You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 6

The fashion and menswear for everyone steps up in this episode! I remember thinking that I wanted to cover the fashion and menswear only at a later stage, and I think this episode is the beginning of that. ;)

 photo YFTS6-00121_zps62ca43a4.jpg


Continuing from Ep 5, Min-joon wears a white dress shirt with a black tie and a black sweater, I think. He also layers with a black double-breasted coat with only the top button buttoned, probably to accommodate his running and jumping scenes, and turns the collar up. He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS6-00001_zps1976e3c9.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00003_zpsfe54607c.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00007_zpsbdd8af07.jpg

Accessories are a black backpack and black sneakers with a white sole detail.

 photo YFTS5-00001_zpsfd38ef2d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00002_zps5c46aa76.jpg


Also continuing from Ep 5, Song-yi is particularly dressed up at home for once for a convenient visit by Jae-kyung and the other men later.

She wears a beige blouse with a ruffled collar, pleated panels at the front and back, bows at the neckline and sleeves, and pearly buttons. Her top is tucked into a long white skirt that looks perfectly fine from the back but from the front, it looks like there are two long white strips of fabric that don’t get to meet in the middle, creating a weird gap there.

 photo YFTS6-00006_zps14fb5275.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00005_zps12e0e7f5.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00011_zps3320eb20.jpg
 photo YFTS5-00002_zps8f6d0e87.jpg

She accessorizes with a gorgeous black headband with small silver stones, pearls and a lone blue stone on the right, and a black leather-like wraparound hair tie.

 photo YFTS6-00004_zps946e58fa.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00009_zpsc33fd8ed.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a two tone marled and black turtleneck with another luxurious double-breasted coat in green and with large notch lapels. He also wears faintly checkered gray pants.

 photo YFTS6-00008_zpsd085a0ce.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00010_zpsb93911d6.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00012_zps9037bfab.jpg

Hwi-kyung’s coat looks especially nicer than Min-joon’s unfortunately! But well, Hwi-kyung owns the best coats around. I also find it interesting how Min-joon’s coat is particularly long, almost knee-length, and it’s a good comparison against Hwi-kyung’s.

 photo YFTS6-00013_zps06613645.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00017_zpsa3d0ea00.jpg


These two scenes were neither here nor there, so I decided to put them together. At school, Min-joon wears a white dress shirt with a point collar, a black tie, and a notch lapel suit. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s standing in front of the projection, but the suit looks very subtly marled. The gray looks great on him anyway! And I love the detail of how he always holds his pen while teaching.

 photo YFTS6-00014_zpsd0398557.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00015_zpsdf5a085f.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00016_zps8d95266a.jpg

Song-yi wears a menswear inspired look with a white dress shirt with a steep collar and a black suit. She accessorizes with a single gold bangle and a silver beaded clutch that belonged to Han Yoo-ra (played by Yoo In-young) and which was part of her cruise wedding outfit in Ep 4.

 photo YFTS6-00020_zps438e93f5.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00018_zps0f2db7f9.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00019_zps62954fb4.jpg


I love how Song-yi always wears her best dramatic outfits at her agency like she’s always ready for a showdown. She wears a white top with black piping along the neckline, paired with a black blazer cinched with a black belt. She also wears a long dark green skirt with some pleating detail seen in some shots.

 photo YFTS6-00023_zps025d9bd8.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00025_zps86221819.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00032_zps378a9edf.jpg

She accessorizes with a black strap clutch with a red ribbon acting as the strap, a chunky silver cross link chain bracelet, a silver ring, and chunky booties with a brown detail. The booties look so fun!

 photo YFTS6-00021_zps0a3d35f0.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00041_zpsaac53492.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00042_zpsf508e4e9.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00039_zps91078d20.jpg


Se-mi wears a black turtleneck top with black and white striped sleeves and the same stripy pattern along the top. She also wears a cream double-breasted coat placed over her shoulders. She accessorizes with knee-high black boots, large crystal-rimmed studs, and a black clutch with gold details.

 photo YFTS6-00035_zps134160d1.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00033_zps6544aea7.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00034_zps9f0e0dce.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00036_zps34baaac1.jpg


This scene is dedicated to Beanpole Outdoor outdoor wear and gear, but I swear I didn’t notice the blatant product placement the first time I watched the show. And they weren’t even being subtle!

Min-joon wears a black and white stripy top with a bright red puffy hooded jacket with some black panels. I find it interesting how the jacket can be buttoned at the front to cover the neck. Korean clothing sure has creative ways to play with collars and go without a scarf! Scarves look nice but I find them fussy. He also wears dark blue/black outdoor pants. Accessories are black gloves, blue sneakers, and a red hiking backpack.

 photo YFTS6-00050_zps7bfd8011.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00045_zps8c58a3de.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00047_zps4c9369d6.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00049_zps66d36370.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00043_zps782dacf8.jpg


Min-joon’s back in hanboks and I’m still not sure about his style of hanbok with the short and long sleeves, since most of my hanbok research only came up with durumagis with long sleeves, seen here with the famous Joseon housing estate agent Yoon Sung-dong’s hanboks (cameo by Jung Eun-pyo). But hey, an extra pop of colour doesn’t hurt!

