photo YFTS5-00043_zps8703ebd0.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00042_zps18661ecf.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00046_zps563c9ed2.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00044_zpsffa98e96.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00049_zps9acfeb12.jpg


Song-yi wears an over-the-top outfit on set and makes a hilarious meta reference to drama outfits. She wears a matching bright pink patterned set that consists of a jacket with a black ribbon at the collar and oversized breast pockets, and a flared skirt. I only like the skirt, haha!

Accessories are strands of layered pearl necklaces, a stack of pearl bracelets, dramatic silver half hoop earrings, a flower brooch, and white pumps with a black cap toe.

 photo YFTS5-00059_zps09281b72.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00056_zps7ac08dc3.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00057_zpse95f948a.jpg


Song-yi goes about her activities in a white turtleneck and a gray double-breasted coat with cute lapel tips and black, gray and white feathers at the shoulders. She also wears blue jeans.

She accessorizes with black gloves and black boots with studded details along the top and a silver skull on the side, and a two-tone gray handbag. She also accessorizes with patterned reflective wayfarer sunglasses but switches it out later for a black hat.

 photo YFTS5-00060_zps46422aaf.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00063_zpscf95b6c6.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00061_zpse4d58d8e.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00064_zps7be67686.jpg


Se-mi and Song-yi dress up to go to a fancy restaurant for chicken and beer, hee! Se-mi wears a white mesh and lace floral long sleeve top tucked into a gray knee-length skirt. She accessorizes with black translucent tights, black heels, large studs, and a gold statement necklace with a red stone and pearls pendant.

 photo YFTS5-00065_zpse5b8d309.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00066_zpsb7e8baaa.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00070_zps28a4348d.jpg

Song-yi wears a white tee with a gray bomber jacket with gold and silver embellishments and studs. She also wears black jeans. She accessorizes with black boots, silver rings on both hands, and a black bag.

 photo YFTS5-00074_zps00454708.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00077_zps46786ed7.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00068_zpsf0ba9345.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00071_zpsc7163cdb.jpg

For an episode that was half filled with home looks, I really liked most of the outfits! Although it’s also nice to dress down and take some downtime at home and fall asleep with a book on your face. I don’t know how many times this has happened to me, but my book is never upside down HAHAHA!

 photo YFTS5-00004_zps379200d2.jpg


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