A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 10

There’s quite a good variety of summery outfits in this episode but Yi-soo is a little bland here, wearing similar outfits in varying colours. Since spring is here, or for those living in a summer season at the moment, I hope you enjoy the bright colours and looks!

 photo a10cover_zps7df20956.jpg


 photo AGD10-00013_zps66cd5b2b.jpg

We start this episode with a casual look from Yi-soo for dinner with the baseball team, pairing her dark jeans with a loose printed top.

 photo AGD10-00009_zpsd0b2543c.jpg
 photo AGD10-00017_zpse38d070a.jpg

It’s a simple look that she keeps simple with a few bracelets and a small star necklace. I do like the addition of her dusty pink bag for a bit of colour to her outfit.

 photo AGD10-00010_zpse13dde31.jpg
 photo AGD10-00012_zps179a6109.jpg
 photo AGD10-00020_zps29b5f839.jpg


 photo AGD10-00024_zpsd0a17e75.jpg

This work look from Yi-soo is something we’ve seen before and it’s nothing new – she pairs her blue top as usual tucked into her fitted white pants, adding a thin black studded belt for this outfit. To finish off her work look, Yi-soo wears a white watch.

 photo AGD10-00025_zps0953e057.jpg
 photo AGD10-00028_zps3e88451f.jpg


 photo AGD10-00039_zps6c23cd98.jpg

I love Se-ra’s flirty and bold casual date look! Her entire outfit is black but her colourful jacket makes a fun statement and is the perfect standout point of her look. For this look, Se-ra wears a black bustier top with black shorts, and completes her look with her jacket!

 photo AGD10-00042_zps363a1460.jpg
 photo AGD10-00044_zpsb77ce18f.jpg

The great thing about Se-ra is when it comes to accessories, she wears them to add even more fun to her outfits, which is quite opposite from Yi-soo’s style of subtly adding simple ones to complement her looks.

For her date look, she accessorizes with a small black handbag with a gold chain detail, strappy heels, a mixed stack of edgy bracelets and a fun necklace as well.

 photo AGD10-00045_zpsde452bc2.jpg

 photo AGD10-00040_zps6f4e91eb.jpg
 photo AGD10-00029_zpsc14fc0c8.jpg


 photo AGD10-00054_zps07922926.jpg

This is Min-sook’s only outfit in this episode but it’s my favourite one for episode 10! Min-sook has the best kind of sophisticated and polished style I admire. She just always looks very put together but maintains a very distinct Min-sook style. For this night look, Min-sook wears a dark blue jumpsuit, paired with a stylish long white blazer with gold lapels. I love the blazer on its own, but I love both pieces paired together even more.

 photo AGD10-00047_zpsbf849fe3.jpg

To match her jumpsuit, Min-sook went with a large teal blue handbag. She then adds even more to her look with complementary accessories: muted gold and red flower patterned earrings, rings, and a brooch that matches the lapels on her blazer.

 photo AGD10-00048_zps632e187c.jpg
 photo AGD10-00056_zpse399417e.jpg

To finish off the look, Min-sook pairs another set of matching accessories in her silver bangle and silver heels. One accessory too many or perfect for Min-sook?

 photo AGD10-00052_zpse8f7fdf8.jpg
 photo AGD10-00053_zps8905f607.jpg


 photo AGD10-00060_zps4b7dc930.jpg

This is Yi-soo’s second casual look in this episode, this time an outfit for daytime. It’s a very basic white tee and blue jeans outfit, but the outfit is lifted by her fun accessories with a matching blue handbag and Yi-soo’s long grey/blue printed scarf.

She finishes off her look with a white watch and brown strappy wedges.

 photo AGD10-00061_zps476732bd.jpg
 photo AGD10-00059_zps9a9f67d4.jpg


 photo AGD10-00078_zpsf7edaa9f.jpg

We have yet another casual look from Yi-soo! I think this episode of AGD will offer plenty of casual outfit ideas for relaxing weekends or just days where you can’t think of what to wear.

 photo AGD10-00077_zps4e3b354e.jpg

Anyway, for Yi-soo’s casual evening outfit, she adds a light chambray jacket to her look instead of a scarf. It’s a very clean and simple look with white jeans paired with a white top and accessorized with a complementary cream bag, a thin necklace, a white watch and green wedges.

 photo AGD10-00066_zps6ac79759.jpg
 photo AGD10-00080_zpsac5b3b7f.jpg
 photo AGD10-00076_zpsabdf9210.jpg


 photo AGD10-00099_zps466fb20c.jpg

When it comes to casual looks, I prefer Meahri’s version of casual, because of her like for bright colours, it adds a fun vibe to her outfits even while being casual.

 photo AGD10-00083_zps92beb3d5.jpg

For this outfit (which looks like a couple outfit with Yoon’s!) Meahri wears a striped red and white top paired with white shorts and layers a white camisole underneath.

 photo AGD10-00103_zpsd6e844bf.jpg
 photo AGD10-00091_zpse469f4ee.jpg

To accessorize, Meahri pairs her look with some simple studs, a few thin bracelets, a navy blue handbag and cute cream slingback wedges which I really like!

 photo AGD10-00097_zps6bbbf66e.jpg
 photo AGD10-00086_zps36b73223.jpg
 photo AGD10-00102_zps3a3ce756.jpg
 photo AGD10-00101_zpsee9b8d16.jpg


 photo AGD10-00105_zpsedce0099.jpg

I found this work outfit from Yi-soo quite uninspiring and lacks the professional yet stylish vibe that her work outfits usually have. For this look, Yi-soo wears white pants for the third time within this episode, and layers a blue top over a white collared top.

 photo AGD10-00111_zpsb6a2201b.jpg

Keeping her accessories simple as usual, she pairs her look with a white handbag and brown heels.

 photo AGD10-00137_zpsf728f429.jpg
 photo AGD10-00117_zps5c76265f.jpg
 photo AGD10-00115_zpsf73b9a3f.jpg


 photo AGD10-00119_zps5c1796d7.jpg

Although this has been a rather uninspiring episode of outfits from Yi-soo, the good news is there is always Se-ra to keep things interesting! To switch things up from her first date look above, Se-ra went the opposite direction in terms of colour and chose a neon yellow minidress with green rhinestone detailing along the neckline!

 photo AGD10-00121_zps9e818737.jpg

This bright and attention grabbing look is perfect for Se-ra and is if this is your type of style, I think it looks perfect for summer! Since the dress is so bright, Se-ra kept her accessories to a minimum, only wearing a few bracelets and pairing her outfit with a tiny white purse and fun purple wedges. Love her!

 photo AGD10-00129_zps70e8e503.jpg
 photo AGD10-00123_zpsd559f652.jpg
 photo AGD10-00125_zps618d05fe.jpg


Thanks for reading!


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