Min-joon wears a brown durumagi with purple short sleeves and silvery gray long sleeves. There’s an interesting electric blue trim at the end of his durumagi as well. He accessorizes with a matching dark brown jaejodae.

 photo YFTS6-00053_zps1520e5be.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00052_zps8b24597d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00051_zpsf9f0e348.jpg

Min-joon later wears a red durumagi in what seems like a thinner fabric, with dark red short sleeves and dark blue long sleeves. He accessorizes with a matching red jaejodae and of course, his gat.

 photo YFTS6-00054_zps81b6bf3d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00056_zps97a21c87.jpg

And since we’re on the topic of Joseon-wear, we get to see a close-up of Seo Yi-hwa’s (Joseon Song-yi, played by Kim Hyun-soo) jade binyeo, a hairpin worn by married women to pin up their braided chignons.

 photo YFTS6-00093_zps5fa17dd7.jpg


Hwi-kyung wears a white collared shirt and a gray sweater with a brown collar. I like that pop of colour there especially since he also wears a gray glen plaid suit jacket with peak lapels and a double vent. He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS6-00058_zps900995b0.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00059_zps70f2428e.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00057_zps1c4e2d96.jpg


When it’s your birthday, it’s nice to be a little more dressed up and I love how Song-yi sports a fun, patterned look for her special day! It’s interesting to see how the patterns work with the earthy tones of her outfit. She wears a white top beneath a brown houndstooth blazer, and layers with a shearling vest with a furry collar on top. She also wear green checkered shorts.

 photo YFTS6-00085_zpsdf47ab99.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00071_zpsba0a79ca.jpg

At night, Song-yi zips up her vest and literally belts up her furry collar (hee!) to reveal dark brown leather shoulders. I love the mix of textures going on.

 photo YFTS6-00127_zps723e3f37.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00130_zps68e7e04e.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00129_zps4144ca77.jpg

She accessorizes with gold dangly earrings, a white neckerchief secured with a gold pin, black cateye wayfarers, white floral gloves specially for driving purposes (HAHAHA), a brown handbag she hangs on her car’s side mirror, which is such a genius idea but I’ll never try it, chocolate brown knee-high boots, and green gloves, that are both a pop of colour and in keeping with the earthy tones she has going on.

 photo YFTS6-00084_zps8c3d53e2.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00063_zps90c5842d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00066_zps61835e6b.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00055_zps0fc93213.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00061_zpsc10377f6.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00091_zps10ebf24d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00136_zps53873032.jpg


Min-joon finally goes for some patterns too! Min-joon wears a white button-down with a black line pattern and mitered cuffs, which is the name of the style of cuff where the tips look like they have been cut off slightly. He also wears a gray cropped cardigan with four stripes on the left arm, and red, blue and white stripe details. Later, he also wears a dark blue double-breasted coat with decorative gold buttons. He also wears black pants.

 photo YFTS6-00067_zps350eaff5.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00073_zpsad67b385.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00072_zpsdb9cdb5d.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00092_zps4ec56b0c.jpg

Min-joon demonstrates the art of playing with a coat collar, especially effective when the underside is in a different colour, white in this case.

He first wears it slightly turned down at the top, with a nice flash of white at the back. The single vent also continues with the red, blue and white stripe details so it could be a matching set with the cardigan?

 photo YFTS6-00083_zpsf9cae9c3.jpg

He later turns the collar all the way down.

 photo YFTS6-00088_zps0aa11f12.jpg

And lastly, he turns the collar all the way up so it’s a panel of white around the neck. I really appreciate how the collar tips are not sticking straight up and are arranged sideways. Having collar tips sticking straight up in front of your face is just not a good idea.

 photo YFTS6-00134_zpsc3faa360.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00139_zps377a4219.jpg

He also plays with the buttons, first only buttoning the second row of buttons, before buttoning two rows. The first row of buttons is just attached to form the six-button double-breasted look.

 photo YFTS6-00089_zpsfadf6507.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00140_zps6e45f17e.jpg

Accessories are a black tie, a black watch with a gold bezel, and gray sports shoes.

 photo YFTS6-00068_zps5941a315.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00094_zps64c6482f.jpg


Se-mi is well-dressed as usual, even at home. She wears a gray plaid dress with red, yellow and white coloured lines and a black Peter Pan collar. She also wears black tights.

 photo YFTS6-00110_zps8a1eb5cc.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00112_zps4d76f276.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00105_zps95a9f54a.jpg

She accessorizes with the same studs from Look 6, a statement necklace under the collar, a thin black belt, a silver ring, her favourite pearly manicure, a thin gold bracelet, and pink slippers!

 photo YFTS6-00103_zpscb3bc37a.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00100_zps84b8e271.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00111_zps5ea65c78.jpg


I love Hwi-kyung’s coat! I love his coat! I love his coat!! This has got to be one of my most favourite looks of Hwi-kyung’s.

He wears a dark gray sweater with a light gray turtleneck section, a dark silvery-gray top that actually works really well as a layering piece for this outfit, and a gorgeous light, light gray coat with peak lapels and a single vent. It’s so gorgeous I just can’t even. I’m a little meh on the pants which are gray with a black windowpane pattern. Accessories are black dress shoes with heels!

 photo YFTS6-00113_zps0542d0cf.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00125_zps182c7ce9.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00118_zps4e33867c.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00128_zpsad0150a3.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00123_zps44fe56e6.jpg
 photo YFTS6-00114_zpsb38fba6d.jpg

Hwi-kyung’s last outfit is definitely my favourite look of the episode. Song-yi’s birthday outfit also wins for me in the fashion department. What are your favourite looks? Vote below! :)

 photo YFTS6-00132_zpse1a191fe.jpg


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