A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 10

There’s quite a good variety of summery outfits in this episode but Yi-soo is a little bland here, wearing similar outfits in varying colours. Since spring is here, or for those living in a summer season at the moment, I hope you enjoy the bright colours and looks!

 photo a10cover_zps7df20956.jpg

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Fashion: Episode 9

Don’t you just love it when these two get along? ;) While watching this drama, I read lots of comments about favourite pairings of the gentlemen, but I think the different female pairings in the drama were really diverse and interesting too. My favourite female pairing is Yi-soo/Meahri, but sometimes, Se-ra/Meahri cracks me up too. (And my favourite male pairing? Do-jin/Yoon of course!)

 photo a9cover_zps1e3a3dbd.jpg

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