You From The Stars Fashion & Menswear: Episode 4

Everyone gathers for a star-studded red carpet event cum cruise wedding, and it’s fun to see all of them (more) dressed up for most of the episode! My favourite kind of fashion is high-street, but a dose of red-carpet wear is always nice.

 photo YFTS4-00032_zpsf407542f.jpg

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High School King of Savvy: Rapid-speed Review and Favourites

High School King of Savvy was such a fantastic show with equally fantastic actors that I just had to cover it here in some way. So what started as a feature developed into a commemoration post which became my top 10 favourite looks and has now evolved into a big review of the the fashion and menswear in the entire show. This is will be done as efficiently as possible. In the words of Soo-young: Go go!

 photo HSKS9-6_zpsc402a265.jpg

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